Sage One Spey Rod: For Avid And Beginning Fishermen Alike

Posted on January 30, 2013 @ 2:06 pm

Only the Sage One Spey rod can be described as both rock-solid and lightweight, as this brand provides fishermen around the globe with exact casting and smooth reeling in style. Formulated with Konnetic technologies, fishermen are empowered with a slender yet unyielding backbone to allow fast and repetitive castings perfect for the rough areas where many fish retreat and countless rods are ineffective. Fishermen everywhere will discover an unsurpassed combination with the perfect lure and line on any model of Sage One Spey rod, as fish everywhere are swimming for their lives.

Even though the Sage One Spey rod models are heavily utilized in the Pacific Northwest, these poles are perfect for rocky riverbanks, ponds, and other majestic waters in any location. Springs, valley rivers, and large fish are no match for the strong current of confidence and durability provided by the Sage One 5126-4 and 6126-4 models, for light castings and delicious salmon dinners; the 7126-4 and 7136-4 are any Spey anglers best friends designed with twelve and thirteen foot rods to get dry and wet flies out of the tall grass and trees and into large rivers for Steel heads, Alaskan varieties, and even South American browns. Other Sage One rods are perfect for day or night amusement, in addition to effortless casting like with the 8136-4 fish-catching machine.

Fish are muscled into submission with the 9140-4 and 10130-4 models, as these styles deliver the utmost best balance between superior casting capabilities and a light weight rod. The Sage One 10150-4 is the ultimate rod, fashioned to grant the smoothest casting, gliding, and reeling of the heaviest lures for the largest game. Before anyone can mumble ‘hook, like, and sinker,’ a fifty pound Atlantic salmon can be cleaned, fried, and waiting on the dinner table.

Any angler can acquire the most accurate line and lure for any Sage One Spey rod to hook the fish of a lifetime in any location. Fishermen of any level will love the fast casting capabilities of this brand to enhance any set of skills. Death grips made during a heat of the moment hook are supported by custom shaped handles crafted from top-quality corking; Sage One rods are also equipped with tougher ferrules, a sleeker rod, and other incredible innovations thanks to Konnetic technology.

Sage Spey fishing rods are industry leaders for top qualities, irresistible features, and astonishing technologies. Male and female fishermen throughout the nations can utilize these noteworthy poles to hook everything from trout and panfish to salmons and sharks. Any angler can graduateto a reel expert with a Sage One Spey rod to tackle any encounter- find your perfect model today.

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