Portable Solar Powered Generator

Posted on April 17, 2012 @ 7:58 am

Power is one important aspect in our day to day lives. This is mainly because most of the appliances we use at home, work and schools need power for them to function. Therefore, when unfortunate situations like power shortages or blackouts are experienced, this inconveniences many of us.

Portable generators are important mainly because when you purchase one, you never have to worry about blackouts no more. However their importance depends on the condition of the place you reside in. Those who know the importance of portable generators would be those who live in places where there are powerful winds, and they experience cyclones such that they could go for long periods of time without electricity. Places prone to long persistent rains also have constant power problems. In such places, one cannot survive without an alternative source of power. That is when a portable generator becomes very important.

Another situation where one notices the importance of portable generators is when there is an urgent situation that needs power but there is a blackout. This could be if a close relative is in a critical condition and is relying on the power for their survival and then suddenly, there is a blackout. This is where a portable generator could save the day, as all you have to do is to fuel a portable diesel generator and get it working. However one must be careful while handling diesel to prevent accidents.

Portable generators are important because if maintained well; they can serve for a very long time. Like other machines, all that one needs to do is to ensure that they are taken care of. It is important to note that portable generators are not to be kept in a damp area as this may reduce its efficiency. One must also be very careful and check on it every now and then to ensure that it is running well.

However, one has to ensure that the portable generator is placed in an area with enough air. This would be an area that has enough space, preferably a place that is not confined. This is because while operating the portable generator, there is need for enough fresh air so that it can function properly. This is one safety measure that is to be applied when dealing with a portable generator.

Portable generators are known to produce unhealthy fumes while on operation. These gases could cause harm to the human and his surroundings. Therefore it is important to ensure that such gases do not get into ones home, as this may result to complications such as respiratory problems and acquisition of diseases like asthma. The generator should also not be plugged directly to the electric devices in the home as this may lead to destruction of the appliances in the home.

The generator should also be insulated from any liquids. Being an electrical appliance, if it gets into contact with any liquid, it could blow up, destroying the portable generator for good. This may also lead to shock, in case a person handles it with wet hands. Therefore, one should be very careful when handling a portable generator.

The portable generator is therefore essential, especially for companies that depend on power for their day to day functions. One cannot be sure when electricity will be there or not, it is therefore safe to have a portable generator in case of an emergency.

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