Living in a Van: The Freedom of the Road

Posted on December 8, 2012 @ 2:31 pm

Have you ever fantasized about travelling for extended time periods and visiting amazing new places? Have you contemplated leaving the stresses of your job and day to day life? Has the prospect of moving into a van and spending weeks, months or maybe years on the road doing things that you care about ever crossed your mind?

Many people make the move to living in a van each and every year. Though it may seem like living in a van is something that just people who are down on their luck would do, it’s very contrary. A great number of have discovered the freedom of the road and realizing that it can offer a simple and satisfying lifestyle. Van living can make it possible for people to concentrate on things they’re passionate about rather than being entirely consumed by the rat race.

When living in a van it’s easy to be closer to nature, take pleasure in the little things about life and concentrate on personal development. Be it writing, hiking, painting, biking or climbing, van living can provide the time and inspiration to follow your desires.Those who opt for a life traveling only have to be concerned about spending money on gas, food and car insurance. The significant reduction in bills makes it possible to live quite comfortably on a small fraction of what a person would survive on traditionally.

A lot of people make the choice every year to pack up there things and head out on the road. They find adventure, money savings, the chancefor self reflection as well as an appreciation for the simple matters in life. Living in a van can provide you with time to do the stuff that you’ve always pushed aside due to work and other life obligations.

Maybe you’ve decided that you want to try out living in a van as a short-term or long term lifestyle. There’s a great deal to learn about van living and it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the many aspects related to full or part-time van life.

Van living can be a great deal of enjoyment however it may also have it’s challenges. If you set your van up properly to start you’ll find life on the road to be more satisfying and care free.

As with every major lifestyle change there are a lot of things to take into consideration and a lot to learn before getting started. Without correct planning you will find a lot of the easy day-to-day tasks that you may take for granted currently might be a significant challenge later. From cooking and cleaning to showering and food storage there are a number of factors that if done correctly can make living in a van a far more comfortable existence.

Living in a van may not be for everyone but it’s definitely a great way to find adventure, excitement and maybe even your true life passion.

A lot of people decide to make a life on the road each year. Van living can be fun and rewarding. To find out more info about living in a van or for useful tips CHECK THIS OUT.

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