How To Manage A Small Palm Oil Plantation

Posted on January 29, 2013 @ 10:18 am

First grown in West Africa, palm trees have proved to be a very useful raw material and food for many years. The fact that it is cholesterol-free makes it very ideal for people with weight problem. With all these advantages, you can start a small palm tree plantation of your own; this can even be used to supplement your income. Here are some helpful tips you could make use of as you plant this crop.

If you are planning to start a big plantation, it is best if you employ the services of a farm manager. An experience farm manager will advice you on oil palm deforestation, best practice and generally is a good investment. If your farm will be a small parcel of land, a little knowledge about the basics should help you run it in a fairly effective fashion.

Planning everything is very important as you aspire to make it is this industry. On the whole the palm tree takes 3 to 4 years to produce a harvest from first planting. Aspects which will require planning include, spacing of plants, when to fertilize, finances etc.

Pest and weed control is another measure you need to factor in. Weeds deprive crops basic nutrients and are a major disease vector. The best remedy against this problem is either using vinegar or uprooting the weeds or a regular basis. Pests such as rats are also a major nuisance and can affect your harvest if not controlled.

Leguminous tree and plants should be planted along side your palm trees. Such plants not only help fight soil erosion, they provide a lot of nitrogen to the soil and can be used to counter palm oil deforestation. Overall, planting up to five such trees along side the palm trees should be sufficient.

Using cattle manure as fertilizer is also another factor you need to consider. Cattle manure is recommended due to the fact that it has very little or no negative effect to the environment. Apart from this cattle manure can be cheaply or freely acquired.

After about four years, you should have your first harvest. The rule of thumb is to harvest the crop while it is still on the tree. Leaving the fruits to fall down on their own can easily lead to harvesting damaged or rotten fruit.

Generally, planting palm trees can be a very profitable business if good organization and planning is adhered to. Handling pests and weeds; knowing a few deforestation facts; using the right type of fertilizer, employing good harvesting techniques etc are some of the aspects that will ensure that you are successful in this venture. All in all equipping yourself with a lot of information is a necessity before you dive into this venture.

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