Effective Dog Training Tips You Can Use Today

Posted on March 24, 2013 @ 2:08 pm

Dog obedience training is often times an exercise of patient love and discipline-but be not mistaken, it is a worthwhile task for anyone up to the task. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of an exceptionally well-behaved canine; you’re dog will be so much better for it as well. He will be happy and well-adjusted-a better quality of life will await him.

Is it that hard to educate a dog? Well, since “dogginese” has not been invented yet, you will run into some challenges when training him. However, rest assured that once the foundation is laid-the progression will follow much easier. Here are a few dog training tips that will aid you in reaching your goals soon enough.

You can’t expect to be effective in your canine training methods when you have not firmly established your status as the “leader of the pack”. Remember, animals instinctively obey those he deems as his authority. Therefore, you must make it your first priority that he sees you as his master. Whenever you speak to him, use a strong and sure voice. Never go along with his whines except if he is in pain.

Be repetitive and consistent in how you deal with your pet. Dogs do not have the same sensible thinking that people have; they will get confused over little things that we take for granted. For example, “Sit!” is quite different from “Sit down!” and “Sit down boy!” for them, even if it is the same for us. When you give commands, use the same phrase every time.

It is vital that your pet is comfortable hanging out with humans and other animals growing up. It is always better to start socialization when they are young. You can do this by letting him meet all kinds of people, as well as letting him play with other healthy dogs. Pet him and hand feed him food. This will show the dog that physical contact is a good thing and this will prevent him from becoming domineering and difficult when he grows up.

Positive reinforcement is the recommended method of canine training. Give him a doggie treat whenever he successfully accomplishes a task you set for him. Rewards are not limited to food and treats; dogs also appreciate positive attention showered on them. Not a lot of things mean more to your dog than pleasing you.

Dog obedience training is most effective when they are kept short and sweet. Ten to fifteen minute sessions are enough training time before the canine starts losing focus on you and what you are saying. After each session, have a toy he can play with. Always conclude the training on a happy note so that he will have a good memory of “school”.

And finally, engage your dog in physical activity regularly. Physical stimulation goes with mental advancement for the dog-this will make your training better. Now there’s only one thing left to do-use the dog training tips you’ve just learned today. Your friends will envy you for your well-behaved and happy pet before long.

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