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S1 Filing – How To Spot The Attorney That Will Make Your Nightmares Come True

Posted By James Scott on July 31, 2010 @ 2:18 am

I deal with S1 attorneys all day every day and most of them are entrepreneurial, hard working and interested in helping you in any way they can but there are also a lot of bad ones out there. If you are taking your company public the last thing you want is a broke as a joke s1 filing agent.

I recently had the misfortune of working with (for a very short time I might add) a New Jersey lawyer who had us all convinced by her pepper gray hair and fluency of legal jargon as a second language and quick calls to what she had us convinced where big shot investors who had millions to put into this and other transactions we brought her way.

During initial negotiations she and I sat down in a coffee shop and went over her equity position and fees in the transactions that she’d be working on for us and it was pretty simple and straight forward. I would have my team organize and structure the company and transaction and she would simply file the s1 in exchange for 2% to 3% equity. Pretty nice payday for minimal work and gaining equity in an average company producing $5m+ per year.

Ah yes, but when it sounds too good to be true it is and when it seems too easy of a negotiation…it is! When she sent us the contract she felt the need to add a few percentage points to the tune of 7%, making a total of 10% equity and she also was charging an extra $10k to fill in the blanks on your prototypical PPM doc. Why did she jack up the price? Her response was, “This S1 will have comments”. I almost died laughing. Of course it’s going to have comments with the SEC, that’s why it’s called the ‘comments’ stage.

We talked her into taking 2 payments for the $10k, half upfront and half on completion but we really should have dumped her right there. She didn’t want to keep her word on that either so I paid her the last payment before the fee was due and just got rid of her.

Turns out she never filed an s1 before and her whole act was a sham. She was desperate for cash and nickled and dimed us the whole time. I laugh about it now but it wasn’t funny when it happened. We lost over a month of transaction time because she couldn’t tell the truth.

The client was going public on the OTCBB with a valuation of around $5m, her suggestion was to raise capital pre public for $1 per share because the company would have a hard time qualifying for the NASDAQ if it started at anything less than $1. This company was years away from even considering the NASDAQ as an option but her in experience and need to prolong the deal to rape us for fees was so blatant and careless that she did everything she could to add as much confusion to the deal as possible so that no one knew what was going on, therefore she got away with a lot and was able to pick our pockets for weeks before we got rid of her.

The moral of the story is this: not all attorneys are rich. The truth is, most are very modest as far as their earnings. There is too much competition these days so there are predatory lawyers out there that will lie, double talk, triple talk and run you around in circles. All the while the clock is ticking and they are billing you like it’s going out of style. Watch your back with the dead broke S1 lawyer.

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Home Exchange London – Ice Exchange London? Use A Private Placement Memorandum.

Posted By James Scott on @ 2:18 am

Are you a business owner raising capital with a Regulation D Rule exemption (504, 505 or 506) also referred to as a Private Placement Memorandum, PPM or Offering Memorandum? If you are using this mechanism to raise capital then you’ll, no doubt, have to have a solid comprehension of the most distinct and important part of the Private Placement Memorandum referred to as the ‘Offering Circular’.

When your consultant or attorney is asking you for details on everything from business location to management, from dividends to risk details, you need to make sure that this information is complete and accurate. You’ll need to audit the documents after they are completed. A solid Offering Circular has kept countless companies from being sued by investors that didn’t get the investment return they were anticipating.

While the business plan is meant to grab the initial attention of the investor or funding source, the Offering Memorandum is meant to spell out the down and dirty details of the venture so that you are protected from lawsuits down the road, while simultaneously exposing the various ins and outs of your venture to give a ‘reality check’ to the investor before they hand over the cash.

The offering circular needs to be powerful yet very compact without the redundancies of using space to say the same things over and over again to pull the investors attention from the negative to the potential profit margins or management’s impressive pedigree. With all this said, yes it’s true the offering circular is one of the parts of a PPM spells out the technical aspects of the enterprise with a focus on inherent risk of investing but this can be done in a balanced way to also demonstrate the positive aspects of your venture by giving solid descriptions of your management team and, in place, distribution centers and contracts in place ready for capitalization.

When authoring the offering circular demonstrate the risks with a well balanced demonstration of the system in place to overcome these risks and dominate your market niche.

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International Expansion Consulting Firm – Management Consultants – Management Recruiting

Posted By James Scott on @ 2:17 am

Many times companies stand at the threshold of massive stardom but carry the burden of dead weight management that simply take up space and increase salary costs. The company needs to eliminated them and recruit qualified management but there is often an emotional element at play here which makes it difficult to take the garbage out to the curb on trash collection day.

There are many corporate cautionary tales here. Companies that could have been but never were are a dime a dozen because they lacked the motivation to get past that emotional ingredient that paralyzes them, not allowing them to fire someone who has become a buddy. Your mind will play all kinds of tricks on you by telling you that: this guy has a family, you and he have a history, you can’t just fire someone who helped build this company and so on. What you are forgetting here is that the presence of this individual is jeopardizing the careers and livelihood of everyone else involved so this action of elimination is serving the greatest good.

Make things easy on yourself. Hire a management or expansion consultant. These people are use to being labeled as the bad guy and have thick skin allowing them to cut through the emotional BS and capture the reality of what will help your company get to the next level. They will make their decision on professional pedigree, executive contact portfolio, who can handle themselves best in a public or panel discussion setting, who has the most desirable track record for attracting the best executive candidates and so on.

Often times companies that find themselves at this crossroad are in the process of going public which is even more of a reason to hire an expansion consultant as they will apply your business to a proven template that will yield success, if your buddy needs to be eliminated and replaced they will be able to demonstrate the reasons why with empirical data and they will give you the profile of a candidate that is ideal for his replacement.

To attract the proper replacement for a ‘C’, ‘VP’ or executive level professional you should bate them with stock and if possible pre IPO stock. Corporate shares and a solid compensation price will often get the right people through the door for an interview.

The stock should be a combination of restricted and non restricted and their acceptance of the non restricted demonstrates their intent on longevity with your company and non restricted shares demonstrate trust by you, stating that you’re willing to put a little more skin in the game in order to bring on the right talent.

A management recruiter is not typically what is needed for the above situation. A management consultant or an international expansion consulting firm can typically offer a turn-key solution to your corporate recruiting efforts as well as your expansion and IPO aspirations.

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UFC 85 Flashback: Alves Dominates Hughes

Posted By Ross Everett on @ 2:15 am

A day after failing to make weight for his fight against Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves dominated the former UFC welterweight champion en route to a 2nd round TKO victory. The main event at UFC 85 in London was somewhat anticlimactic to the fans at the O2 Arena who considered the semifinal matchup between Manchester’s Michael Bisping and Jason Day the biggest fight on the card. Bisping actually improved upon his excellent showing against Charles McCarthy at UFC 83 and pummeled Day mercilessly from the top mount position until the fight was stopped just past the 3 minute mark of the first round.

Hughes didn’t make any excuses following his one sided loss, saying simply that hes a good fighter and he got me. The longtime king of the UFCs welterweight division also gave notice that his career as an active fighter was drawing to a close, suggesting that he had one fight left and challenging Matt Serra in what presumably would be his retirement match.

The end came early in the 2nd round as Hughes was caught coming in by a devastating knee strike. He fell to the canvas in a heap and referee Herb Dean was jumping in to stop the contest before Alves could follow up with any punches.

Michael Bisping simply overwhelmed Jason Day en route to a lopsided TKO victory. Bisping built upon the improved boxing skills he demonstrated at UFC 83 by unveiling an impressive ground and pound attack. Day never really got anything going and by the last minute of the fight was simply trying to cover up to prevent damage from Bispings elbows and hammer fists.

In other action, Mike Swick used an array of high kicks and a 7 reach advantage to coast to a unanimous decision over Marcus Davis. Davis, a former professional boxer, was unable to get inside against his lanky opponent and was never really in the fight. Like Bisping, Swick may have made an excellent career choice by moving down in weight.

A controversial point deduction for a strike to the back of the head cost Nate Marquardt his match against Thales Leites. Marquardt was solidly in charge for the entire fight, but suffered a point deduction for an illegal knee strike in round one. While that infraction was valid, replays of the 2nd round deduction for the strike to the back of the head gave the impression that he was penalized for a legal strike to the side of the head.

In the opening PPV match, another controversial ending saw Fabrico Werdum defeat Brandon Vera by 1st round KO. The fight had been evenly contested up until the stoppage, with Werdum scoring a couple of takedown and Vera countering with some effective punching. Late in the first round, Werdum got a full mount and began to fire a series of punches. Vera was clearly defending himself and didnt appear to be hurt at all when the referee jumped in to stop the fight. Vera said that hed answered that he was OK when asked by ref Dan Miragliotta and that he was just trying to ride out the round from that position.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and respected authority on sports betting odds comparison. He writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

Natural Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Posted By stevenlocke on July 30, 2010 @ 11:29 pm

A hemorrhoid is simply an enlarged vein around or inside of the anal sphincter. The affected vein is typically swollen and inflamed. An important fact about hemorrhoids is that the blood vessels are weakened and therefore have poor circulation. They typically need to be emptied of some of the blood. Anything that places too much pressure on the veins in and around the anal sphincter can cause hemorrhoids. This includes constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy, childbirth, excess weight, and heavy lifting. A myth about hemorrhoids is that it nothing can be done to get rid of them. This is incorrect. The good news about hemorrhoids is that there are natural remedies for curing the problem. Many things can be done about hemorrhoids, including several solutions that utilize natural ingredients.

A natural remedy for hemorrhoids is the inclusion of more fiber in the diet. It both prevents and cures the problem of hemorrhoids. Types of food that are high in fiber include grain products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These can be food items such as whole grain breads, dried peas and beans, almonds, avocado, and berries.

Hemorrhoids appear when all the blood in the rectum area exerts pressure in the rectal and anal area. A hemorrhoid is a swollen or dilated vein which occurs in and around the anus and rectum area. They may be internal or external.

Stool softeners are usually used to prevent hard stools which can cause more pressure on the internal hemorrhoid. There are many types of stool softeners available. The most common are suppositories that are inserted directly into the anus. They usually have an immediate effect and are given within good proximity of a toilet. Oral suppositories are usually taken to help in regulating the digestive system and to help prevent constipation

Another common and simple hemorrhoid home remedy is the application of ice and heat to shrink the hemorrhoid and encourage it to heal. Apply ice, such as a single ice cube, to the hemorrhoid or the anal area, for at 10 minutes every day. Then apply a moist, warm towel to the anal area for up to 20 minutes. This is best done after an aggravating bowel movement that has caused pain or irritation to the hemorrhoid.

Calmovil is a natural supplement created using the latest studies. It contains substantial amounts of several bioflavonoids including rutin, diosmin and hesperidin. Horse Chestnut and Butchers Broom are included, along with Chamomile, Plantain and ingredients not found in other supplements. These ingredients combine to provide safe, quick treatment and relief of symptoms, making Calmovil a superior product in many different respects. Many users report relief within hours of beginning treatment. Use Calmovil to treat hemorrhoids naturally and provide fast and permanent relief.

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Glucose Blood Monitor

Posted By stevenlocke on @ 5:06 am

A blood glucose monitoring system is critical for anybody who has been recognized with any illness associated to diabetes. These diseases may embody Juvenile, Sort 1, Type 2, Grownup Onset or Gestational diabetes. Realizing what the current glucose degree is in your bloodstream is vital to sustaining regular blood glucose levels

Here are some recommendations on what to search for:

1) Pace of results.

We are in a quick-tracked society where we would like the answer to every thing now. Search for a device that provides the quickest time to offer the results of your reading. There are devices that take anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds to display the result.

2) Ease of use for all age groups

If you might be contemplating purchasing a blood glucose monitoring system for a kid or an aged individual, you’ll need to make it possible for there aren’t too many buttons and that the display is a good measurement so that someone with potentially poor eyesight can easily learn it. Some customers love all of the options that is perhaps out there for the glucose testing, while for others, it can be overwhelming.

3) Memory

Consider whether you could store the historical past of your blood glucose readings. Historical results obtainable could be wherever from 20 – 1000. Also, some glucometers have an information port permitting you to download historic blood glucose readings to your computer for additional analysis.

4) Batteries

Check to see what forms of batteries are needed to keep your blood glucose monitoring sytesm charged. Can you utilize typical batteries present in any retailer or do you could purchase some obscure battery kind that it’s a must to go to a specific retailer for. Also – it would be a good suggestion to know how lengthy the battery charge keeps.

5) Cost

Depending on the options that you really want, the cost of your blood glucose monitoring system will differ, however expect to pay anyplace from $50 – $100. A further price to think about is how much the long run take a look at strips will value you and whether you can purchase a generic brand or pay for probably dearer strips that may only be used on a particular glucometer. You may additionally be capable to find some special deals where a medical supply company would possibly offer you a free machine if you comply with an automated cargo plan.

Some options that you may need to think about include whether or not the glucometer has a memory that permits you to retailer a long historical past of readings. Also, some glucose monitoring units permit you to download the information to your laptop for further analysis.

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Freebie Trading – Get Rich Scam Or Get Rich Quick?

Posted By Mallory Megan on @ 2:15 am

Freebie trading, a controversial moneymaking ploy utilizes online forums, You Tube videos, personal websites and various other marketing techniques to drive traffic to web sites that advertise a variety products and trial offer in exchange for a fee. Freebie trading differs from other kinds of affiliate marketing because it includes people who make an agreement to purchase products from these sites on one another’s behalf, for a cut of the commission that results in exchange.

Freebie trading has turned into a multimillion dollar industry these last few years in which people that work from home have the ability to earn incomes of as much as five thousand dollars a month. Because our economy is so full of unemployment and underemployment, many people are picking this business as a source of extra money.

Freebie trading begins with what is referred to as an incentivized freebie website. Incentivized freebie websites are special sites with trial offers that include hundreds of different products, cash, and prizes such as iPhones, Xbox 360s and plasma TVs. Some well known companies offer these incentives, however less reputable companies such as online psychic services can be found on these sites as well.

Incentivized freebie websites are not allowed to compensate you for trying their products that they advertise, but they are permitted to pay you to refer customers to them. In theory, the proceeds would be shared with your referrals. These commissions can span from forty dollars to one hundred and twenty dollars a customer.

On the other hand, critics still remain wary of freebie trading. Some critics are quick to point out that they are prompted to dish out a lot of personal information, perhaps too much. Problems arise when it comes to completing trades and obtaining payment. Also, if you sign up for trial offers then make the simple mistake of forgetting to cancel the ones that you don’t want, you could get stuck with charges on your credit card. Finally, some people say that they just haven’t reaped any money as a benefit, while others who manage to get money for their trades might find the whole process time consuming and tedious.

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SEO Quantumlinx Common Mistakes And Their Prevention

Posted By Danny Ricks on @ 2:13 am

Common sense is a simple word, but it is pretty much not easy to define. But in Search Engine Optimization or SEO Quantumlinx it can be contextualized into the capacity of a website specialist to avoid mistakes.

Basically, the right keywords or keyphrases are instrumental in making the visibility of websites higher in major search engines.

The major factor that is responsible for creating perfect, well-written and appealing content for search engine optimization view point is keywords. For without the utilization of keywords, search engine spiders would not be capable to acknowledge the website’s content. Aside from choosing the correct and appropriate ones, inserting these keywords at the right position on the website pages is also needed. As this would pave the way for search spiders to acknowledge the keywords and catch them. This would clearly lead to beneficial outcome.

However, often website owners ignore the fact that by just doing one wrong move everything will definitely be tormented.

Below are the most usual mistakes that should be prevented in the aim for a good ranking for the website:

Avoid any drawback. The usual shortcoming of most website owners is, they fully trust on their gut feelings for the choice of keywords as to which would work or not. Individuals might think they are equipped and well-informed of the business and target audience, but they usually fall short in that. Though the website owner claims to be adept with the ins and outs of the internet, their personal experience would not be sufficient to choose the most appropriate keywords and keyphrases. Other website owners who do not like to spend time seeking the appropriate keywords can find them in major search engines on the internet. They can enter a brief phrase or word in relation to the website content, and the major search engine would give them a list of best plausible keywords for SEO Quantumlinx ranking.

Do not create plenty of keywords or keyphrases in website content. If a website owner does put multiple keywords and keyphrases, as a result, search engines would eradicate his website from the search results. And that definitely would make his online business suck. It does not really matter if he is good at keyword selection; he should keep the keyword’s density at 3%, which equivalently 9 keywords per 300 words content. To exceed this limit would be make his content spamming as labeled by the major search engines.

Keywords or keyphrases should not be put at wrong places. Apart from choosing the most appropriate keywords and keyphrases, it is a must that website owners should strategically put them in the website content. This would make the search spiders notice the keywords and keyphrases in the website content. SEO Quantumlinx specialists are convinced that more keywords and keyphrases are always situated at the start and end of the content for a website to elevate its rank.

Stopping the mistakes written above will help website owners’ goal of notching the top 10 search engine ranking in the major search engines very much feasible. The higher ranking, the more profitable the opportunity becomes.

Precisely, that is what common sense is about. is necessary for anyone who owns an online business. It is through this service and method that their websites are recognized and patronized by many visitors. In this way can they increment their sales for their businesses. Or you may try QuantumLinx Pty Ltd.

Cheap Hammocks – Where To Get

Posted By Raynold Oscar on @ 2:06 am

If you enjoy watching those enticing scenes of people lying in hammocks and resting, maybe you have thought about getting a hammock for yourself. In your mind you must have tied a hammock between two trees or posts. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t make your dreams come true especially if it the expense is the only think holding you back.

It may be true that a hammock can be expensive. The fact is that a good quality hammock can be very expensive. In addition, because it isn’t a necessity in your home and it is only a luxury, you may have not have given it first priority of your things to purchase. But, the good times have returned and these days you can get the high quality cheap hammocks at a very reasonable price.

You will probably not find cheap hammocks in a fashion magazine. The reason for this is that fashion magazines are geared to the rich and famous. Most people can find much better deals on a website on the Internet. There you can find high quality cheap hammocks and you can also compare the prices of various brands. By doing some research on the Internet you’ll know precisely what you want to purchase and you can peruse all of the hammocks that fall within your budget.

Auction houses on the Internet are another good way to find high quality cheap hammocks. Don’t forget that just because the hammock is inexpensive that doesn’t mean that the hammock isn’t high quality. Although it may be inexpensive, that only means that you may have found a high quality product at a discounted price. The reason that you can find high quality cheap hammocks on the Internet is because it is less expensive for retailers to conduct business on the Internet. The types of materials that are used for their products that are discounted are the same as the more expensive ones and therefore you don’t have to worry about not getting the best quality products by checking out the discounted products.

If you try to get cheap hammocks on the Internet that are spun out of rope or made up of nylon threads as opposed to those that are made out of multihued clothes, they will be more expensive. The hammocks that are made out of spaced out twining will give you the additional advantage of ventilation when you are lying down on them.

These days there are numerous high quality cheap hammocks availability at discounted prices. There is absolutely not a reason in the world why you shouldn’t own your own hammock for all of your outdoor enjoyment.

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All Kinds Weight Benches On Sale.

Posted By stevenlocke on July 29, 2010 @ 3:12 am

Working out on a regular basis is increasingly becoming more and more significant, particularly in today’s busy world. People are trying harder than ever to keep on top of their health concerns by working out on a regular basis. Of course, having a gym membership can be hard, as they are usually pretty costly but also inconvenient at the same time. This is why some people consider owning their own weight bench sets, which they can use in their own homes. It is usually both a money and time saver, which many people cannot seem to spare

Also, by having your own fitness equipment at home you can save gas or in other words lots of money, by not having to drive to your local gym. One more advantage to possessing your own weight bench is the accessibility. You are not constrained by the timings that gym imposes and are free to work out in any way,whenever and anywhere you wish to work out. The gym can be a jam-packed place and time will certainly be wasted while you are waiting for your turn. Owning your own fitness equipment will permit you to have the same muscle workout at home sans the crowd and the expenses related. Buy your own weight bench so you have your own fitness equipment as a substitute for a gym.

When considering a bench set, the very first thing you need to think about is what you will use it for. While this answer may seem obvious, it is important to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of work outs.For example, many people simply use a flat bench because it is basic and covers all of their needs It allows for them to do the bench press, as well as a range of dip and curl exercises with the dumbbells.If your workouts are a slightly more intense and vigorous then you should consider folding weight bench sets because they can give you more versatility. You can try different kinds of workouts by changing the angle of the back support of the bench.You can also try the military press on a folding weight bench by locking the back at 90 degrees.The folding bench also often encompasses a leg hold, which assists you even further by holding your legs in position so that you use the proper muscles in your lift. Many times you can cheat, whether purposefully or incidentally, by using secondary movement.

Whether you are new to the weightlifting scene or are a seasoned veteran, you will without doubt find something among the many weight bench sets that suits your needs. They can start as low as $150 and go up to almost five hundred dollars. The more expensive ones usually include a bar rack for bench press, and other potential additions. These are insignificant prices to pay to have 24-access to quality equipment in your own home, all without paying the sometimes hefty gym memberships, or having to make the commute.

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