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3 Quick And Easy Kids Crafts For Christmas

Posted By Nicole Dean on May 14, 2012 @ 8:07 am

Christmas ornament crafts can be fun and very, very easy. Spending time together as a family creating wonderfully fun Christmas ornaments is a great way to make memories with your little ones and decorate the house, tree, and wreath at the same time! Try a couple simple projects like these to start the fun!

Candy Cane Reindeer: Get ready to make a whole bunch of these. Once you start you won’t want to stop. You’ll need some candy canes, of course, and some small googly eyes and red pompoms. You’ll also need some brown pipe cleaners, pretty gift ribbon, and a tiny bell.

To assemble, take the brown pipe cleaner and twist it forming a V shape under the hook of the candy cane bending the pipe cleaner around into the shape of antlers. Glue the googly eyes onto the candy cane “face.” Glue a red pom pom on the candy cane for a nose. Tie the thin ribbon around your reindeer’s neck and string the jingle bell on for the final touch! These are perfect little ornaments for your Christmas tree or wreath.

Noodles Wreath: Noodles, or pasta, is a great material to work with. It’s inexpensive and paints up very well. You’ll need some noodles of various shapes and sizes, some sturdy paper plates, some craft glue, poster paint or craft spray paint, and ribbon or other embellishments to decorate the wreath.

Assemble by first cutting a hole out of the middle of the paper plate so you end up with a wreath form. Pick out your pasta and start gluing it all over the wreath form. Try to cover as much of the surface as possible, even overlapping the pasta if you can. Then paint with whatever you have chosen and let the paint dry. Then glue on the ribbon and other embellishments to make your wreath pretty. Keep making them! You’ll want in each room!

Cinnamon Cookie Cutter Ornaments: These smell pretty, look pretty, and make great gifts, too. Start with gathering your ingredients and tools. You’ll need 4 tablespoons of regular white glue, 1 cup of ground cinnamon, and about 1 cup of water, maybe a little less, for your dough. You’ll also need a baking sheet or cookie sheet, a straw or toothpick to form a hole, cookie cutters, and some ribbon or string.

Mix all your ingredients in a big bowl, pouring only some of the water in, then mixing and adding more water if you need in order to get the dough like sugar cookie dough. Put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on a cutting board and knead the dough with your hands until it’s nice and smooth. Then use a pastry roller and roll the dough out evenly until about 1/4 inch thick. Cut out your shapes and poke a hole in the top for a hanger. Put your shapes on a cookie sheet and set in a warm oven for about 2 hours. Remove, cool, and tie pretty ribbons through the holes. Now you can give them as gifts or hang them from your own tree.

You’ll find there are many simple Christmas ornament crafts for kids to make for every age group. When you’re looking at your little ones waiting with great expectation for the big day to come, give them a fun project to keep their hands and minds busy, and keep a smile on their face!

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Help Your Baby’s Development with Baby Gyms

Posted By Burt Manning on June 23, 2011 @ 2:43 am

Everyone knows that fitness makes a happy body, helping people stay in shape and be happy. This also is true for your newborn baby. They’ll need proper exercise to grow and become strong healthy people.

Children grow and learn at an amazing rate, and new parents often worry how they can provide the needed stimulation at each stage of their baby’s development. While the parents of the past had to make do with a small selection of educational toys, quite the opposite problem faces parents today, they are quite literally flooded by a ton of options that claim to support the learning and development of newborns!

One great prop for your children is a portable baby gym. These activity gyms come in all shapes and sizes and not only give their bodies a work out but their minds too!

Most activity gyms come in a flood of colors that will help your baby distinctly recognize color, shapes and sizes. There are only so many possibilities when it comes to giving your baby type of device to play on without the risk of injury and these baby activity gyms are the number one choice.

A side benefit of these baby gyms can come in the form of a regular sleeping schedule. While children often have difficultly with sleeping regularly this usually happens because they aren’t having their needs met in the form of physical and mental stimulation. Baby gyms help parents meet that need in their child’s daily routines along with continued exposure.

Get activity gyms from trusted retailers like Little Tikes, Infantino and Skip Hop. Some gyms come with unique offerings of more visual stimulation and audio stimulation. Explore all the offerings and you’ll find that they are endless and amazingly thorough. There is something for everyone!

Don’t forget to pick a great theme too. There are straightforward gyms but also animal themed or jungle themed or even deep sea themed activity gyms. There is surely one for any and all tastes.

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Facts About Guinea Pig Cages

Posted By Abigail Thompson on May 19, 2011 @ 2:34 am

Your pet guinea pig can live nearly all of its life in a hutch, it is important that you have a large enough cage for the Guinea Pig and enough space for the pig to exercise and separate areas where they eat and sleep. There are several guinea pig cages sold nowadays it can be a bit confusing on choosing which one is best for you guinea. Simply understand that pet guinea pigs require room to exercise and play and space for feeding and sleeping. Below you will see some recommendations on methods to make your guinea pig comfortable and what to look for before deciding on a guinea house.

What you put in the cage is just as essential as what size the guinea pig cage is. A big guinea pig cage without the basic accessories is going to be uninteresting for your Guinea Pig, and it is going to in the end have a very depressing consequence on their physical and psychological condition, your Guinea Pig distressed. The cage ought to be completely enclosed to keep your guinea in and the cat or dog out. Sizable as much as necessary to provide ramps and activity places though guinea pigs aren’t agile and don’t climb well, but they do need places to play, explore and exercise.

The best cages are manufactured from plastic, steel, wire, or a combination of these materials. Wooden cages are easily chewed all the way through and glass cages don’t make available sufficient exposure to air and could also crack easily and injure your Guinea Pig/s. Do not use wire meshing as the flooring to your Guinea Pig’s cage as housing your Guinea Pig’s in a cage with a wire mesh base is putting them at risk. Guinea Pigs have really hypersensitive and thin-skinned feet and the wire can slash their feet or give them a condition known as Bumblebee. This is when the paw of the Guinea Pig swells up much larger than its usual size and is very painful to the Guinea Pig. So if your cage has a wire floor, which many do, be certain to cover it with cage mats.

It is a good idea when getting a Guinea, to also get it a cage mate. In the wild, guinea pigs live in herds, consisting of usually one dominant adult male, a number of females and her little ones. Pet guinea pigs would much rather live as a pair or a herd, they feel that there is safety in numbers. Additionally they have the benefit of the company of their own kind, communicating and interacting with each other. Both males and females have a strict dominance ranking. The domestic Guinea Pigs act in much the same way as wild guinea pigs.

Of course before you attempt to introduce guinea pigs to each other, you need to be sure one hundred% that you know the gender of your guinea’s. Please do not rely on pet shops, many pet shops do get the gender wrong. A few even permit mixed sexes to interact and live together so some sows could already be expecting.

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A Hooked On Phonics Review – Peruse This Article Before You Purchase “Hooked On Phonics” Products

Posted By Mark Spolsky on May 2, 2011 @ 2:37 am

Hooked On Phonics is a popular brand of educational program that focus mainly on reading skills and spelling. It was created by a concerned dad of a young man with reading issues in the mid eighties and has been assisting others since the 1990s. Initially, the product consisted of flash cards and books that used letter sounds to help kids using it learn how to read. Currently, Hooked On Phonics programs include things such as video games, interactive videos, and music too. Literally millions of children have improved their comprehension skills thanks to the product but results are not guaranteed and the group does not pretend they are. Read a Hooked On Phonics review before buying it to make sure it is for you.

The first of the Phonics products was released in 87 and was called “Learn To Read”. The company had to file for bankruptcy a few years later and was then sold to a company called the Gateway Learning Corporation who expanded its line to include things like reading materials and mathematics aids. The group added a program called “Hooked On School Success” to their arsenal in 2001 and focused more on study skills and test taking strategies.

As of the year 2007, the company is privately owned and includes materials to help children of all ages learn to read, improve their math skills, and even learn a new language.

Make sure to research and review it yourself prior to purchasing it so that you can gage for yourself whether it will be the best fit your your child.

There are currently programs available for all age groups from twelve years down to twelve months and then some. Most of them are designed to teach children the needed skills to become more confident spellers and readers. The highest and most popular is the edition made for kindergarteners and includes three audio CDs, a workbook full of stories and activities, an interactive CD-ROM with twenty five games, and twenty four educational books.

Most of the resources in the kindergarten version are aimed towards letters, word sounds, and short vowels. The computer based games and work book stories are intended to get and hold the attention of the three to seven year old who utilize it so that they’re able to gain the knowledge and create better reading skills.

While computers are an excellent new way to educate toddlers and young children, not everyone has access to one in their home. This fact is one of the largest downsides to the Phonics program since most of its features are computer based.

Your child can learn to read Hooked on Phonics, using proven techniques. Check out the Hooked on Phonics reviews for positive experience by others.

Pregnancy Leave Rights

Posted By Joost Williamson on April 8, 2011 @ 4:39 am

Maternity leave rights are governed by the family leave act of 1992 with defines the basic understanding and rights for maternity leave Even though this legislation typically requires a minimum of 12 weeks of time off, your definite amount of maternity leave will be based on the size of the organization that you work for and their human resources policies.

Essentially, you will take a blend of short-term disability, private days, and any accrued vacation or holiday pay as part of your not paid family leave during your time away from the office.

The family leave act specifically applies to corporations that have at least 50 workers. If the organization that you work for is smaller, then there are limitations on what is covered for maternity leave. Indeed, for individuals who are working in small businesses, short term disability may be an alternative if the employer is too small to accommodate the pregnancy leave

During pregnancy, it is essential to understand that you employer can only swap your position and work responsibilities if your pregnancy makes you unable to do your requisite duties.

During the actual pregnancy leave, your employer is required to pay you the equivalent amount of what you would receive on short term disability. Upon completion of the twelve weeks, your employer is required to restore you to the same pay and the same or equivalent position as your old job.

Which Where you live will determine what benefits will be available to your during your maternity leave. In 2002, California led the way in enacting paid family leave, and other states such as Massachusetts and New Jersey are taking into consideration following suit. And not all states allow women to take short-term disability leave to cover maternity, birth, and postpartum recovery.

Your employer may have practices that dictate the order in which you can take different kinds of leave. In any case, you’ll want to start looking into your options as early as you can during your pregnancy and make sure you have all your paperwork sorted out before the baby arrives.

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What To Remember When Buying Toddler Party Dresses

Posted By Jack Birsy on October 30, 2010 @ 2:19 am

For a little girl, getting the chance to dress up for a special occasion can be just as highly anticipated as the occasion itself. Does your daughter have a special day coming up and you want to make it even more special for her by getting her a new party dress to wear? Are you overwhelmed and even a little bit surprised by the number of choices that are available? Read on for a few tips and you’ll be ready to head out to find a toddler party dress that’ll make your little princess squeal with delight!

## Appropriate Dress Styles For Little Girls

Whether she’s attending a birthday, wedding or a holiday celebration, your mini fashionista will want to stand out in the prettiest dress of the bunch. When shopping, you may notice that some of the little girls designer dresses on the racks are simply recreations of dresses designed for women and are not exactly appropriate for your pretty little lady. When shopping for a toddler party dress, it really is best to stay away from these offerings. Your precious little princess will be all grown up soon enough…why rush it!

## Color and Little Girls’ Dresses

Oh the colors of the rainbow! Each little girl has her favorite and whatever that may be for your little princessa, chances are you’ll be able to find a party dress in a color that makes her grin from ear-to-ear. There really are no rules when it comes to colors for toddler party dresses but it makes fashion sense that perhaps you might want to stay away from a black dress for your bright and smiley little lady. Black really is a wardrobe color for an older fashionista. Rest assured that your toddler will soon enough make black her staple color. Dress her in colors while you can! Certainly if you aren’t a fan of bright colors or if the occasion for which you are buying a dress calls for a more subdued color, a great idea is to accessorize the dress with a colorful bow or even to buy a colorful tulle crinoline to put under the skirt of the dress.

## Popular Prints and Fabrics For Little Girls

When it comes to fabric, certainly it is necessary to consider washability and care instructions but there are also a myriad of prints, finishes and weights to take into consideration. Here’s a little advice with respect to fabric:

-Little girls who love to dress up most likely also have a love for flowers. Flower prints are a great choice for toddler party dresses.

-When it comes to fabric, Mom will always appreciate a nice crisp cotton because it looks nice and washes well;

-In the summertime, opt for a lighter more breathable fabric so she’s comfortable enough to run around and play;

-In the winter, a heavier fabric would be more appropriate (consider velvet for childrens Christmas dresses for example);

-Sashes and Bows;

– Stripes are always fresh and fun!

-Polka dots are a perennial child favorite;

-If you little girl loves fancy dresses then the wider the skirt the better. A tulle crinoline can be purchased in a variety of colors and can be worn under any dress with a full enough skirt.

## Which Dress For Which Occasion?

What occasion are you shopping for? This should be at the front of your mind as you shop for your precious little one because you want her to be pretty as a peach but you also want her to be comfortable. Has she been invited to an outdoor birthday party for one of her little friends or are you looking to dress her for a wedding? If today’s dress shopping mission centers on an outdoor birthday party, make sure that the fabric of the dress you choose is light in weight and that the fit is loose and comfy so your active little ball of energy can run around and play alongside her feisty friends in comfort.

Get ready for a photo shoot featuring your precocious, pretty little lady! When you find just the right little dress, pair it with a cute pair of shoes and she’ll be hopping, skipping and dancing the day away. Good luck getting it off of her when it’s pijama time!

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Loungefly For The Teeners And Kids

Posted By Danny Ricks on October 23, 2010 @ 2:14 am

Being given the chance to raise girls would probably make every mother want to create a mini version of herself. Seeing your daughter grow up to be the way you were raised before and to like the things that you liked as well is very common. Some people call it an impulse but there are others who just believe that it is some wrong way of binding children to what the parent’s frustrations were. But then of course if it is not something that the child hates or is apprehensive of but rather loves then it should also be supported by the parents all the more. Buying things like Loungefly for the children’s bags should be considered just as well. Who does not adore Hello Kitty anyway?

It will be a delight to see the little girls wearing their favorite cartoon characters. The little ones in the primary school are especially very inclined to getting merchandise of cartoon characters due to their attachment to animated objects or characters – the antithesis to how all concepts are taught in school. What are some cartoon characters that children love and probably would want to be like? Here are just a few of those that kids both girls and boys would love:

*The prince and princesses from fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin and the many other characters from immortal tales that often begin with “once upon a time” and ends with “and they lived happily ever after” are also among those that get shelves empty most of the time. Kids could easily identify them of course and somehow, having them through school and everyday merchandises have this “transfer’ effect on them- they feel like prince and princesses as well!

*Cartoon or animated characters are also very in-demand merchandises for children. The characters in the fairy tales are not the only ones that are loved by kids but also the ones that are in modern television series or movies that kids watch much like the way Loungefly has Hello Kitty tote bags, for example. Shrek, Ben 10 and all the other characters are very popular among children as well because Kitty is not the only one with all the merchandise.

*Book characters and television series characters are also very much in demand. So do not be surprised if your child would ask a bag with the face of teen star Danielle Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Other characters shown on television such as that of Lizzie McGuire and the like are also in among kids.

As long as your kids really love it so much and if you think that it could suit your budget well, whether those are Loungefly bags, clothes, notebooks, other stuff in school or board games and other available merchandise that your kids are asking from you, then give it to your kids. That is how they are able to express themselves after all, so there is nothing wrong with giving them what they want. They will surely thank you for that, especially when they grow older.

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Kids Acting Classes – How It Can Help Your Kid

Posted By Jane Simmion on October 2, 2010 @ 2:11 am

What are kids acting classes? Kids acting classes are fun and they instill certain added benefits that will assist them as they grow after the education ends. Nonetheless, just before enrolling their youngster most parents would usually ask, “What do kids acting classes have to offer my youngster?”

Acting classes present a selection of teaching courses, programs and routines designed to supply the knowledge any young actor desires to learn the craft. Young children will find out development of acting capabilities and the way to function with his or her stage presence, helping to enhance their self-confidence when in front of an audience.

Why enrol your little one in an acting class? Before enrolling your kid into an acting class, it’s beneficial to look at if your kid has shown an interest in acting, has an extroverted character, or your kid wants to try some thing new and desires to socialize with other youngsters.

Vital added benefits that can be acquired in acting classes consist of your baby developing the capability to work well within a group. They’re going to discover to take direction, lead, support and trust other people as co-operation and teamwork is critical in this instruction. Acting classes compared to sports involvement is various since sports are typically homogeneous; all girls, all boys, same age group and talent ranges. In acting classes, they’re going to learn the way to interact with other individuals in a wider scope. They’re going to operate with a diverse group, various age groups, genders and ability levels.

What are the benefits of acting classes? Having your small children in acting classes may well enable them produce their full potential in the craft and may perhaps have rewards to enable them develop great self-confidence in themselves and their ability in public speaking. Acting classes may be beneficial throughout their life as it can aid them in oral recitations, presentations and school assemblies; job interviews, communication with other individuals for example conversations over the phone, work meetings, etc. Via acting exercises, youngsters develop into very used to speaking in front of each other.

Acting classes also help to exercise children’s acting muscle with new people in enjoyable, new situations which may ask for impromptu exercises that necessitate them to know extra about feelings and the way to control it.

Training sessions give your a freedom of self-expression that accompanies open communication in acting classes. Students can also make their very own personality shine by letting go of fear and expressing their natural self. They’ll discover to stand on their very own feet, create creativity, enhance social skills and turn out to be much more comfortable when handling new difficulties and changes in their lives. It also offers youngsters having a beneficial emotional release, builds self-esteem as a result of consistently challenging and surprising themselves, student’s develop a new good outlook on their very own strength and abilities.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll your baby in a children acting class and be surprised with the constructive changes in your kid’s life.

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The Many Different Uses Of A School Messenger Bag

Posted By Kara T. Fox on August 26, 2010 @ 2:51 am

When it comes to deciding on a school messenger bag, there are often many to choose from. So, how does one know which one is the right one when making such a tough decision? Generally, one must first know whether one is going to be only carrying books, or books as well as a laptop or only a laptop in which one may also need to consider the dimensions of such items. For, when one knows such details, it is a far easier task selecting the right bag than otherwise.

Also, while it is important to consider size, style and color, the latches, zippers and weight capacity need also be strong and secure, especially for those who use such bags for air travel or when commuting on various forms of public transportation. For, the contents of such a bag are only as safe as the quality of the bag itself. As such, one may want to check out one of the many dual top and side entry bags which host such features.

One such bag is the SouthPort Silver Side Entry bag which has both side and top entry panels. This bag allows the carrier easy dual access from both top and side which allows for quick entry and exit when getting important items out of same. A feature which many who travel extensively, whether by air or otherwise, find to be a great feature due to the easy access one has to the contents of such a bag.

Although, when it comes to carrying laptops in such a bag, one needs assure that such a bag can accommodate the dimensions of the laptop. If not, then one may want to browse a number of local or online retailers to see if one can find a bag which can accommodate the size laptop one owns. For, otherwise, one may only be buying a bag which one may be able to use, though not necessarily for the purpose intended. So, in order to prevent having to make a dual purchase, one need know such information when shopping for such a bag.

So, while some such bags, like the one described above often come in fabric, there are also leather and vinyl ones available. As such, most likely one is going to want one which will adjust to climate changes. So, it is often good to buy a waterproof bag, or at least one which can have water proofing added at a later date, especially for those who live in rainy and wet climates. Also, if one purchases a leather style bag, then one risks the chance of not only ruining items inside the bag, but the bag itself.

For, if such bags get wet, so to the leather as well as the valuable items inside the bag. As such, one may also want to consider the everyday weather and whether or not one is going to be traveling to areas with differing climates. Although, whether or not one may have plans on doing so, it is always a good idea to have such merchandise water proofed. Still, one also needs to keep the bag out of the elements to the extent possible even after such application so as to keep the bag and contents in the best shape possible at all times.

To this end, knowing the intended contents one wishes to carry and the climate in which one lives, one can often have an easier time making a decision when selecting a school messenger bag. However, regardless of the climate in which one lives, it is always a good idea to have such items water proofed or at the very least, apply such protection once one returns home. Regardless, as long as one takes care of such a bag, whether fabric or leather, one is no doubt going to have a great bag to use for a long time to come.

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Trend Lab Crib Sets: Happening And Chipper Trimming To Create The Most Pleasant Living Space For Your Tadpole

Posted By Dorothea Frankson on August 17, 2010 @ 2:28 am

Trend Lab crib bedding is becoming one of the most popular baby linen designers in America, and items from them can now be found in the well-appointed nurseries of lots of lucky little babies. The continuous commitment to offering beautiful quality linens at affordable prices has added to Trend Lab brands success. Also, Trend Lab carefully keeps track of customer buying interests to they can better understand what colors and designs parents like the most.

If you have been looking online already for nursery items, then you have seen the name Trend Lab mentioned prominently. Trend Lab offers baby bedding collections in so many varieties that all parents will be certain to find one or more to their liking. You can often find Trend Labs on store shelves: everything from the simplest collections in a single color to the most chic silk patterned ensembles.

Baby boy bedding sets produced with great fabrics of different patterns and textures developed by Trend Lab goes unnoticed. Parents searching for contemporary crib bedding designs are easily drawn to the wonderful Bubbles collections, and these can be found in either blue or brown. Geometric print baby bedding collections with alternating shapes and colors remain a popular choice. Blue and brown is combined in an argyle pattern that goes with both solids and stripes in the Prep School Blue set that is always in good taste.

If you want to have a nursery that exudes warmth and looks traditional, Trend Lab offers an array of subdued designs to cater to your choice. Blocks of deep blue and eggshell predominate in the Yacht Club linen ensemble, which are enhanced by intricate appliques of nautical items like sailboats and helms. An Asian theme can be found in the Willow Blue floral print that comes in blue and brown, a very popular color combo for a baby boy’s room these days.

Crib bedding by Trend Lab sells matching ensemble sets that provide all the linens you will need for fully decorate a nursery. It will contain a fitted sheet and blanket, and there will also be a coordinating bumper and dust ruffle for the crib. Cheap baby bedding packages are now the best sellers as they don’t cost above budget.

Trend Lab, like most of those in the business, lets you purchase individual coordinating accent pieces for the majority of their sets. Those who select items made by Trend Lab soon notice that they have a vast array of colors to select from as they go about completing the nursery decor. You will be pleased because all Trend Lab bedding linens fit standard crib and toddler bed sizes, and are made of machine washable fabrics.

Dorothea is a writer and researcher on parenting and family issues. She also works part-time as a freelance writer for a baby products company, Kudlee, Inc..

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