How A Real Estate Agent Can Help You

Posted on December 29, 2012 @ 2:22 pm

Many new sellers are surprised to find how many real estate agents want their business. As soon as a homeowner decides to put their house on the market, Realtors come out of the woodwork and basically offer his or her services on a silver platter.

I know a lot of you might decide to go with the first agent that contacts you, but this might be a large mistake. You should choose an agent who you can trust and who truly has your best interest in mind. Home sellers can choose the ideal agent to meet their needs by keeping the following guidelines in mind:

Start with a referral. The way most real estate agents get his or her business is through word of mouth. The most essential thing when it comes to choosing a real estate agent is to be sure to can trust them. If you can not trust them then you will just be worried the whole time. You ought to ask people you know who they use and if they were happy with the results. If you don’t know of anybody who has recently bought or sold a house you can always look up reviews of that agent on the internet.

Ask tricky questions. Instead of believing in all the promises that a real estate agent makes, engage in a short interview procedure to ask questions about how long an agent has been in the business, his or her average list price to sales price ratio, and an example of her or his best marketing strategy to sell your home. A competent real estate agent should be quick on her or his toes to provide you with the answers that you are searching for; if If you can tell they may not be telling the truth, there is nothing wrong with discovering a new agent.

Talk about other properties. A lot of Realtors only work with houses that are in a certain price range, you need to make sure the realtor that you choose will work in the cost range of houses that you are looking for. To give you an example, there are agents out there who will only work with more expensive homes, so they might not do business with you if the home is not at least $500,000. There are also some out there who refuse to work with the more expensive homes and will only work with homes under $200,000.

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