Significant Information On The Life And Achievements Of Dr Philip Hickman

Posted on July 10, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

Dr. Hickman can be considered to be the true professional leader in a K to 12 educational system and in an educational technology. This person has been considered also as leading expert of those best practices for the use of classroom levels, educational technology district wide, and student personalization. To teach children for their preparation is what he is very passionate about.

His passion for teaching has caused him of constantly disrupting the education system currently. Dr Philip Hickman has created the MindAble Solutions company for the development of leading educational technology, production of educational literature, and consultation of technology companies and of school districts. He also invented a new instructional model of education known as the K to 16 ITI Model.

This ITI model or the Instructional and Technology Integration model will be transforming the methods of teaching and also personalizing the learnings in a classroom. Hickman has always an obsession with personalized fuels in learning and has received a certification as a National Superintendent. He continued as a leading authority for presenting in various conferences.

Currently, Dr. Hickman has recently honored as the Superintendent for all schools. He received this national recognition for the reason that he made a visionary integration for personalization, technology, and instructional transformation. He also served very well in the diverse student population and also led the initiatives of a key reform into various nations that have positions of key leadership.

Philip Hickman was a previous Area Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. Aside from the achievements he received as a teacher or as an educator, he has been considered as well a famous ebook author. Stop Dribbling Footballs is the most popular ebook he published.

The ebook contains some new and unique approaches to have a better understanding the individualized instructions. And also, providing the educators the opportunity of challenging and rethinking their approaches for educating the students and their behavioral norms. Below is a very brief summary about the ebook.

Joe is being pushed, without any guidance, into an environment which is new to him. He also does not have the ability meeting expectations of the authority figures. And initially, Joe was unable to obtain success because he had applied the set of rules of social norms to the new environment, leaving him being non compliant. What he only did was the things that he knows and he feels so confused on the harsh reactions against him.

And that was the time when he finally realized that he still needs to develop some very important tools in order to become successful when a particular coach has explained to him everything. Dr. Terry Grier, a Superintendent, have said a masterful job was done by Philip. It is because a child book was used by him in reminding the people how the rules and the background learned by children can help to shape their behavior.

And therefore, Hickman is a very passionate man and he always want to ensure that there is an equal access to education. Some demonstrations have been made about the newer and more innovative methods of education for young scholars. The plan, according to him, will be done throughout his career.

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