It Is Not Easy to Choose the Top Free Android Applications

Posted on December 2, 2012 @ 2:12 pm

One of the best things about owning a smart phone is being able to fill up that phone with apps. Downloading too many apps is something that every new smart phone buyers goes through: there is something exciting about downloading something just because you can! The easy availability of Android apps makes it easy to fill up your phone’s hard disk with applications before you ever find those certain apps that suit you perfectly. We wanted to save you some time and effort so we scoured the market to find the top free Android applications.

Everyday living is improved by the features offered on Android phones. The good news is that you can get your Android phone to do pretty much anything you want. With all the free applications available, it can take hours to find the right application for your phone. To help you save time we have listed a few of the best free Android applications available.

The Smart Tic Tac Toe app is the most downloaded of the top free Android applications in the Android market (as of this writing). This tic tac toe game is a world different from the games you played as a kid or that you play when you are bored. This game gives you more squares to play in which gives you more ways to win the game (and to lose the game if you want to be negative). Winning in this game means having five characters in a line instead of three! This extends the game’s playing time (and fun)! The AK Notepad is a fantastic and useful free Android application. In the Android Market this is one of the top free Android applications. Why is this application so much better than its competition? This app does more than let you take notes; it lets you set up reminders as well. This app can also be used for alert scheduling. Your notes can also be sent to other people through e-mails and text messages. You are even able to save your notes on the home screen of your cell phone. This app makes it easy to keep track of everything that you want to remember.

The US Traffic App is perhaps the most useful of all of the free Android applications. This app helps you keep track of the traffic situation in your area. This application only works with the United States which is makes it limiting for those who do not live within the country’s borders. If you live in the United States, however, this single app can be incredibly useful in helping you avoid delays and long trips home. Simply take a look at the traffic conditions in your neighborhood and city and plan your route accordingly!

The US Traffic App is quite possibly one of the most useful of the free Android apps. This free app can help keep you updated about the traffic situation in your neighborhood. If you live outside of the US, this app won’t be useful because it is only set up to work on US cities and roads. For those in the US, however, this little app will be great for helping you avoid delayed traffic conditions and speed up your conditions. Just look at the current traffic conditions displayed for your area and then plan your route!

So why not save yourself some time and try out our top picks. In our opinion, these are a few of the top free Android applications available.

Heard of the galaxy note by Samsung? This phone is probably the best android phone available in the market with the most number of free apps that you can use for your entertainment pleasures.

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