Condo Interior Design-Ways To Achieve A Truly Livable Space

Posted on November 28, 2012 @ 2:37 pm

Condominiums have been a favorite type of abode of many people in Asia nowadays due to the different benefits they provide. Unlike average homes, condo units can give more security and convenience to any city dweller. This explains the large increase in the number of condo buildings which have been established strategically in different business districts in Asian countries today.

It’s not uncommon to buy a condo unit that is already well furnished. Nonetheless, designing your own space is a great and exciting activity you can do after purchasing your unit. With a good interior design plan you can properly pick additional furnishings and appliances to get for your new condo unit.

Achieving A Functional And Stylish Condo Interior Design

In countries like Malaysia and Singapore, a regular condo unit commonly has a limited floor area. Many condominium units include only essential rooms such as the bedroom, living area, toilet and bath, kitchen and dining area. To make your space stylish and functional, it is ideal to buy multi-purpose furniture. For instance, you can go for a stylish sofa bed which you can use in the day and at night. Foldable beds are space savers because you can just fold them to the wall or hide them elsewhere when not in use.

Storage is also an essential consideration for your condo interior design, especially for small spaces. You can save more space by knowing how to store your things wisely and intelligently. You can use the bottom of your bed as a shoe compartment and use floor-to-ceiling shelving. Remember that buying modular furniture does not just allow you to exhibit a modern look in your condo unit, but helps you save space too.

When it comes to interior design Malaysia homeowners prioritize functionality. The normal condo interior design in the country is modern and urbanized. This means using vintage and bulky furniture in your condo unit may not be a good thing to do. Rather, you should invest in furnishings that are functional or minimalist in style so you can save that much needed space. Of course it’s important to buy furnishings that complement the color of your paint or wallpaper to create harmony inside your condo unit.

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