Encountering An Attractive You Following a Facelift

Posted on January 12, 2013 @ 2:17 pm

A facelift surgery is a painstaking process that doesn’t end when the patient steps from the plastic surgeon’s clinic. Actually, it’s the start of a long wait. It can last from eight to ten weeks before completely seeing the final results of such nerve-racking waiting. This is known as the face rejuvenation healing period.

Precisely what to expect throughout the face lift healing period?

The patient must not end up being shocked to discover that the face appears to be worse than the way it looked before the cosmetic surgery. The face is swollen in addition to bruised because of the trauma it experienced. It seems totally drained of blood and it can feel numb. These are generally all normal post-surgery indicators therefore there is simply no need to stress. There may be some pain inside the affected region however the surgeon is actually ready to prescribe pain relievers. Nevertheless, the individual is actually suggested to inform the doctor immediately in the event that severe pain continues as well as unusual swelling occurs. It is important to carry out self-diagnosis especially when pus appears as well as fever begins to set in. The individual should immediately inform the surgeon when these kinds of complications usually are experienced. Overall, patience and also tolerance tend to be needed and earlier than expected, the pain and swelling go away in no time whatsoever.

The bandages are taken off after 24 or 48 hours after the surgery. Dressings need much longer waiting period just before they may be removed together with the drain tubes, which were used for draining out excess fluid and blood. When dressings are taken off, the patient may shampoo the hair as well as take a shower. Within 5 days, stitches in the face area are removed however metal clips at the head need to have a number of days before they may be taken out. The scalp needs more time to heal compared to face.

The Recovery Process

During this period, one might suffer from feeling of tightness on face and neck. The swelling of the skin brings about the tightness. Some quantity of comfort and ease can end up being felt whenever the swelling starts to go down and also the skin actually starts to loosen up. As time passes, the numbness begins to improve gradually until it entirely fades away. It is important to keep the head always in upright position for faster swelling down of the skin. It is also advised to avoid performing strenuous activities or doing numerous movements during the first couple of days after the surgery. This means that adult patients should refrain from sexual activity and steer clear of engaging themselves in challenging household chores

The individual might start to see signs of recovery after the third full week. By this time period, just about all the discomforts and also pain are almost entirely gone and the patient feels significantly better as indicated by noticeable improvements in appearance and temperaments. The individual is allowed to resume the typical work pattern but must nonetheless practice extra caution. Bruises are generally significantly less visible that can end up being disguised by facial cosmetics. The doctor might require the individual to report back frequently right after the surgical treatment. During these kinds of visits, the surgeon may need to remove a few stitches along with clips or might replace the dressings as necessary. Nevertheless, generally, the objective of such follow-up visits is actually for the surgeon to evaluate the recovery process and assess its improvement.

An effective face lift surgery depends upon a number of factors. Aside from having the very best cosmetic surgeon to carry out the facelift procedure, patients must strictly adhere to the limitations imposed during the face lift recovery period. It may be a lengthy wait. Nevertheless, right after the waiting is actually over, a brand new face without any single trace of discomfort, bruises, numbness as well as swelling, emerges to face the world once again.

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