The Best Games To Play with Your Dumbo Rat

Posted on January 21, 2013 @ 2:46 pm

Because dumbo rats usually are enthusiastic, communal creatures, playing pet rat games with them is a fantastic way of spending your time together. Your pet rats will love to learn and interact with you. Bear in mind that when having fun with your rats, you may or may not involve toys in your games.

The following are examples of pet rat games you can have fun playing:

Tickle game – This can be accomplished by mildly tickling your dumbo rat in a variety of sections of his body, like his rump, and afterwards go on to other sections when he turns to you and tries to chase your hand. Make sure to do this gently so as not to hurt your pet rat.

Laundry toss – Make him forage through a pile of your dirty clothes and attempt to excite him by softly tossing the different parts of the pile every now and then to make him scurry over to the far side.

Tug of War – You can play a little game of tug of war together with pet dumbo rat using a ribbon or section of string that can catch his attention. Once he’s showing an interest, he will be on to you chasing that part of string or ribbon. Once he does, have a nice little tug of war with him. Always remember to never tug very hard.

Catch a treat – You’re able to play a little game when giving him treats by tying a string onto your treat. Try to make it suspend above your pet rat. This could urge him to leap to acquire it. Change the heights of every hanging treat, making it go higher to urge your pet rat to leap higher.

Fishing for peas – This one is probably a bit more tricky than other tricks and games and may spur additional creativity and physical exercise in your dumbo rats. Get out a bag of iced peas and put several in a plastic container filled with shallow water (about half an inch). Help make your rat discover the peas and observe as he invents diverse imaginative techniques for getting to those peas.

These are just some of the pet rat games you could play. I have listed a handful of ideas, but there are many other dumbo rat games that anyone can formulate. The secret is being resourceful and coming up with games that suit your pet rat’s attitude and needs. Pet rat games absolutely are a healthy, fun way of getting rat exercise so not only will you both be having a good time, but you’ll be boosting the well-being and life expectancy of your rat at the same time.

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