Top Hints And Tips For Tackling Dog Hiccups

Posted on July 14, 2013 @ 2:14 pm

Hiccups for people are not alarming us at all. It can disappear once we forgot about it but even though this condition is always short-lived, it can be uncomfortable especially if we are doing something important. The same goes with dogs. Hiccups are very common on them but this can make you worry as it would look like they are in pain. This condition is just a spasm of the diaphragm and going back to the right rhythm and pattern of breathing can put a stop to it. Know more about its cause for you to better understand hiccups and see the different methods which could help your dog from breathing normally again.

Why Hiccups Occur on Dogs?

Every dog may experience hiccups but it is more common on younger dogs. Puppies tend to swallow more air while drinking and eating. The air that they suck while consuming food and water can cause spasm which would lead to hiccups. This is the most natural cause of hiccup which gives lesser threat on dogs. A dog that is stressed or excited is most likely to develop hiccups as it also affects the breathing process.

Summer is a bad time for dogs as sudden change of temperature can cause hiccups. If your canine friend loves to go outside under the hot sun and drinks cold water when he goes back, this change of temperature can affect their breathing process and you would later find them having hiccups. Long term hiccups which are the dangerous form can be a result of different disorders such as irritation, nerve damage, nervous system disorders and gastroesophageal reflux.

Curing Hiccups on Dogs

Hiccups don’t need medication. The basic strategy to relieve your dog from this is to bring his normal breathing pattern back. There are times when you would need your dog’s cooperation which is the only challenge that you might encounter upon doing some of the treatments. You can ask your dog to run or walk with you. Quick stops and starts will help relax the diaphragm bringing back the right breathing pattern. Feeding your dog or letting him drink again may alter the effect if the cause of hiccup is sucking too much air while ingesting food and water.

Because stress can also cause hiccups, help your dog to relieve the stress and relax. Do things with your pet that they enjoy the most such as bathing, massage or playing outdoors. Surprising or shocking your dogs can help spin the abnormal breathing pattern altering the hiccups. There are many ways to do this but ensure your own safety. Try to startle him with different things without getting bit. After you have done everything that was mentioned above and the hiccup stays for more than a day, meet with your dog’s veterinarian.

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