Various Techniques In Fiber Art

Posted on June 11, 2013 @ 2:05 pm

Fiber art is a type of craft that uses various textiles in creating artistic pieces. Some of the most common textiles used in this craft include yarn, fabric, wool, silk, cotton, and synthetic fibers. This craft focuses on the materials used and manual labor involved in making a certain piece. Nowadays, these artistic pieces can be seen in a lot of places.

There are numerous sources of fiber today. Majority comes from certain animals and plants. Sheep hair is needed to produce wool. Silkworm cocoons are primary sources of silk. Cotton seed pods also produce cotton. Now that technology is more advanced, synthetic materials like plastic acrylic can be produced. These materials have their own purposes and applications.

These materials are processed in certain ways to make them into clothing or cloth. Aside from cloth, these are used to make a wide variety of objects and craft products. These can make numerous pieces that are creative and usable for certain purposes. A lot of them serve decorative purposes and displayed in art shows. There are different techniques to make these objects.

Quilting is one popular technique in this craft. This is basically the process of making a quilt which involves sewing several layers of material together to make a thicker material that looks padded. This technique can be done by hand or with the use of a sewing machine. This also includes designing to create certain patterns that make the material look more decorative.

Another technique popularly used is knitting. This is the method for making cloth using yarn or thread. Just like quilting, both machine and hand can do the technique. There are various styles of this method depending on what results must be produced. Different yarns and needles may be used to make final pieces that are of various patterns, colors, and textures.

Rug hooking is also a known technique that involves loops of yarn pulled to make rugs. This technique often uses wool strips to produce rugs and even wall hangings. Various designs can be made ranging from flowers to animals and simple geometric patterns. Designs are produced commercially these days to be used as decors in homes.

Braiding is another technique done by intertwining three strands of flexible material. The braided material is long and narrow. A simple braid can be flat while more complex types made from several strands can have different structures, patterns, and appearance. Braids are often used to produce ropes, hairstyles, decorative items, and various types of artwork.

Felting is a process done by matting, pressing, and condensing woolen materials to create felt. This is a non woven cloth that comes in different types. There are felts that are soft and there are also tough types that are considered construction materials. These come in different sizes and colors and can be shaped into different forms.

A lot of artists are famous for their fiber art today. Each of them has made masterpieces using different materials and certain techniques. They have produced many famous works for people to enjoy. Many people are also into this craft and avidly collect pieces. Some people use the items in their homes and some simply use the pieces as decors in their homes.

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