Feeling Younger With Mesotherapy Products

Posted on December 27, 2012 @ 2:26 pm

It seems like people are always searching for the newest way to combat various cosmetic issues. There is definitely no shortage of would be miracle cures that more often than not, turn out to be severe disappointments. The solution to constant let downs is a method by which mesotherapy products are introduced to the body and allowed to work their magic.

In the beginning, mesotherapy was just a way that doctors treated patients who suffered the pain of rheumatism or had to deal with extended recoveries from sports issues. Eventually they began to notice that these products had many other curative properties. Now they are used as very effective ways to restart hair growth, tighten skin and give it a rejuvenated appearance, help get rid of fat in the tough areas and even make cellulite seemingly disappear.

The process involves serving up a specifically formulated mixture of various herbs, vitamins and medications for the target issue, through a series of multiple micro injections. The needles are very thin and are used to deliver the treatments through the skin, down to the mesodermal layer of tissue which lies just beneath it. Though it sounds daunting, the procedure is quite painless.

A very effective topical anesthetic is amply applied to the site before any injections are begun so that the area will be sterilized and numbed for maximum comfort. Exactly how the products will be inserted is based largely on where the procedure is being performed and for what purpose. Sensitive areas of the face may require each syringe to be used individually, while larger areas like thighs and stomachs may be done with special tools that will deliver several doses simultaneously.

There is a needle free option that may be available for those who are interested yet have negative feelings associated with receiving multiple injections. Though not yet available in all areas, many doctors have begun providing ultrasonic delivery as an alternative. This method uses sound to literally force the nutrients through the skin and into the mesodermal tissue.

In the regular procedure, ultra thin needles are used to carry the medicines to their targeted area. With the ultrasonic method, the same treatments are used but are delivered through the use of Liposomes. These are tiny little bubbles that are considerably smaller than most molecules.

There are many unique and useful characteristics to Liposomes that make them an excellent method for delivery. The first thing is that they are basically empty bubbles that man be filled with virtually anything. The fact that they are made of the same material as other cell membranes means that they are able to fuse with them without fear of rejection.

Their delivery method is an excellent choice for application of mesotherapy products. The whole process is non-invasive, relatively quick, requires no bandages and only a short recovery time. It is very common for patients to be back to their normal activities with a few hours and most say they felt no pain with only a small percentage reporting so much as a mild level of discomfort or soreness afterwards.

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