Tip To Help You Get Rid Of Moles On The Face

Posted on March 1, 2013 @ 2:31 pm

Some people regard moles on the face as a sign of beauty, and they believe that a mole can make a person more glamorous and original. Anyway, most people with moles on the face are not that lucky, as these generally have a disagreeable aspect, and they change the way a person looks. The good thing is that you can easily remove a mole without having to struggle too much.

Likewise, surgery is not always the answer, and there are numerous natural treatments that can make you mole go away fast, and without pain. A very good way to get rid of your mole naturally is by applying on it flax seed oil and raw honey. All you need to do is mix these two ingredients, and apply them daily on the skin. After a few days, the mole will begin to shrink, and you will start to notice the difference. Staying in the sun while you follow a mole treatment is not recommended, and the violet rays make it become inefficient.

Likewise, if you expose yourself to the sun in the noon, you can even aggravate your mole’s situation. Furthermore, other very efficient solution is to smear on your mole a coriander paste. This is a fabulous mole treatment, and it works even better if you add a little onion juice. Similarly, you can blend baking soda and castor oil to obtain an extraordinary mole-removal substance. If you cover your mole with it, and leave it this way during the night, after just a couple of weeks it will be dried. Similarly, a highly efficient substance is tea oil, which can do wonders with your face.

You just have to massage the oil on the mole on a daily basis, and in a short time you will notice the difference. Tea oil is available in stores as soap, or as regular oil. For better results you should apply it as often as you can. And what is more important is that all these ingredients are completely natural, and they can be found in your own kitchen. Natural products are highly efficient, only they are not as harmful as the chemical ones. However, before starting anything you should know a few things about moles. For instance, you ought to know that they are lesions that consist from nevus cells, and they can even be a sign of cancer. For this reason they need to be treated early, and only with natural products.

Chemical substances can be very dangerous, and in time they can serious harm the skin. Thus, natural products have to be your first choice. And this is important especially now, when we are speaking about the face, an extremely sensitive area, which can quickly present side effects. With the wrong product you could make things much worse, and you can experience irritations, burns, and many other unpleasant effects. And, this cannot happen in the case of a natural product, especially one that you have made on your own, from organic substances.

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