Five Ways To Naturally Alleviate Pain During Menstruation

Posted on February 24, 2013 @ 2:47 pm

According to gynecologists between the ages of 8 to 14 years old girls will experience their first menstrual cycle but may eventually experience menstrual cramps that are intolerable as they get older. The natural cycle that happens every month causes specific physiological changes that may bring about uneasiness. Thus, most women try to look for ways to ease the pain. Analgesics may help decrease and eliminate the pain, but for those who want to try other natural ways to relieve the pain, this is not an option. Hormone therapy is sometimes used to maintain the normal cycle and prevent cramps, but there were several risks involved when using it.


For three to five days, bloody red discharges come out because the uterus sheds the tissues that piled up during ovulation. The experience of each women varies and it may be painful for some while for others it is just an ordinary day. The cycle normally lasts for 28 days but some may have longer or shorter cycles. Any time before, during or after menstruation, women may experience mild to severe pain. Some women have even lost consciousness when they are at the peak of the pain. If this happens, then the woman’s life may be in danger.


This problem is mainly caused by poor nutrition, according to several gynecologists. These following tips may aid in minimizing the incidences of cramps during menses, as advised by health care providers:

– Sugary food and caffeine may be avoided. Even though some women may feel better when they eat sweets, doctors believe that it has an opposite effect. Fatty food together with red meat may also be avoided.

– Eat foods rich in fiber and vitamins such as E and B1. The levels of prostaglandin is lowered by the help of vitamin E. Prostaglandin is associated with menstrual pains.

– Apply a warm pack on the affected area. The tensed muscles may be relaxed and may decrease the discomfort on the back and lower abdomen.

– Take time to rest when needed but always keep moving. It may help prevent cramps from occurring, according to several gynecology experts.

– Keep the mind distracted or relaxed. Thinking of the pain may make it worse than it is. Aromatherapy may be used to relax the mind.


Hormonal therapy may also be used to remove the pain. However, with the NuvaRing contraceptive legal cases, women are not too sure with using vaginal rings. Being informed of the possible risks may aid the person in making a sound decision. There are several cases found at the NuvaRing Lawsuit Information Center at for those who are interested to know more.


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