What To Know About The Sun Tan Lotion

Posted on March 25, 2013 @ 2:00 pm

Before all, it should be mentioned that a sun tan lotion is referred to any type of moisturizer or oil that is used for sun exposure. These products were created to reduce the risks of getting burned by sun, but leaving the possibility to bronze the skin. Before using a sun tan lotion from this category, it should be know that its utilization will not offer a maximum protection in front of sun rays.

The protection level that is coming with sun tan lotion products from this category is usually under SPF 15. This is because these have the goal to offer a minimum protection from sun rays, allowing a gradual tanning at the same time. Due to the low level of protection against the sun, the sun tan lotion should not be used on kids or those having a light color.

The highest protection in front if UVA and UVB rays can be obtained only from a sunscreen product. This will be able to offer a high protection level and even to act as sun block. These products will protect not only the surface, but the lower levels of the epidermis as well. But when a high protection product is used, the tanning will be almost absent.

A sun tan lotion can range the protection level from SPF 5 to 8. Sometimes these can contain no sunscreen ingredient, but only an active ingredient to tan the skin faster. In general the active ingredient used to accelerate the tanning process is the L-Tyrosine. This substance is known to promote the production of melanin and to increase the blood flow to the skin.

The explanation of the tanning accelerator is that a faster tanning can be obtained due to the stimulation of blood flow to the surface layers of the skin. This way, the production of melanin will be also stimulated. As products containing tan accelerator are not having a very high SPF, when exposing to sun for long periods, a proper sunscreen protection should be used.

There is a variety of ingredients that can be included in a sun tan lotion. Therefore we can read in the composition about tea oil, copper, green tea and not only. As these lotions are also having the role to hydrate the skin, many of them are containing hempseed oil, a rich moisturizing. A hydrated skin will remain smooth and healthy in front of sun rays.

When exposing the skin for long periods of time under the rays of the sun, this can become dehydrated. Therefore, a proper sun tan lotion can prevent situations of getting sun burn, maintaining the skin smooth and healthy. In general a sun tan lotion and a classic moisturizing will contain the same substances responsible for hydration, excepting the alcohol that can damage the skin exposed to sun.

Even if a sun tan lotion can help to obtain faster a smooth tanned skin, it is not recommended to be used in case of a longer sun exposure. This is because the low SPF protection level will not be able to protect from sun burn. Therefore the usage of a proper sun tan lotion will reduce the probability of skin damage.

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