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Quick, Easy Website Promotion –

Posted By Admin on October 13, 2007 @ 3:30 am

You may have heard some buzz about the newest text link ads marketplace on the Internet:

What they offer is quite simple:  it is a place either to buy or sell links on your website.  What makes them unique is that they take care of finding you places to buy advertising or people to sell your advertising spots with their software.  No longer are you forced to browse site by site, and spend a large amount of time trying to find a good place to advertise your website.

Have a new site?  Well, you will benefit from the simplicity even more.  Go from zero to promoted in about five minutes of your time, helping you to rank well for the keywords that you are focusing your marketing efforts on.

You can also get some free marketing by participating in their affiliate program.  You can earn advertising credit when people you refer to their service either buy links or sell links on their websites.  This can be an easy was for you to promote your site without spending any money out of your pocket.

I would suggest checking out.  There is currently a great offer where you can test drive their service for free.  Check out this forum post with a great text link ad offer.

Video Drivers for an Older Laptop

Posted By Admin on May 12, 2007 @ 7:05 am

If you are like me and have an older notebook, you may find your video card drivers don’t allow you to play certain games.  Sometimes a simple video card driver update solves that problem.  Unfortunately, the support for laptop video cards disappears after you own the notebook for a couple of years.

Scouring the internet, I found a website that had solutions for older laptop video drivers: Laptops blog.  It seems that the owner of this site had the same problems with his laptop and did manage to find a solution.  For more details check out Laptops blog.

Spy Cameras and Reviews

Posted By Admin on February 27, 2007 @ 2:10 am

I always loved spy moves as well as all the little gadgets. I loved James Bond movies and all the History and A&E shows that talk about spy gadget related information. There is one site I have come across about such things is Spy Review. Can I just tell you is I wanted to touch and hold everything. Push all the buttons and things and ask, “What does that do?”. Of all things that seizes to amaze is all the cameras. There are a quite a few Spy Cameras to browse through and enjoy reading about the specs and the great things they can do. If ever in the market for any, first stop into Spy Cameras.