Benefits Of Using Solar Powered Lights For Heliport

Posted on March 12, 2018 @ 2:02 pm

Human eyes are not able to see at night clearly. Light is an efficient tool that makes vision at night easy. Being able to see at night is crucial since an individual may have an important task to perform and he or she will need light. For the pilots, it is paramount to see the runway clearly when landing. If a pilot cannot see the runway, he or she will risk crashing the airplane thus killing the passengers. Lights for heliport ensure that individuals are safe while they are taking off or landing.

Many systems are used to provide lights in a heliport. Using the solar power is one of the most convenient methods used. This technique has become popular in the lighting industry. Today, the technology is allowing solar energy to be used as an excellent source of light. Some reasons make solar lighting a good option a discussed here.

Putting in place this type of lighting is simple. Contractors do not have to dig trenches to put cables. Additionally, when a company is installing this equipment, operations on the runway will not be interrupted. It does not require special skills to set them up. For this reason, specialized technicians are not needed for the job. One is supposed to find a suitable spot to erect the solar lighting poles.

Some units are expensive and hard to install. The case is different when using the solar power equipment. This is a cheap method that does not require a lot of money to install. Besides, the cost of maintenance is considerably lower than the expense of the common systems. Since no wires or trench-digging is necessary, the cost is even diminished. Individuals who do not have access to stable sources of electricity can light their heliports using this method.

This form of energy is environmental friendly. Other types of energy use generators that run on petroleum. The generators produce gases that are dangerous. These fumes destroy the ozone layer thus causing UV rays to penetrate bringing about global warming. Besides, noise pollution is produced by generators. Using solar will not cause any effect on the environment, and it is also an effective method of cutting down costs.

This system is perfect during emergencies or when the light is required in remote areas. The ease of installation makes it a formidable choice for the temporary application. The portability factor enables people to use the devices in various settings temporarily. Solar light can be put anywhere without one incurring the cost of permanent installation.

Solar devices are durable. The gadgets are resistant to harsh conditions when they are installed outside. In fact, it is suitable for these devices to be put in an area where there is excessive sunlight since the sun is the primary source of energy for this gadget. The panels do not break easily and are water resistant thus rainfall does not affect these devices. These factors ensure that the panels last long for the users to enjoy their service.

There are absolutely few cases of fire related to solar lighting. This is a safe method of producing light for a heliport. The system is tested by the manufacturers and accepted for use by the authority. It is a suitable approach to lighting especially for those airfields that do not have any electric connection. Individuals can benefit from this scheme by expending less as they get enough light energy from the sun.

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