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Cursory Information About Asian Zodiac Symbolism

Posted By Takamitsu Hairi on August 23, 2013 @ 2:05 pm

Zodiac symbols occupy a special place in the history of Japan. In fact the zodiac symbols are even believed important in today’s times. The zodiac symbols that we see today actually came into origin through the Chinese method of measuring time shifts on twelve units.

Method of separating time and direction into different blocks and naming them with different animal names was imported to the Japanese culture. There are twelve blocks of this kind and it is believed that these units and the animals connected with each of them have a consequential role in determining one’s personality and character.

Rat is among these zodiac symbols and if you are born in the rat zone, as claimed by the Japanese belief, you are beautiful, cool and reliable. Also you are blessed to be diligent, purposeful and moreover, you are a man of great ambitions.

Believe it or not, you have enough potential for the success in life if you are born in the year of ox. You can stimulate others also and lead them to success. Intelligent, silver-tongued and tolerant – all these great qualities suit you.

People who own the tiger zodiac symbol are valiant, unshakeable and are quickly responsive. Even though they are usually deep thinking, they are able to easily cheer up their closer ones. However they tend to be self-centered.

The Rabbit is considered to be extremely fortunate. Smooth talking is the over riding personality trait of the people born in the year of the rabbit. They are also considered to be ambitious, talented, reserved and honest. They are also regarded as reliable and are respected by others.

Dragon is considered as a remarkable one among the Japanese zodiac symbols. It represents all good qualities including health, tenaciousness and bravery. People with this symbol are believed to be sensitive also.

The Snake zodiac symbol is sought to stand for deep thinkers and rare speakers that possess immense wisdom. They are considered to be money wise, determined and possess perseverance.

Those own horse as their zodiac symbol are usually successful in their financial life according to the Japanese belief. Quick-wittedness and proficiency play a good role in their success. Most of them are conversational, short-tempered and and appear to be impatient also.

Ancient tattoo art of Japan is a difficult process giving highly aesthetic results. To read more about Common Japanese love symbols follow the highlighted links here.

The Iraq War Ten Years Later: Mission Accomplished?

Posted By Charles Edmund Coyote on March 31, 2013 @ 2:07 pm

Most wars are preventable. We will be able to remember the Iraq War of 2003 just as the greatest strategic blunder in US history only if we are willing to learn the ample lessons that unfortunate and mismanaged leadership provided, and thus become able to avoid making even worse mistakes in the future.

The Iraq War of 2003, along with its Afghan counterpart, will continue to have, serious consequences for our economy. To date, both wars have cost the US government $1.42 trillion. However, when we include the interest that will be paid on the huge amounts of money that was borrowed to pay for them, as well as the veterans benefits and long-term disability costs of the 2.8 million military personnel that served, the cost of these wars will eventually reach at least $4-$5 trillion over the next half-century of pay-outs.

These costs will ultimately total more than World War II. The Afghan war would have cost only $4-5 Billion from Oct-Dec 2001, had the Bush administration seized the opportunity to capture al-Qaeda in December of 2001 and avoid the unnecessary Iraq war. The new book ‘Iraq War 2003: What Happened Behind The Scenes’ describes explicitly how our government let that happen.

This shocking figures become even more appalling when one considers how relatively little it would have cost the nation for the Bush administration to have taken seriously the many warnings coming into the nation’s capital before the attacks of September 11. Ordering commercial airline cockpit doors to be reinforced while in flight would have done much more to secure the whole nation’s safety than simply ordering private jet flights for a select few cabinet officials due to the ‘enhanced threat assessment’ in place, which clearly indicated that the attacks would involve airplanes!

Small precautions like that, the Israelis had been doing for the previous 30 years, would have most probably saved the lives of the 3,000 victims killed by attacks, the consequence of which the Bush administration avoided facing by using billions of dollars in taxpayer money to persuade most of the 9/11 victim families not to file wrongful death lawsuits.

So, what did the paths taken instead accomplish? The Taliban returned to Afghanistan; they never were a threat to the US anyway, having several times attempted to turn Osama bin Laden over to the US. Yet, our government managed to turn two wars over to al-Qaeda, instead of just the one Osama bin Laden had been trying to get since 1996 with the purpose of draining the US economy. This greatly helped the terrorist organization accelerate the realization of its loudly stated goal of harming the US financially.

What was the result of all this over-the-top spending? It took 10 years and a Democratic administration to take care of bin Laden after the Bush administration blew the opportunity in Tora-Bora in December 2001. Iraq still has a strongman government; only now the current version is Shia instead of Sunni, and they are developing an alliance with Iran. Most of their oil is now sold to China instead.

All these non-accomplishments in both wars came at the price of nearly 7,000 US Service Personnel dead. In Iraq, there were somewhere between 120,000 to 1,000,000 dead and more than 3 million newly minted orphans since 2003.

When Iraqis lost their homes, families and what they held dear, it came natural to want to join the insurgents, since they had nothing else to lose, consequently increasing the number of terrorists the American soldiers had to fight.

Some still want believe that George W. Bush ‘kept us safe’.

Are these people for real?

Well, at least, a lot of people in the 6 counties surrounding Washington D.C. got rich beneficiaries of one of the most corrupt administrations in US history.

The Iraq War of 2003 encapsulates much of what has gone wrong with aggressive neo-conservative foreign policies. Its lessons are made most clear within the perspectives of the philosophers of War, particularly Sun Tzu and America’s own Colonel John Boyd, which provide a sharp aid in understanding the Bush administration’s unfortunate choices.

China chooses to invest its money into its economy, and its defense against our expensive super carriers is composed of very inexpensive ballistic missiles! The asymmetric military spending in these two countries just brings the American economy down, while the Chinese are advancing theirs.

Those who continue to advance the unnecessary and ineffective case for big government militarism as the answer to every problem are keeping us on the wrong side of strategic competence. Combine their empty case for continued, excessive federal spending, with our increasingly hollowed-out economy, and it becomes likely that another Iraq II type war would bring down America’s Superpower position in world affairs.

What the Iraq War of 2003 can teach us so we can prevent similar disasters in the future?

A best selling book on the Iraq war, “Iraq War 2003: What Really Happened Behind the Political Scenes” by Charles Edmund Coyote of the political blog, compiles from more than 600 references the findings from the Iraq-Iran War & the weapons sold to Saddam to the intelligence warnings before the attacks of September 11 & the escape of Osama bin Laden in 2001.

Cambridge University Kings College – the most famous part of Cambridge?

Posted By Andrew Smith on July 31, 2012 @ 3:57 pm

The city of Cambridge is known for the world renowned Cambridge University. It is equally renowned for the constituent colleges that make up the university, situated at different parts of the academic city. These colleges are as much a centre of attraction for students as they are for visitors and residents alike.

Just to be clear, it’s important to point out that, unlike in other parts of the world, in the UK (and especially in Cambridge) the words college and university do not mean the same thing. There are 31 Cambridge colleges but there is only one Cambridge University (although there are actually 2 universities in Cambridge – the other being Anglia Ruskin University).

King Henry VI set up Kings college in 1441 as a private university for the boys from his other famous college – Eton. Kings is one of the largest Cambridge colleges.

As a consequence of it originally being founded purely for pupils who had attended Eton school (Henry VI was also a benefactor) there was no requirement for entrance exams to be taken to gain entry to Kings. In fact, because the education the students were receiving was considered to be of such a high standard, they were never required to take any exams at all during their time. The same students went on the hold positions of power and authority in political office and the royal family.

Over the years Kings college has become a focal point for visitors who come to meander around the hallowed halls, soak up the centuries of history and gaze upon the magnificence of the dramatic chapel.

It took around 96 years to construct Kings college chapel. During that time, a number of English kings came and went, until finally in the reign of King Henry VIII work on the chapel was finished.

The main attraction of Kings college is the massive chapel that looks magnificent during the daytime and equally resplendent during the evening.

Some of the features that make Kings college chapel such an iconic building are the largest fan vault ceiling of any building, anywhere in the world and collection of medieval stained glass windows that is extremely valuable. So valuable in fact, that they took out all of the glass at the start of the WWII to protect it from damaged. The process of replacing the glass was completed almost 5 years after the end of the war – it was the world’s biggest and most expensive jigsaw puzzle!

Every year on Christmas Eve the service “A Festival of Nine Lessons” is broadcast from the chapel to millions of listeners all around the world.

The choir at Kings was started by King Henry VI himself to ensure that the students would at all times be grateful for the ‘divine grace of the Almighty.’ To this day the choir is still sung by students and it brings a sense of history and occasion as well as being yet another attraction for the guests. Scholarship students studying at the university comprise a part of the team of choristers however all students are welcome to join.

The library at Kings presents you with interesting facts about the college. Here you will also uncover a amazing honour roll of achievements that Kings has amassed during more than 5 centuries of existence.

With countless books and an equally large number of CDs/DVDs, the library offers books on almost every topic and field of study. Tourists can visit the library at certain times and spend quality time reading some of the rarest manuscripts that are as old as the college itself.

It’s advisable to check the opening times prior to visiting as the library is closed to tourists during exam times.

Kings college is a amazing place steeped in hundreds of years of history and you would be remiss to not include it in your plans should you ever come to Cambridge.

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The Mayans Architectural Knowledge

Posted By Duende Tours on May 12, 2012 @ 7:39 am

The Mayans are very famous for their great knowledge architecture because of the magnificent pyramid-shaped temples and other structures. Their style changed to some extent through the generations, but never lost the charisma that encompasses these impressive buildings, tucked away deeper in jungles of South and Central America.

Actually, the cities share the same basic style but the planning as well as the development was greatly dependent on the materials available and the terrain. The constructions which are set upon a layer of limestone, by way of example, had become expansive municipalities. Many other sites, constructed into the hills and mountains, applied this to their benefit, building up their towers and complicated temples to rising heights. But all of the cities , were developed with some of similar aspects.

Looking Into The Mayan City Architecture

Regardless of the location of the city, all the sites had at least a couple of things in common: the axis of the development and the fundamental layout of the structures. Each and every city was set upon an axis according to the compass directions (north, east, south, and west). Basically, they based mainly on their worship and knowledge of the sky and other celestial bodies.

Nearly all city was also created with the government buildings in the center, temples and palaces, with the common homes and such spreading around them. Several of the cities had a definite grid-like pattern, and some sprawled without having recognizable pattern.

Trade Routes And Resources

The dimensions of the city, along with its position, was generally influenced by the available resources of the area during those times. For the most part, the place the cities were built, how it become large and how long they will inabit the city is determined by various things such as fertile land for raising crops, fresh water and access to trade routes. Several cities created as ports along the sea, as an example, blossomed for many years, then, when trade routes began to be more famous by land, little by little disappeared until eventually the folks transferred and also empty the city.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the Maya are the pyramid-shaped temples yet, a number of other architectural structures contain the same aura of captivation. The ceremonial platforms, generally made from limestone and less than four meters high, were utilised to have public ceremonies and also the religious rituals which were a lot a part of their lives. They also have ranging size of palaces, acropolises as well as simple one-storied buildings which houses the royal leaders as well as their families, and oftentimes have tombs underground for their dead.

Explore The Mayan Cities

For people who want to see these wonderful constructions themselves, there are actually a lot of sites which are open to the public, with a range of tours and museums from which to choose. The most popular and largest ones include Tikal in Guatemala and Coba in Mexico. Many are simplier and easier to reach when compared to others, since there are various that are miles from the most adjacent town. There are times when, you may be required to hike, fly, or ride a tour bus for you to reach the site. On the other hand, should you be willing to move through the difficulty to reach it, you’re positive to realize it is truly worth it.

More information on Mayan History can be found at Onejungle Travel Resourses.

Antique Maps – An Introduction

Posted By Dave Hall on April 4, 2012 @ 8:14 am

Antique maps are regarded as interesting by many of us, and are fast becoming real collector’s items. As a map fan would be ready to tell you, antique maps aren’t only traditionally entrancing, but may also be gorgeous works of art.

Antique maps can be discovered online without always breaking your budget. Before you begin purchasing antique maps you want to consider how much you are able to afford to spend. It is feasible to purchase original antique maps for as little as 2 hundred greenbacks, or as much as a few thousand. Manifestly the latter are for the experienced collector. You may potentially discover, as you look round, that it’s feasible to purchase sixteenth or seventeenth century maps for about $250. Usually, European and northern US antique maps have a tendency to be more costly, but African, Indian or South American maps can go for a lot less.

If you can’t afford to spend more than a hundred dollars or thereabouts, then you might choose instead to go for a reproduction antique map. There are some great reproductions out there which look and feel almost exactly like the real thing. They may not have the same air of authenticity about them, but if you’re more bothered about the appearance than having a genuine antique map, then this may be for you.

You may even find that you want to buy a modern-as-antique map. These are up to date modern maps that are presented to look like antique maps, and they provide a great compromise between aesthetics and usability.

If you’re looking to get a reproduction antique map then you should be in a position to buy nearly anywhere without worry. If you’re making a call to purchase a genuine antique map, ensure you check out reviews to make certain the seller is reputable, and you rigorously go through the details of the map to make certain it is a real antique.

This article should have given you an idea of the kinds of antique map available, and the pleasure that may be had in owning them. If you take all of this into consideration, then you may have a superb antique map collection in next to no time.

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Have Fun at Lawton, OK Casinos

Posted By Stephen Mason on December 24, 2011 @ 8:39 am

Lawton, Oklahoma is the next largest metropolitan area in Oklahoma in the role of a major shopping, health care, recreational, education, and religious center for your region. Lawton is across the country recognized as one of the most culturally diverse communities in the United States. The community is the home of varied museums and numerous cultural, arts and humanities activities and agencies. Lawton real estate is as varied as its community using properties available from rentals, to homes, as well as acreage, there is a bit of real estate for everyone within Lawton, Oklahoma. It is also the actual county seat involving Comanche County, located in the the southern part of part of the state, although many members of the particular U.S. Army might know of Lawton thanks to Fort Sill. Many members of the Army Country wide Guard from encircling states end up concluding training at Fort Sill after completing basic training. Lawton is named after General Henry Lawton, past quartermaster of Fort Sill.

Lawton’s population doubled during WWI because of the training of troops at the fort. But merely a few years after the war’s finish, the population returned to the previous state. It can’t be until the end regarding WWII that Lawton acquired another boost in development, only this time it would continue.

Today, Lawton can be a thriving community. With thanks to the Army fort situated there, Lawton’s population varies as soldiers come and go. Its economy in addition experiences swells every time there is war, as Fort Sill is a these days the location for a You.S. Army Area School, as thousands of soldiers often occur through before being shipped off to fight.

If you’re looking for loads of entertaining and excitement, why not pay a visit to a casino in Lawton, OK? The Oklahoma playing casinos offer distinct opportunities for the person to have fun. Instead of enjoying the fun on your own, enjoy a night as well as two at an Okla gambling hotel which has a friend or spouse. The casinos are located right off of the key interstate for benefit. Also, some of the Oklahoma casino hotels provide free transportation for the casino.

When creating any casino in Lawton, people should expect nothing but the best. The reason is easy – Oklahoma gambling casinos have plenty of playing options for everyone. Really should be fact, the gambling houses offer a variety of video games for which someone can try their hands at lady good fortune. With a number of slot machines that are sure to attract and keep you sitting, these casinos have a lot to offer. Nevertheless, each casino offers their particular brand about favored card games such as Blackjack, Poker, Texan Keep ‘em. In addition to this, you can find tables dedicated to live dealer roulette and craps, along with many other traditional table games.

In addition to experiencing and enjoying the many games the Oklahoma gambling on line casinos have to offer, take a moment and get some of the great foods. Affordable food while wearing fun is necessary, there are many great special deals on just that in almost any casino in Lawton. Search for a Lawton casino and enjoy!

If you want to know more about the history of Fort Sill, OK, make sure to visit Chad Gleaves’ blog.

The Heritage of Davidoff Cigars Business Well before The Cigarettes!

Posted By Mac Lawrak on September 14, 2011 @ 2:35 am

Davidoff is a byword for superior and design all through the society. It involves men’s perfumes, ties, eyeglasses, congac, humidors, and briefcases, but it is primarily based upon cigars and cigarettes. To build up a multi-million dollar organization in the 20th century on a tobacco product is a certainly extraordinary achievement. Motivated by Zino Davidoff this businesses products have come to be a must have for wealthier men around the planet.

The lifetime tale of Zino Davidoff reads like a history of the 20th Century. Zino was given birth to in Kiev in 1906, his family members fled the pogroms to settle in Geneva and opened up a tobacco shop where Lenin was a client. Zino traveled to the tobacco countries of Central and South America at a younger age, ultimately ending up in Cuba, for which he grew a lifetime long passion. By 1947 he had made his Chateau Selection structured on Cuban Hoyo de Montgomery cabinets. In 1969 Zino Davidoff was given the accolade from the Cuban market of Havana brand.

In 1970, Ernst Schneider, a Swiss importer, turned out to be interested in Davidoff’s brand name. Seeing the potential the brand had Schneider, with the help of Cubatabaco’s help, developed the company into a world-wide success. There were three series of Davidoff Havanas, all with a original flavor all to their own, the fullest being the Chateau, the lightest being the Dom Perignon No. 1, No. 2, and the Ambassadrice. They also made available a moderate tasting cigar, the Thousand Series.

It is really a shame that most of these cigars are no longer offered. Simply because of a dispute between Cubatobaco and Oettinger the manufacturing of Davidoffs in Havana ceased in March of 1990 and the brand relocated it’s operation to the Dominican Republic.

Instead than try to repeat the flavorsof their original cigars they as an alternative set out to lift the bar when it came to what people expect of a Dominican Cigar. And not long time after that they made the same with the actual these days Davidoff cigarettes.

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Story of Military and Armed services uniforms in Europe

Posted By Paul Waring on August 25, 2011 @ 2:43 am

The red colour was the uniforms color, adopted by the regiment permanent first of the British military, Yeoman of the Guard, Beefeaters, all through the reign of Henry VIII. In 1645, this colour was adopted at the time of the first standing military was raised. Red n ‘ wasn't used to hide the bloodstains. to be exact each armed forces adopted certain colours like their national colours. French soldiers inclined to carry blue; Russians carried green; Colombia s ‘ equipped with red. With thoese aren't infantry carrying a color bright red, with white cross-belts and coppers shining, simpler targets? Nonetheless in the years 1860, strategies of combat were rather dissimilar from those applied aujourd ‘ today.

Before 1866, longarms British was loading by the mouth of the weapons.

To charge these weapons critical to an infantryman with: 1) to be held upright to charge a load with powder and balls downwards in the mouth. 2) to be very close to the enemy so as to strike them, due to the inaccuracy of the arquebus. 3) to hold close full for the cooking of volleyball. It was the quantity of projectiles which counts, not camouflage.

In 1867 nevertheless , the war and times change. With the arrival of loading by the cylinder head of rifles of l ‘ English armed forces in 1866, the standard of the light weapons changed significantly. Quicker of the rates of set fire to, by a weapon much more precise, which could be charged in the belly, slowly changed the tactical doctrines of the armed forces. Change of strategy wasn't also fast; it may have been because in the last half of the years 1800, the English armed forces a mode army, equipped in an identical way is not beaten. In substance, the strategies used were those which had a direction with the traditional style of sidearms; the tactics were to still evolve/move to exploit the weapons latest. It is a surprise that, lately, the teachings of these new weapons showed the American Civil War (1861 – 1865) n ‘ weren't absorbed by the English.

Although the bulk of the Western european states had observers on the 2 sides, lessons which should have been drawn were declined, because one estimated that this war was an isolated case, determined by a geography seems like any in Europe. Additionally, he was considered as a brawl” between the unruly armed forces improper. It was critical to await end of the year 1800 that l ‘ khaki uniform was delivered, l ‘ British army carry out ultimately that uniforms of dreary color provided a better camouflage in answer to more reliable, faster the weapons of shooting by using the powder without smoke. Once again, the tactics continued d ‘ to show a delay and it was necessary l ‘ hecatomb of the First World War to convince the authorities qu ‘ there was a requirement to put at l ‘ shelter and to stay hidden, in opposition to the position upright in the formations of combat.

Uniform of the girl The ladies of the garrison had a uniform less sanctioned but which equipped the anatomy of class and the social order of the time. The other halves of the men in the rows wore a cotton dress linked with apron and of a capillary prosthesis called ‘avanon. Their shoes are made from leather plain common to the period. It on the other hand distinct with the more decorated dress was carried by the marry d ‘ an officer, in harmony with his position as a citizen of the higher class. In the same way, non combatants employed by the Armed forces of 1867 had their own sort of wearing of clothing which indicated their role with l ‘ Army. The Master of the school carried a black, knuckles frock coat length, while l ‘ teacher wore a skirt, blouse and the cut of jacket in a style known as a “zouave” jacket, similar to the uniforms carried by the units “zouave” which were useful in the Civil American War.

Paul Waring lectures on World history with a specialty in European conflicts.

Having A Safe And Fun Holiday In Australia

Posted By Jason Hall on January 10, 2010 @ 2:30 am

If you are unfamiliar with the Tropical North Queensland region, of Australia, then you may find that traveling around can become a difficult task. This is why one of the best thing that you can do, prior to your visit, is to prepare yourself and your vehicle in order to avoid any issues that may come up during your travels.

Your first step for getting prepared is to rent your vehicle from a reliable source. The vehicle that you are renting should be able to withstand the travels that you are planning to do with it. You want to make sure that the company your are utilizing have a vehicle for you that can safely get you through the all your Outback adventures. Many of the companies that you are familiar with, in the states, also have rental locations in Australia. These companies may make you feel more secure with your rental than going with a company that you have never heard of before.

Next you will want to make sure that you are well prepared in the event of an emergency. You will want to have handy a current set of maps for the region plus water and first aid supplies. Chances are that you won’t need these items; however it is still wise to be prepared just in case.

Finally, you will want to make sure that you have a cell phone with a Sim card, as this will allow you to call international numbers while visiting the Queensland region. Make sure that you program into your phone emergency numbers as well as contact information for your hotel and car hire company. This will help you get help if you need it.

One last tip, that will be allow you to have a safe vacation is to never abandon your car if it was to brake down in the Tropical North region. Always stay in your vehicle and never wander around. There are a lot of desolate areas and you do not want to get lost and have to have a search party looking for you. Stay with your car and wait until assistance arrives.

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Find Out Complete Details On Someone’s Past With This Personal Background Check

Posted By Grant Dougan on September 16, 2009 @ 2:40 am

Looking into somebody’s history is something that many have thought of doing for various reasons. Individuals will utilize background searches for several reasons – such as finding out about a new caretaker or person somebody has started to date. Thankfully, this is now easy to accomplish by using an internet background search service.

Without the internet, finding background details on someone would mean you had to use a detective agency. It was overpriced, a lengthy process and didn’t always provide good information.

Nowadays it’s a lot more simple. Thanks to the world wide web learning background details on someone is fast, easy and available to anyone with an internet connection.

The reason behind this is that the internet now has professional background search companies that provide online background searches. These organizations let you search through their databases to discover information on anyone you want.

When you run an online background search, you will find out lots of details – this includes address details, employment information, marriage details, court and criminal records and many other information on the person. I’m always impressed to see how much you can find out about somebody.

You will have to pay a small fee to initiate a background check, but it isn’t expensive. You can also purchase a membership which will give you access to unlimited background searches for a one-time flat fee.

A fast method to see if you can discover some info for free is to use Google and punch in the individual’s name with quotation marks (ex: “Sara Green”). If you aware of the city the person lives in you should also include it (ex: “Mark Porter” Toronto). Conduct a search in Google and then have a look at the results.

To be honest, using Google will rarely bring up what you’re hoping for. It doesn’t cost anything though so you may as well try it out. Here, we’re hoping that there has been information published about the person online and that Google will pull it up.

When you make use of an online background search you will get details on anyone within minutes – it’s incredibly fast. It’s a handy tool to have access to.

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