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Best Paid Proxy

Posted By Mark Margaret on January 22, 2010 @ 2:29 am

Proxies are used to unblock Internet access, simplifying access to any piece of info on the internet without revealing the identity. Proxy sites are available at no cost and many of us use proxies to earn income. Certain proxy websites enable you to surf the web freely while some need a login. Common substitute scripts employed by proxies are PHP substitute and CGI substitute. Since these scripts are available for free, many proxies are flooding the market. This increases the threat of malicious software and other malicious programs if you use malevolent proxies.

You are looking for proxies to gain access to those websites blocked in your campus etc. The stand in you choose to surf should allow access to those internet sites you want. This is an essential feature you have got to look, when you search for a proxy. If you are trying to find access to messengers, you need to search for proxies, which enable you access to messengers from their site. This is possible with the increasing number of proxies online. Favored proxies allow access to almost all of the common file types, without any limitation.

ever been keen on substitute scripts or websites? If you’re anything like most web designers, then you are always on the prowl, attempting to find the best types of scripts you can add to your websites. Substitute sites are popular at the moment, because they’re one of the most needed products to help protect online security, and to get around irritating firewalls at school or work, to unblock sites routinely restricted.

in recent times, hackers are always attempting to gain and steal data and personal info. This is why your anonymity is critical. Stand in sites are the sites that allow users to secretly browse the web, without a clue or trace of where they’ve been, or who was viewing the page.

Substitute sites are powered by different kinds of a proxy script. A substitute script is the sort of script needed to run a proxy site. There are many different sorts of proxy scripts out there which are available free to use. The favored PHProxy and CGIProxy have both proven themselves to be the most popular of the sort so far, but recently, a new web proxy script has appeared on the web.

As a Web user any activity you perform on the web can be traced back to you with the aid of your IP address, which is a unique code assigned to you by your Internet Service supplier. A simple way of protecting yourself is by employing anonymous proxies, which hide your IP address from internet sites.

Though a majority of proxies are safe, there are still a few proxies run by website owners with many a malicious intention. This text will help you to protect yourself better against such proxies. essentially, a substitute is a collection of servers which let you access a site, while maintaining your anonymity by hiding your IP address. All information you wish to send to the website you are browsing passes through the proxy you use. Usually this information reaches the proxy in an unencrypted form, which means they can be easily read by the webmaster or the owner of the substitute. Such information broadcast may include your usernames and passwords and even banking information!

So, the 1st rule to follow when employing a substitute is to never type in any info you want to keep to yourself, for example your password, or credit card number. When checking your mail, or logging into your bank’s web banking system, never use a stand in. This provides help in keeping all personal info confidential.

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Surf the Sites you Want to At School

Posted By Admin on October 1, 2007 @ 5:38 pm

Do you like to visit your Facebook and MySpace account a few times a day?  I know I do.  My problem is that my school (college actually) blocks us from visiting sites like MySpace and Facebook in the computer labs.  They say that it impacts our productivity.  I say that since I am paying for the computer account, I should be able to visit the sites I want, when I want to.

I have a solution for you.

There are sites that are called free proxy servers that allow you to bypass school filters.  Basically, you go to one of these proxy websites, and browse using their site.  It loads the web pages on a different computer then shows them to you effectively bypassing the filter your school setup.

So there you go.  Visit the sites you want, when you want to, using one of the proxy websites on the web.