Approaches Used For Luxury Resort Marketing

Posted on December 3, 2017 @ 2:01 pm

Running a luxury resort is not an easy endeavour, especially because the tourism industry drops during the tough economic periods. To prevent your investment from running out of business, it is crucial that you undertake luxury resort marketing efforts. These efforts will be aimed at boosting sales and client satisfaction as well. There are very many techniques that can be used to market such a firm. However, some of them require a lot of resources to accomplish.

For customers to keep coming back to your resort you have to ensure that you keep everything up to date. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel that looks old and dilapidated. Therefore, you should undertake maintenance and renovation efforts to rejuvenate your structures and facilities. A new and improved look will attract a good number of customers. It would also help to hire a graphic designer to work on the logo and product packaging. Look for an expert who has vast artistic and design experience.

Currently, almost all organisations have taken to conducting business online. Therefore, do not be left behind. Ensure that you create a website for this resort. This site will help the business to have an online presence, reach out to a wider audience and also gives the business legitimacy. Apart from marketing, you should also be able to conduct various transactions through the website. Making a press release will also work to your advantage, especially if your firm is new.

The use of social media has entirely transformed the marketing industry. Businesses no longer have to invest so much money and time into advertising and promotional activities. They simply hire bloggers and Social Media experts to handle these events. Commonly used platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest among many others. Sponsored posts and ads on Facebook can also serve this purpose efficiently.

Many resort managers have also resorted to the use of Internet ads. These ads are posted on the website of this particular company and other open sites. This enables them to be accessed by very many people and hence attract attention to the establishment. They have the merit of emphasising client budget and criteria. Apart from that, you can design and send promotional emails to various customers and potentials.

One can also launch a digital coupon campaign. The idea of getting a great deal can be quite appealing to the audience. Therefore, by utilising digital coupons, you will be able to lure in a good number of customers. Print out coupons, codes and digital QR codes are some of the popularly used methods here.

Apart from online marketing, you can also use the more traditional advertising approaches such as pamphlets, postcards and flyers. These techniques are especially useful when reaching out to a local audience. Your message should be simple, easy to comprehend and still attractive. In addition to that, one can also resort to print advertising in newspapers, journals, real estate guides and magazines.

Television and radio ads can be very effective too. This method, however, requires one to have a lot of resources at his or her disposal to produce catchy ads. One should undertake some research activities into the selected target market. This will allow the individual to become an expert in the market.

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