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A Little Dose of Weirdness

Posted By Admin on October 13, 2007 @ 3:42 am

I recently received an email from a close friend of mine.  Inside his email I found a large number of strange news headlines.  They covered most of the popular topics such as music gossip, politics, and world news.  Reading this email warmed me to the idea that weird is good (not that I am not a little weird myself ;)  ).

After coming home from work I still had a "weird" feeling in my head (horrible attempt at humor).  So, after supper, I decided to sit down at my computer and look for some strange news blogs.  Why blogs?  Well, I figured that I was most likely to find a centralized place with all the weird news in one spot.

Know what?

I sure did find a lot of weird news blogs.  Seems other people found the headlines to be interesting and created some blogs about it. 

Fast forward two hours.

Well… I am still working on this blog post, and still reading weird articles.  Man!  I am hooked.  So much for getting anything done tonight…

Five for fourteen – Day Two

Posted By Admin on June 7, 2007 @ 6:38 am

This is day two of fourteen. Though the content of these sites may seem Here are todays blogs:

Five for fourteen – Day One

Posted By Admin on June 6, 2007 @ 12:00 am

For the next fourteen days, we will be announcing five blogs a day that we are adding to our network. Though the sites will not have a lot of content to start, you can expect them to get better as time goes on. Here are todays blogs:

Two Blogs to Checkout

Posted By Admin on May 23, 2007 @ 7:30 am

I found these two blogs online today and they are worth checking out.

I found a blog by a student from Adison University about general topics. The student writes interesting articles that I found valuable.

Misty mountain online is a general interest blog. It is a good example of what you can do with an old domain. Nice design and layout helped it to get in this list.

Video Drivers for an Older Laptop

Posted By Admin on May 12, 2007 @ 7:05 am

If you are like me and have an older notebook, you may find your video card drivers don’t allow you to play certain games.  Sometimes a simple video card driver update solves that problem.  Unfortunately, the support for laptop video cards disappears after you own the notebook for a couple of years.

Scouring the internet, I found a website that had solutions for older laptop video drivers: Laptops blog.  It seems that the owner of this site had the same problems with his laptop and did manage to find a solution.  For more details check out Laptops blog.

7 laws of seductive blogging

Posted By Admin on April 15, 2007 @ 2:47 pm

1) Choose the right audience
There is nothing worst than a bad choice of audience, you cannot force a guitarist to read blogs about internet marketing, dont waste your time promoting your blog to the wrong audience.2) Approach indirectly
Don’t go for the COLD SELLING, approach indirectly preferably through a medium already known to your audience, like:
– guest posting in someone elses blog
– posting helpful comments in other (related) blogs
– posting and proving your worth in (related) forums
And prove your worth before you ask them to visit your website/blog
3) Mirror – don’t go against general sentiment
If everyone in the crowd loves ADSENSE it can be a HUGE mistake bad mouthing it. Unless you learn how to word your posts in a cunning way, avoid going against general sentiment.

4) Surprise your readers often
An unexpected bonuses can often surprise your readers and lead to more loyal and responsive group

5) Don’t ignore questions or comment.
Make sure that you encourage reader involvement and participation, under no circumstances ignore a questions or a comment

6) Enter their world
Get them thinking of your blog, even when they arent reading it…. offer PDF downloads, video downloads, even things like T-shirts and Mugs, the idea is to reminded your readers of your blog everytime they see the file/t-shirt/mug and to create a long lasting impression.

7) Prove your worth.
You need to constantly keep proving your worth to your readers, remember its a jungle out there

About the author:
Divyansh Sharma owns Exploding Profits.
*post inspired by book – “24 laws of persuation”