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Posted on November 29, 2012 @ 2:02 pm

While speaking at a recent company meeting, a colleague of mine injected this thought into our post-meeting Q&A session: “A rising tide lifts all ships.” Effective! Let’s think about it … As an entrepreneur we are usually leading a team or a minimum of having direct impact on a bigger audience. In network marketing especially, I have seen lots of instances where a single Associate or a group of Associates are extremely working their business and this soon becomes infectious! Before long, the whole organization has come to be infused with brand-new energy and routine; the rising tide of one is now raising lots of.

It comes as no surprise that companies and groups with excellent energy produce great results. I would challenge you, whether you are leading a team of 1 or 100, your group will mirror what YOU are doing. If you want to have success you have to become the success that you want.

Exactly what You Can Do Now To Produce Energy!

“You could have every thing in life you desire, if you will certainly simply assist enough other people get exactly what they wish”– Zig Ziglar.

To move your team or organization to heightened activity and success, there are a couple of things that we can carry out now to place us on the path to accomplish our wanted result.

1. Establish A Group Name and Vision Declaration

Just what is the identity of your organization and where are you going. Make sure both your name and vision statement are upbeat and energizing, while also mirroring your core worths. The vision declaration plainly articulates the ultimate destination at which your group seeks to show up.

2. Access Both Individual and Team Strengths

Where do you or the group presently shine? Just what are your strengths? What are your opportunities? Take a fast inventory of the vital skills required for success in your field or market. Pick just a couple of locations of development that would have the most immediate influence and concentrate your efforts right here. Read publications, hear audio CDs, go to seminars, look for leaders who already possess the abilities you desire to acquire.

3. Set Goals

If you actually want to stimulate a group, set some objectives. Objectives motivate individuals to take ACTION. Keep your objectives realistic and obtainable, however also set them high sufficient to stretch yourself and that of your team. Also set a timeline to acquire your objectives; consist of check-in metrics to examine your development as well as an end-point. When set suitably, goals produce a sense of energy that will draw team members towards a wanted destination.

4. Take a Team Image

Let’s be real, individuals adore seeing pictures of themselves! Team pictures are essential in assisting to promote a companies identification and cohesion. A lot of times individuals undervalue the power of pictures. If your group is “small,” a picture will certainly remind you to enhance the numbers!; -)

5. Recruit New Team Members

There’s no question that recruiting new team members can easily instill brand-new energy into a stagnant company. Keep in mind; you want to bring in business builders, people who are self-starters, self-motivated and huge thinkers! Sound evident? It is, however think about when you sponsor the “right” individual, a group can take a massive step forward; sponsor the “wrong” person and you will certainly pound yet another nail in the coffin. You want to sponsor skill and the best way is to recruit UP! You wish to recognize and reach out to the most effective, prominent and networked people you know. If you are in mlm or direct sales, I extremely suggest Todd Falcone’s method of recruiting specialists; you could check out his free of cost exercise HERE. I use his method to locate talent on a daily basis and you can too!

React Now To Make It Take place Today

The activity of instilling brand-new energy and life into your group or company starts with the initial step; take it today. A rising tide does raise all ships. Chart your course, set your goals, react and you will come to be– and bring in– the leader others are seeking.

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