Mobile Notary Services Meeting The Needs Of Your Client

Posted on March 24, 2013 @ 2:03 pm

Often lawyers must utilize mobile notary services when attempting to finalize a court case. While they often have a person hired for this task, that individual may not be available, and not every court house has one on hand. In order to avoid having cases postponed, they can order someone to come in and notarize documents while the court is in process.

Real estate professionals often require such a service, as many of these documents must be notarized. Even when it is not legally required, sometimes notarization is still a good idea to make certain the document cannot be challenged. Banks generally have a person on staff to provide this, but sometimes they are only allowed to notarize documents for the bank.

A person who is approaching death frequently need to make a will, or wishes to make changes to an existing one. This often happens when a young person is injured, or they simply did not know they were sick. A person coming in to provide notarization services can ease their mind as they approach end of life, knowing their final wishes will be taken seriously.

People in prisons and jails often require such a service, as they cannot leave to have documents notarized. This is very common when the individuals has fired their attorney, and they have to pursue the case themselves. In America, people have the right to represent themselves in a court of law.

People willing to travel and provide such a service can be located online, or a local bonds person can assist a prisoner with locating them. They will travel to their location to make certain all documentation is in order. This can prevent postponements which can result longer incarcerations.

They will visit a client, at the convenience of said client, to make sure documentation is all in order. This lessens the hassle, especially for private citizens who do not always know where to seek such a service. Banks are just not always available to provide this to the public, even if the person holds an account there.

Many states now require a notarized document be submitted even to get items such as birth, death, and marriage records. The burden of proving identity has been made more complex, and birth certificates will be required more often. Anyone who suddenly realizes that they have lost track of these records may need mobile notary services.

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