Factors That Influence Selection Of Machinery For Golf Course Irrigation

Posted on October 12, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

Nature can be quite breathtaking. The same can be said about certain landscapes that have lush green cover all round. There must be a secret to maintaining such areas. Some areas have the potential of maintaining their natural look but this tends to fade away with time. Golf course irrigation maybe one of the secrets used to keep such areas looking green and healthy.

Grass species that can be selected to grow in a particular field are quite vast. Experts have to narrow down to specific traits that make one preferable over another. Foot traffic is the main issue that all these types should handle. Different regions support the growth of specific varieties. Individuals in one state may not find their preference in another state.

Weather also has a part to play in the selection process. There are varieties that do well during rainy conditions and others that can withstand too much sun. When a specific variety is grown in an alternate environment, it may not survive. A wet grass type when placed in a dry region will lose its color and vigor making change necessary.

The grass selected can begin to lose its glossy nature. This happens in a number of golf courses because of the busy nature of the place. There should be a rest period for the field. The grass is given time to naturally revive itself. This process can also be hastened by use of chemicals. If this period is not provide it will be all downhill from here.

Irrigation options selected depend on where the water source is located. They should distribute water efficiently. If any wastage is noted, alterations will have to be made. The soil types in different regions have different water requirements. Some take up a lot of water while others are tolerant to dry conditions. Irrigation levels should be reduced during wet weather.

Where there is a lot of wind transpiration of water takes place at a fast rate. This means not enough water will be getting into the ground. Irrigating in this region may need to be done in specific times when the wind currents are low. This may be early mornings or during the evening hours. Equipment selected for this work depends on the pricing in the market.

Machines with a single head can properly distribute water to areas closer to the head. This means that further regions will be left out. Excess water may be collected in the nearer regions. There will be a lot of run off. Manual watering can be used to supplement the problem areas. However, if the area to be covered is extensive this may end up being time consuming.

There are sprinklers that are designed to reach a larger region. They can be placed in a number of regions and can be more efficient if a number of nozzles are attached to them. In this kind, no supplement will be necessary. The decision to water any field and the method to be used can also be decided by the moisture needs of the particular area.

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