Ways To Build A Certified DBE Firm

Posted on February 11, 2018 @ 2:04 pm

For the past few years, a lot of questions have been raised by several business owners trying to certify their firms as disadvantaged business enterprises or DBE. Usually, these companies are either have been decertified or facing difficulties trying to get certified for many reasons. Basically, the local, state and federal government agencies require several services and goods that can be given by small businesses.

The portion to be paid for the services and goods may also be set aside for businesses owned and supervised by people who are members of any government groups can be considered as socially and economically disadvantaged. Actually, here are tips on how to obtain and maintain a Certified DBE firm. First, you should know and understand your operation.

Understanding what your business is means having all the technical knowledge and expertise to operate your venture. If you own a retail business, for example, you are expected to obtain the necessary permits or licenses, job history, and educational background to run the operation. Hiring staff with the required expertise is inadequate, specifically if the key personnel are men.

Hence, you have to make sure that you can still handle and perform your responsibilities. There are women business owners who allow other people to handle the estimating and bidding jobs. Basically, leaving each function to other employees or owners is a way to have the certification denied.

Make sure to meet necessary requirements to become qualified for the certification process. As an owner, you should have the power to handle and implement policies to your office. In addition, you are also required to meet the organizational standards as a small business.

It is also critical to own and run your own venture as possible as you can. Running your own firm means giving the certifying agency that you own one. Borrowing capital to establish your own venture and subcontracting are the reasons for the company to be denied. Companies in this bracket must be wise enough in documenting how the owner came to own a controlling share of the firm.

Always remember that it is your responsibility to maintain your eligibility. This is important to keep a proof to participate in the DBE program. Not only you need to meet all requirements but you have to show a proof of your qualifications. Build a continuing procedure for documenting your membership, the level of control, independence and personal network to ensure that you can still continue to join in any future contracts.

Be sure to operate one company. Typically, most of the DBE regulations may also require you to provide your time to the organization. Therefore, having more than one firm at the same time may lead denial or delays. So depending on the businesses and value you own, this may only cause you to exceed the requirements which cause the certification to be delayed or denied.

Do not ever engage in fraud and other forms of dishonesty when you are running an office. Actually, there are instances where employees are asked by their employers to make firms so that the employer can take a huge advantage of this program and other programs. The certifying organization has the access to any documentation which includes corporate tax returns, documents, and other information that can simply show whether your organization is legal or not.

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