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Posted on May 14, 2018 @ 2:05 pm

The folks who work with children, families, and caregivers to detect, assess and treat individuals with verbal communication problems are called speech language pathologists. These professionals hold either a doctoral or masters degree. These individuals offer speech therapy for kids Tucson AZ. These highly skilled professionals work as part of a team of specialists to design a treatment plan that will meet the needs of each individual.

The goal of the speech language pathologist is to help improve and maintain human communication. With early intervention chronic communication problems can be prevented. Children are more successful when they gain strength in language, voice, verbal communication, and social cognition early. Weak areas are strengthened which decreases the frustration of children and their parents. The sooner this happens the sooner the child experiences the joy of being understood.

When children are not able to verbally communicate with others they can become angry and frustrated. It is vital that problems with communication be identified and addressed in order for the child to realize their best social, intellectual, and emotional development. A correct assessment will help them get proper school support and accommodations and helps parents better understand and support their children.

It is required that children have their hearing tested. Normal hearing is necessary for the best possible development of verbal communication. Even if the loss of hearing is not suspected, there may be a slight loss that can influence the speech development of the child. In the first few years of the life of children are at risk for loss of hearing caused by chronic ear infections and upper respiratory infections.

It is important to have a hearing test before your child sees the pathologist. The pathologist is not able to complete an accurate assessment if there is a hearing problem that is left undetected. Once the assessment is done the pathologist can design a plan for therapy that will meet the individual needs of the child.

Listening carefully allows parents to compare their childs verbal skills with those of children in their age group. Children will not be referred to a specialist if they do not have the need for it. Parents can use charts to evaluate the development of verbal communication in their child. If there is uncertainty about the need for therapy parents should speak with their childs doctor.

The therapist can also help children with articulation, voice, and fluency. There are a number of causes for language and speech problems. Children may see a therapist because of lisp or trouble pronouncing certain letters. Children with Autism struggle with language development. If a child has a hearing problem they have more than likely not learned to properly pronounce words.

Those concerned with the verbal communication skills of their children should consult their pediatrician. The physician can refer you to a pathologist. It is important to get help early to prevent your child from the frustrations of trying to communicate. The emotional and social development of a child will also improve when therapy is introduced.

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