The Under Promise and Over Deliver by James Malinchak

Posted on February 24, 2013 @ 2:14 pm

In relation to speakers and entrepreneurs prospecting, there are lots of factors that affect the success rates. So that you can determine how effective prospecting is, think about the 3 ‘James Malinchak Prospecting Questions: Do you tell the prospect that you can do everything that he requires? Do you perhaps agree to an unrealistic delivery date for your product, knowing that once the order is placed, the delivery time will have to be extended? Do you make promises on behalf of your company that you are not in a position to fulfil?

Regardless of how these questions have been answered, the following details are what has been proven to be helpful to making sensible decisions in prospecting. Likewise, if you have not cleared what your employees and partners can do for this prospect, avoid future problems by checking with your staff first. Only after assessing what the prospect wants, needs, and requires for the job can you fulfill his goals and desires for his business. Moreover if you cannot end the job by a certain date, then don’t guarantee it.

This next scenario outlines a perfect illustration about unrealistic assurances and broken promises: Having had another client grievance about delayed courier delivery arrival times than normally scheduled. George made the decision now was time to look around for a new firm in which to place his business. His company had a feature of getting items to the clientele fast – and every time the courier failed to deliver promptly, the company lost more believability on their guarantees and lost more income as the client was refunded the expense of the item as a gesture of goodwill.

In response to a number of phone calls, he received a lot of pamphlets from various couriers in the area, and he received even more phone calls. He selected a few couriers who operated system his company required. Furthermore, he invited the company’s sales representatives to a private meeting to discuss the needs of his company.

After several days of speaking with the sales representatives, he made the opinion that most of these sales people appeared to have a different script with one exception. Almost all the companies ensured that his company would be given superior service priority if he chose to give them his business. In addition, almost all the companies guaranteed to have customers merchandise delivered within a set time frame. If he decided to go with any one of them, these firms would deliver – no trouble! The problem with that promise was when these businesses were asked about actual shipping statistics; none of them had a perfect record of shipping on time. Some of their figures were as low as 90%.

George decided to give the trial to the only firm that had not guaranteed a hundred percent delivery on time. The sales representative said they did everything within their ability to deliver on time, but there were times when this was not possible for reasons outside of the control of their company. Yet, when George looked at the figures, this firm stood out with 99% on-time delivery rates.

Within the 3-month tryout period, this group never failed in making a delivery on time. Even during a medical emergency for one of their drivers, these folks were able to contact yet another courier firm with whom they’d an agreement and even that the item was sent by the due date. The cost of the extra courier service was picked up by the main courier company, not passed on to George’s company. At the end of the trial period, he signed the agreement with the courier company who did not guarantee delivery because they had lived up to their honest promise of being able to deliver on time almost every time. Additionally, this company was hired for exemplary problem solving which ensured that the customer received her order on the agreed date.

The main point from this case in point makes lead generation even easier. Prospective clients know what they want before they meet you! They know exactly what they need from in order to place an order with you. Unfortunately, many of these prospective customers have already been burned by business ventures in the past. These clients don’t want claims and assurances that possibly cannot be achieved. As Denis Waitley said, “Losers make promises they frequently break. Winners make commitments they constantly keep.”

For that reason, to become successful, assess the answers to the three ‘James Malinchak Lead Generation Questions.’ In addition, remember that what you guarantee the prospect at that first meeting sets his or her anticipation level for your organization when he becomes a customer. Avoiding over inflating your product or services means there is not an unrealistic expectation from the client. By knowing what your business can offer and by keeping within those expectations secures that the client receives more than expected. These sensible expectations result in you most likely being able to find another sale.

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