Setting dog walker rates

Posted on March 3, 2013 @ 2:08 pm

Everyone loves animals. If you have a similar liking, then you must have had a few. I owned a dog previously. They make such great companions. As the years go by, they grow in you.

For the love we have for our animals, we seek to take care of them. It means that we have to clean, feed and seek their medical attention. No matter what kind of animal you own, all this is part of loving it.

Many people own pets for the sake of their interaction. For some, being able to work with animals is a real treat and sometimes a lifelong dream.

One of the areas available to pet lovers is the dog walking business.

Dog walkers each day walk their client’s dogs. The dog can be exercised on either brisk or scenic walks. Animal lovers find this exciting.

Starting this business takes little but the outcome is great. Many People are willing to part with lots of money so that their dogs can be walked by other people. It is also possible to hire dog walkers and be their manager.

You can choose what type of walking service you want to engage in. You might prefer either walking dogs as a group or individually.

You can diversify to offer other services as massage, grooming or training on obedience.

Pricing is crucial in this business. How do you go about setting the fees?

Walking dogs in a city having 10 to 150 thousand people is standardized as follows.

The rate is 15 to 20 dollars for an hour. For one hour, the price is 20 to 30 dollars. The stated rate is for one dog, additional dogs pay half of one dog.

The rate is dictated on the walking distance, the kind of walk and if there are to be treats. The number of dogs walked also makes the rate vary.

Other services offered need a work out on an individual basis.

When you contract with someone to walk their dog or dogs, be sure you are upfront with all the costs, especially incidentals such as treats or grooming.

Walking dogs can be a great business to get into if you love pets and like working around them. Some people pay generously for you to walk their dogs as they do not have the time to do so. To them it is a valuable service. For you it can be a lucrative service as well as an enjoyable one.

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