Get Wet And Wild In Port Phillip Bay Fishing Map

Posted on June 30, 2013 @ 2:05 pm

If you wish to have the most unforgettable and spectacular fishing experience this summer, then perhaps it’s time to go “down under” and visit port phillip bay fishing map. Considered to be the largest tidal lagoon in Australia, this could most probably be the biggest marine life you have ever seen by far in your entire life.

Said to be the biggest tidal lagoon in the country, for sure a surmountable amount of adventure awaits on those waters. It’s no secret that Australia always had an exciting animal life both in the water and out of it. It’s marine life consist of four thousand of the twenty two thousand fishes listed on the world’s marine biology record.

In fact, this entrance should only be navigated when water conditions is very calm and only by the most experienced as well. The waters in the entrances are more turbulent during tidal waves, therefore navigation is best avoided during this time. There are about nine piers around the lagoon that one could explore and fish.

Located at the city of Melbourne, it has become a world wide sensation due to the wide array of marine life it houses. It’s also known because of its unique shape, instead of a circle it somehow resembles to the shape of a caldera with only one opening to the ocean famously known as the “rip”. Now, this rip is not something beginners should even think of.

The Rip is not a very good idea for beginners. The opening is only 2 miles away from each other and waters could be really turbulent especially when the tides are changing. For such reason, only the experts should volunteer to cross on this one. Should you still have doubts with your skill with boats then it’s best to find yourself a local guide for this.

The month of the year may also determine the types of fish you may catch. For an instance, November to April are the peak months for squids, whitin, snapper and yellow tail king fish run. Nevertheless, with Australia’s remarkable marine life one can expect to catch fish species which you may have just seen in books and television before.

Being well prepared on your trip will increase your chances of success and have an enjoyable experience. When packing make sure to secure these stuffs first, suitable fishing rods, appropriate tackles, bait board and knife, suitable clothing, food and drink, sunscreen, recreational fishing license and asking for local advice is also recommended.

Additionally, don’t forget to fish by the rules. Australia won’t have the best marine life if not for their strict regulations to protect it, fishing trips are no exemption. Orient yourself with some of the basic rules thus includes the bag limit as to how many fish a single person may keep and the minimal size of the fish so that you may keep it.

Port phillip bay fishing map is no doubt dangerously exciting. Make the most of what you can while on your trip and enjoy every minute of it.

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