How To Use Persuasive Visual Merchandising Techniques

Posted on July 20, 2013 @ 2:05 pm

Visual merchandising used to be about visually attracting customers to maximize sales. These days, it’s also about all the senses. Customers want to go into stores that look, smell and sound nice. This will also influence their buying decisions.

If someone wants to affect the mood, feelings or buying habits, they just need to turn to color. For many years it has been thought that different colors affect people in different ways. For example, green is said to be the color most likely to get someone to spend money. Color can also be used to catch someone’s eye. It is difficult not to notice bright colors. Bright colors in a retail business will attract customers.

Lighting can really attract a customer’s eye. Use light to accent certain products. It will catch the customers’ eyes. They are drawn to the light and therefore, the product it is highlighting. This increases the chances that the customer will pick up and buy the product.

Use displays to give customers an idea of items they can purchase together. Put the display together creatively to get attention. There are some stores that have huge, outrageous displays. These stores know the importance of attracting a crowd. Change displays often. Customers will get used to seeing the same thing all the time and they won’t notice it any longer. Keep it fresh.

There are many holidays and seasons throughout the year. Use these times to have a store theme. Displays of cookware around Mother’s Day or a display of grilling supplies for Father’s Day. Get creative and change this often. Every other month is a good time frame for changing themes.

Everyone loves to feel good. Smells help facilitate that. When a customer walks into a store that smells nice, has relaxing music and great visual displays, they are going to stick around and see the products. The longer the customer stays in the store, the better.

Nowadays, everything is technology. Including digital and/or interactive media in stores is a good idea. It is a great way to get customers to stay in the store longer. They will also have a more enjoyable time and that is important.

In stores that are larger in size and perhaps have different departments, it’s important to have proper signage. Make it painless for customers to find where they’re going. Visually the signage and graphic should be pleasing. However, the customer’s main focus should be the products, so don’t make the signage too distracting.

Visual merchandising is a tool used by retail businesses. They have been doing this a long time for a very good reason. It really works, so it may be helpful to learn about design principles. This will help in having a more effective visual impact on customers. Keep the retail space clean. No one likes shopping in a dingy store. The greatest stores use these same techniques all the time with great success.

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