The Importance Of Marketing And Teamwork Within Your Business

Posted on July 14, 2013 @ 2:12 pm

Marketing is about the content of the business. What message would you like your company to transmit to everyone, the entire world? Would you like so that it is positive and beneficial? Or would you like it to scare people making them do things from fear? If you think of inspiring marketing messages you most likely remember the times of hallmark advertisements – messages meant to help you feel great or sporting advertisements – advertisements that cause you to feel motivated to get out there and do more. Fearful messages and you’ll find you’ll probably be listening to security companies – they’ll say that the planet is really a harmful place which means you need our protection. Both messages have their place but the thing is obvious they’re offering a definite message regarding their business. What exactly message would you like your company to transmit?

The message you send is very important and it is dangerous to leave the message up to one person or one department. The reasoning behind this is it is not one person or one department that interacts with the general public. It is multiple departments and multiple people and they all make up the organisation culture and the message that is being sent to the general public on a daily basis.

In terms of marketing it is important that everyone within the business acts as a team. If you are promoting yourself as a customer service business then everyone in your business must act like it. If you are price focused then everyone in the business must be prepared to discount for the customer. The point is the two are inexplicably linked. If you separate the two there becomes a kind of disconnect between the marketing that is being promoted to prospective customers and the experience that end users will have. Making sure that the two are in agreeance with each other must be a priority for you and everyone within your business.

Having a disconnect will also make customers mistrustful of any future advertising that you do – it will hurt your brand image and it is your image that will generate you goodwill and revenue in the future. It is imperative that you protect it at all costs.

To sum up, marketing is really a team effort. You have to make certain the message you’re delivering to individuals through advertising is the one which they’re going through in your entire organisation. Failure to get this done will lose you prospective clients but existing ones too.

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