Interesting Information On The Types Of Rare Breed Chickens

Posted on March 24, 2013 @ 2:15 pm

Spanish, Andalusians, Rhode Island Reds, Sussex, Brahmas and Leghorns are all types of rare breed chickens. This is not a complete list but just a few of the rarer ones. These are used not just for egg production but for showing as well as hobby farming and even pets for the family.

A really good breed for exhibition purposes as well as hobby farming is the Faverolle. These five toed feathered friends have bearded appearances with fully feathered shank sections. Coloring of the males are usually red, brown and black combinations and the females of the group are more light toned in cream and rose hued browns. They are friendly in their nature and do well in small areas or larger ones.

Andalusian’s are very beautiful with their black blueish markings. Spain’s Andalusia Territory are were these majestic fowls hail from. They are graceful birds with plumage in different hues of blue and grey. Ideal for exhibiting them and also as laying hens. Their eggs have tint of light blue most of the time but some are actually white.

Yokohama chickens have very calm natures and this helps them fit into either free range or smaller environments easily. They have vibrant pea combs and tend to be more petite than other larger breeds. What really makes these birds impressive are their full, flowing, highly detailed plumage.

The Sussex chickens are great reliable egg layers and friendly which makes them wonderful pets for the family. They are active fowls and thrive more in free range areas instead of small confined areas. They carry vivid coloring which makes their plumage really stand out. Their eggs are usually brown in color and they make great fowl for eating due to their ease of fattening.

Leghorn chickens have an Italian heritage and are great egg layers. Their capacity to lay eggs which are white, large and in high volumes are what make them so sought after. These are the fowls which give us most of the large white eggs we see and buy in the markets today. Their color combinations are red, white, cuckoo, buff, mottled and brown.

For great egg production in the colder wintertime months the Orpington is the perfect breed. Their eggs are tinted with brown and fairly large. They do just as well in confined quarters as they do in open ones. They have full body appearance which also makes them great fowl for cooking. This breed also reaches full maturity quicker than some of the other ones.

The Brahma chickens are not great at egg production in the warmer months but do tend to produce more when the months get colder. The females are known to brood often but unfortunately they crack their eggs because of their large and heavy stature. They have calm natures and make good pets as well as show fowl.

The best advice when pondering what type of rare breed chickens to purchase would be to study each breed to determine their pros and cons. This will help you choose the best fowl for either laying eggs, chicken farming, hobby farming, exhibition or just as a pet in the country. Some fair better in free range areas and others can adapt to smaller areas just fine.

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