Web Based Multi-Level Marketing – How To Earn Profit From Prospects That Decide Not To Partner You

Posted on June 14, 2015 @ 2:11 pm

There are a number of benefits to automating your prospecting systems if you are building your Multi Level Marketing team online. Most of this should seem obvious, but it will serve to highlight why building a MLM team using the web may be favoured, even when your upline is encouraging you to keep to the traditional strategies!

I am positive it will come as no surprise that it isn’t possible to automate your process if you elect the word-of-mouth methods of MLM, as your personal presence is needed with each person you speak with. That said, it is still important to have a definite process that you follow with each person.

As an example, when I developed strategies for promoting my Web Based Network Marketing opportunity using article marketing, I read an e-book that explained the concepts behind this strategy in great depth and helped me to modify my campaign to improve my numbers of site visitors and registering subscribers. Also, I found a program that enabled me to spin my articles (create unique articles many times over) and submit them to a number of directories at the click of a button!

So what is the answer? The strategy to success in your warm market may be to adopt a low-pressure pre-approach tool that you are happy using with ALL the contacts on your list. You should not expect a positive response from everyone you call, so you should be willing to contact a significant number of people, giving them all an easy way out if they are not interested in hearing about your business.

Both of these products were affiliate products, which meant that an extremely good commission cheque could be made by selling them (up to 50%). By advertising similar products to your own list of registered subscribers and showing the advantages of utilising them, you can also earn additional income in your Online business. Please note that products you promote must only be ones that you have personally purchased, as endorsing anything that you are not interested enough to order yourself would jeopardise your credibility with your contacts!

The necessary role that will demand some of your time is online promotion of your landing page. As the extent to which you promote defines how many leads you have joining your process, it must be something that you commit to, throughout your life as an online Network Marketer! There are many techniques to generate visitors for your site, from classified adverts to search engine optimisation, so develop your automated processes and spend your time beneficially by learning how to generate traffic on the internet.

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