Holiday Security Help for the Business Owner

Posted on January 20, 2013 @ 2:32 pm

It is holiday time again. Many business owners love this time of year because it is the time of year that they see their greatest sales. While this is a good thing, it also means that you will see more customers in your store. And anytime you have more people in your business, the risk of theft also goes up. Increased security attention is important during this time of year, even down to the smallest details such as your Christmas decorations.

Follow these security tips to have a safe and productive holiday season. First, it is important to pay attention to your holiday lights and decor. Holiday decorations can go far in promoting the Christmas spirit in your customers, but they can also present a fire hazard because of all the wires. Perform daily maintenance checks on all your decorations to prevent fire.

The increased number of people in your store will be hard for you to keep up with, especially if you are seeing to other duties as well, such as stocking shelves and watching over your employees. The solution is to hire a security guard. He can help you keep an eye on your customers during the day, and he can even patrol your store after hours.

If you do not already have a security system installed, this is the time to install one. By placing window and door alarms on all exits, you will be able to monitor who is coming in and out of your business. The security system can be set to alert you each time a window or door is opened.

Do you have areas in your store that are sensitive? Perhaps you have a safe in your back room. If so, you can put pressure mats in these areas. When anyone steps on the mat, it will trigger an alarm so that you will know about it immediately.

And do not forget the usefulness of video cameras! With carefully placed video cameras, you will have a good view and recording of any suspicious behavior on the part of customers. You can even get cameras with night vision for use over night when your store is closed.

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