Ways To Find The Right Saint Bernard Breeder

Posted on June 24, 2013 @ 2:13 pm

The Saint Bernard is considered a noble breed dating as far back as the 1700s where it was used to rescue men who would become lost or injured along the Alps. It possess a very strong stance, muscular body, large head, and thick coat including a sweet temperament. In the search for the right Saint Bernard breeder it is necessary to research purchasing a quality pup.

To prevent purchasing a pup that does not conform to the breed standard, it is necessary to determine the features that maintain the integrity of these dogs. The head is considerably large with a mask detail, short muzzle, and black detail of the nose and lips. The ears are set to the front often darker in color while the body is powerful and muscular throughout.

The coat is often described as dense or short and may be long or short haired without considerable patterns that are curly or wavy. The accepted coloring for the hair include brown and white, reds and white as well as yellowish tones with brindles patching. Only dogs with white chests, feet, and tail ends will be accepted with a dark mask over the eyes and the ears without possessing a rough strain of hair.

The males can reach a height of over 27 inches and weigh in at 140 to 180 pounds in comparison to the females of a minimum of 25 inches and 120 to 140 pounds. It is essential that owners begin the necessary training and boundaries from a young age to prevent the dog from becoming too boisterous as a result of its tremendous size. The breed is considered best with children when they are not teased and bullied.

It is imperative that one find the right breeders to ensure that you are receiving a canine that conforms to the designated standards and possesses its characteristic gentle temperament. You will need to start by researching different breeders and their kennels until you find one that you are satisfied with. It is necessary not to rush into a purchase, but to wait until you are sure about the particular canine.

Certified breeders should be registered with the national kennel association. The paperwork that is received with every pup should detail the parent lineage and exclude genetic diseases that the breed is prone to develop. Contacting the relevant canine authorities will ensure that breeders are in fact licensed.

A breeder that is respected will always ensure the well-being of pups and interview buyers before handing animals over. All reputable breeding kennels will make certain that a pup goes to a home where the future owners will take the utmost care of their animals. Some of the questions that will be asked include knowledge of the breed, space requirements, and whether you own other animals.

Always ask a saint Bernard breeder a number of questions to assess their knowledge of the canines. Only pick up puppies from the actual breeder and not at a different meeting place. Research and ensuring that the owners pride themselves in maintaining the heritage of this line will ensure healthy, pure bred pets.

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