Things To Know About Confederate Flag Window Decal

Posted on April 16, 2018 @ 2:02 pm

The 69 Dodger Charger named Robert E. Lee was a star in the Dukes of Hazzard TV series, charging through highways and dirt roads with the Southern banner painted on its roof. Many Southerners still believe in the nostalgic charm of imagery and icons from a time when Southern men had to be brave and honorable. Men of the South were known and admired for being disciplined, gallant under fire, and extremely loyal.

The Southern banner is a symbol for youth, standing for rebellion against authority. But mostly, this is a way to be, to play and vamp with cool attitudes for teenagers. And the Confederate flag window decal is one of the most popular icons ever for young people today.

The saltire cross in blue that is set with stars and on a red field is the most iconic. It is something trendy to have on the wall of teenage rooms, no matter its adult connotations. However, many adults also have the same attitude carried over from their younger years, so several generations have accessed this flag as something that reflects cool attitudes.

Customization can be done on these decals, in sizing, shapes and designs, ordered directly on marketing websites. These sites can even have some design specific programs you can submit your concepts through. Best sites will further add design services that enable the design to be more upbeat, or relevant.

The most current decals are vinyl, as compared to the paper or plastic for stickons. Decals often have that embossed look, with excellent values for color, more vibrant and bolder than stickers have. These are perfect for putting on exposed windshields or vehicle windows, and the vinyl is durable, and will not fade, peel or tear easily.

For the Confederate icons, you can have any combination based on the saltire cross and the stars and bars designs. Also, some people like both American and Confederate flags at cross staffs to each other. Sometimes one banner is superimposed on the other to make smarter and more compact views.

There are also types like Arkansas rebel, black and gray Confederate, colored stars and bars, and gray squares or stars and bars. Most people have their preferences for these, and can have mottoes and sayings featured. Any design will do, as long as they are workable and can be worked out on the vinyl.

The types for mottoes can take the shape of flags on top of letters to Born Country or Come Take This One. Cars or truck racers, with things like Flag 3 Race or NASCAR. The hunting aficionados will have, say, a flag and deer icon, and still other types make the banner wave or flame up, or can be dog paws, lips, hearts and others.

Always keep in mind that these decals are best ordered customized. Another great thing about them is that you can use your imagination and creativity well in designing. For people of the flag, this is great for creating the designs on your minds, plus you can make and make lots of them.

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