Guides On Improving Educators Professional Development

Posted on July 11, 2018 @ 2:04 pm

Students need teachers of high quality for them to learn properly and get good education. But usually people forget that educators need to be trained and prepared to effectively teach their students. They must develop new ideas and techniques for teaching in order to adapt with the changing times.

Unfortunately, areas that have conflicts, with low income or are remote needs competent teachers more for the children there. School district administrators have been providing workshops and seminars for them but the way they conduct these are usually ineffective. So here are some tips on improving educators professional development.

Make the educators feel professionally competent by providing access to good quality development training and workshops. They teach children with different academic or emotional needs and they tend not to have the capabilities on handling these. You should help them to use instructional practices that creates great results like precision in explanations, giving feedback and formative assessment.

Make it simple by identifying and focusing on just one or a couple of instructional practices that you want them to learn, improve or refine. You should select which one to teach with the help of their input. All levels of the organization must know what practices will it be and expectations.

Support provided should be ongoing in order to make sure that the teaching practices and techniques taught to them are being used. Guidance through observing the way they implement the things they learned and feedback must be given. Proper coaching is not done through data collection nor monitoring.

Collaboration between teachers and peer support should also be encouraged. Teachers could take turns visiting each others classrooms and give feedback if he is using the techniques they have learned. Sharing of knowledge and trust between them should be developed as well.

Recruit great teachers with considerable experience and skills in teaching that you could provide. A trainer must have an experience on the things he is teaching them and not someone who is just reading from a manual. He should practice the things he teaches in the training by being an example himself so educators could follow him.

Schedule the development seminars well and inform them ahead of time so that they can prepare and free up their own schedules as well. Educators have also a life of their own and a family that they worry about and look after. Failing to do this or announcing the training on the day itself will result on them being physically present but their minds are wandering to other things they were supposed to do on that time.

Understanding that changes do not immediately happen and it takes time for these things. Do not change goals yearly by implementing another different instructional practice. Realize that continued supports is needed even on the following year so that the changes are well implemented. This is also an ongoing process so having them attend a number of seminars per year will be not enough if feed back and follow up is not given. Effective professional development helps improve your teachers which will then make your school a better one.

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