Bronzed Complexion Is Made Safe And Uncomplicated By Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation Lotion

Posted on September 14, 2013 @ 2:09 pm

Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion eliminates all the complications of tanning. Topically applied, the product’s formulation can cause skin darkening, resulting in a bronzed complexion without the need to sunbathe. Going for this particular indoor tanning solution is considerably cheaper than getting a fake tan at the salon on a regular basis.

It’s so easy to use this Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion. It is applied exactly like the hand and body moisturizer of your choice. Quickly absorbed by the skin, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable putting up with a greasy feeling.

Bronzers found in this Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion lets you evenly apply the product, the secret to having a fake tan that looks genuine. These ingredients instantly leave a stain, serving as a visual guide during the application. Thanks to bronzers, your skin need not end up with funny color patches. If plastic gloves are not worn while using Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion, make sure to wash the hands frequently with soap and water to prevent staining the palms.

The stain left by bronzers is only temporary. What makes Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion give you a realistic and long-lasting tan is the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in its formulation. This sugar-based chemical reacts with the keratin found in dead skin cells, causing them to end up with a deep brown color. Wait for 24 hours to see just how effective DHA really is.

Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion allows you to sport a dazzling bronzed complexion for 7 to 10 days. Gradually, the deep color fades because the layer of dead skin cells browned by DHA has to be replaced. Just grab the bottle of Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion and reapply if you are no longer satisfied with your complexion. Exfoliating before using this product is said to help extend the tan. Additionally, you may use the color extender also offered by the same manufacturer to make the effect last longer.

Many find Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion very appealing to use because it makes sunbathing unnecessary. It’s true that the only way to get a healthy glow that looks so natural is by exposing your skin to sunlight for hours. However, this increases your risk for skin cancer. What’s more, sunbathing can make you look older. It causes the premature development of aging signs. A gorgeous tan doesn’t mean anything if your face has those attention-grabbing liver spots and fine lines.

Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion is cheaper and more convenient that going to a salon to get a fake tan. The product is available in varying bottle sizes so you may buy something that suits your budget. It’s possible to grab and use this indoor tanning solution anytime, unlike a salon that closes after business hours, during holidays or when the weather is bad.

Using this Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation lotion makes having a lovely bronzed complexion safer and less complicated. It lets you stay away as far as possible from skin cancer and the early showing up of various skin aging signs. So many budget-conscious people prefer applying this product over getting those expensive fake tanning services available at local salons.

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