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Dentist Cincinnati Should You Use Laser Industry?

Posted By stevenlocke on June 30, 2010 @ 8:55 am

One of the newer techniques in the dental industry offers wonderful advantages to restore the appearance of the teeth, including the options in teeth whitening, and it is called laser dentistry.  Many of the newer technologies in laser dentistry are comfortable and painless for the patient, which is helpful to minimize much of the discomfort that is associated with dental appointments.  This also reduces the risk of bleeding through the use of lasers within the dental techniques.  There is a heat energy generated by the lasers, which provides the mechanism of a cutting tool for dentistry. This laser also provides the benefit of strengthening the bond between the filling and the teeth and healing the filling at the same time. The patient uses laser dentistry for teeth whitening, it will also enhance how effective the teeth bleaching procedure is.

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Laser dentistry has many advantages when it is used in a dental practice. It can be used for a number of treatments to minimize recovery time and discomfort. Those who often struggle with pain when going to the dentist will be happy with the choice of laser dentistry since they often won’t need anesthesia or sutures for a procedure. Laser dentistry will offer a high energy laser beam to coagulate exposed blood vessels, and it will prevent bleeding throughout the process since it will be controlled through the laser.

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Laser dentistry can be used by dentist for several different reasons, like removing tumors from the mouth without sutures or pain. A laser can also minimize the appearance of tooth decay by detecting cavities early on in the soft tissue in the mouth.  A dentist could also use the laser to heal and minimize pain in any cold sores in the patient. A laser may also be used to reshape the gum tissue so that the teeth are healthier. This reshaping process is referred to as crown lengthening, and the laser helps to provide a strong foundation for this procedure.

A laser is also helpful to remedy the issue of babies born with a tight tongue, which can make it difficult for them to breast-feed or learn to talk.  This limits the movement of their tongue and development, but this tool in laser dentistry can free up the tongue to eliminate speech impediments. The laser energy can also be used to regenerate blood vessels, scars, and nerves.

The biggest benefit that many patients see in laser dentistry is reducing pain and inflammation, and it provides advanced results in teeth whitening.  For any type of teeth whitening procedure, the laser is the best choice by far because it will give you the most results for the money that you’ve spent. This simply means that you can come into the dentist’s office for a teeth whitening procedure and have increased results in a short period of time due to the effectiveness of the laser that is used in a professional setting to whiten your teeth.

Are Video Stores Doomed Now You Can Get Movies Online?

Posted By Jay Mitchell on @ 2:19 am

When a British entrepreneur unveiled the first legal service to Download Ramona And Beezus Free Online Movie a few years ago, video store owners around the world began worrying about their future. Why, indeed, would a customer drive to a store when they can buy the movie they seek from their computer keyboard?

After all, average citizens all have a larcenous streak. Why not get something for free? A key reason is that downloading movies on the internet without paying is illegal — a violation of a number of federal laws. Don’t feel any risk? Remembers the very public examples that law enforcement made of unauthorized music downloaders several years ago. So, if you are downloading movies illegally, ask yourself if you really want to hear your name on the cable news shows?

Another reason to avoid illegal downloads is quality. Viruses are one more reason. The creators of viruses constantly have to devise new and clever ways to infect the unsuspecting public.

Yes, when downloading movies first began, doing so was illegal. The U.S. Movie industry lost an estimated $2.3 billion annually in revenue to internet pirates just a few years ago. Hollywood’s total annual income that year was estimated to be just under $45 billion. So, it should be obvious why Hollywood is harnessing its own download possibilities.

Does online piracy endanger Hollywood? Of course money is being lost. But Hollywood has learned to study the pirates. Their successes actually signal untapped marketing opportunities. Not so very long ago, Hollywood resisted the development of VHS and DVD marketing. The studios feared that home movies would negatively impact box-office receipts. However, the home viewing market has expanded markets for moviemakers. Today, many films never make it to a theater. They go directly to DVD. Have you ever heard of YouTube? With its new popularity, suddenly anybody can be a filmmaker — sharing their latest video creation or propaganda attempt or religious inspiration or hilarious home video with millions of people worldwide in a matter of hours.

Yet does online piracy really endanger Hollywood? A very good case can be made that pirates fill a gap overseas where legitimate markets are heavily restricted by repressive regimes — such as in the Islamic Republic of Iran where every movie must be approved by the religious morals police. The People’s Republic of China sets quotas of the number of movies allowed into the country — and frequently blocks any film that is critical of China’s dictatorial leaders. So a case could be made that Iranian and Chinese pirates are actually busting their government’s blockade on “dangerous” ideas such as freedom of speech or the right to elect one’s own leaders.

In fact, the downloadable movie market is booming. Studios will be smart to study today’s ever-changing technologies — and every move of internet pirates.

Some of the planet’s biggest DVD counterfeiters are in China — whose bootlegged discs have been identified in more than 25 nations worldwide. You can expect these same pirates to exploit the internet. But Hollywood would be smart to study their successes and figure out how customers wanting to Download Ramona And Beezus Movie for Free can make moviemakers a lot of money.

Movies are one of the best forms of entertainment we have, and as long as Hollywood keeps making new ones, we will keep looking for download full movies online.

What Is The Point Of Past Life Regression Therapy?

Posted By Jon J Collings on @ 2:12 am

Past life regression therapy has proven to be an effective and popular tool many people are taking to heart in order to improve their lives and better their futures. Past life regression therapy is not a gimmick to turn you into the person you used to be, but a technique to help you learn from your past.

Past life regression therapy is discovering a new way of looking at who you are by remembering who you were in a past life, and discovering how to use this knowledge to help yourself. You can do this through a variety of meditations, and the benefits of using past life regression therapy are without number.

Using a Journal With Past Life Regression

The first tool to use in your past life regression therapy is a journal. This isn’t a simple list of what you ate yesterday, or what you wore last week to the office, or even a place to keep track of your spending. This journal is more complex, more demanding, and requires that you be open and honest with yourself and who you truly are.

Start out with journaling by listing your thoughts, emotions, and even trival experiences that happen in your day to day life. Record how you feel about those situations and what you did to resolve them. Perhaps the most important part is to be honest with yourself about the emotions that you’re feeling as these are the strongest clues that you’ll see about yourself when you look back into your past life.

This journal will also help you come to certain realizations about yourself and the patterns you fall into. Using this knowledge you can effect changes upon how you react to a situation, and turn your path towards something more healthy and more fulfilling.

The Art of Meditation

The most difficult tool to learn to use in your past life regression therapy is meditation. It requires a great deal of you, and demands that you trust yourself, and learn to find inner serenity.

Many people begin meditation by using a music CD or DVD that has certain imagery, music, or sound recordings that help them get into a calm state of mind. Meditating correctly can take patience, strength of will and concentration, but once you learn how, you will find meditation becomes easy and restful.

When you are in a meditative state you will find yourself able to let your mind wander to what is truly important in your life, to relationships with family and friends and even work. When you are finished with your meditation, take a moment to write your thoughts, feelings, and discoveries in a journal.

Why You Need Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy offers you many benefits and rewards. By examining your past lives, and even your present self, you can come to find greater understanding of who you are and why you are this person. You can learn the truth behind your inner thoughts, and discover feelings and emotions you didn’t know you had. Your subconscious mind will be freed to help you think and feel more clearly than ever before.

Past life regression therapy can also help you resolve those issues which have hampered you throughout your life. Perhaps you have unresolved issues with your parents, a sibling or a child; this therapy can help you come to peace with those issues and help you to become a better person in the process.

You will gain not only an greater understanding of yourself through past life regression therapy, but your life as well. When you sit down to look at yourself and the choices you have made over the years, you will be able to take a look at the person who made those choices, and learn how to avoid damaging yourself in the future.

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Cleaning Services

Posted By Diana Liong on @ 2:12 am

Cleaning services had been booming and growing in the favor of turning into trained services. Services now are insured with appropriate technology in hand. The growth of cleaning services had been quite regular and standard. Quality services and superiority of processes are being practiced by employees in the cleaning service.

The janitorial cleaning services can tailor maintenance program for the needs of the facility. Tracing back to the services they render, they are all around corporate sanitarians that complies with basic form of environmental manipulation. The visual aesthetics can improve the look and ambiance to enhance company performance. Carpeting cleaning service can provide flooring services that can keep it clean and shiny. Technology has provided us with an improved form of the vacuum cleaner which can not only clean but enhance the look and aroma. The modifications have developed to the use of microfilament cleaners that can reach down under carpets or basic floorings without delay.

In companies that have carpeted walls and fabric-covered cubicles, services are rendering upholstery cleaning services by low moisture soil extraction standards that remove dirt completely without driving it through the surface. Also, walls and ceilings cleaning services are provided for removing pollutants in both smooth and rough edges. It is the most common services used by corporations, institutions and companies in reaching high places to make it environmentally safe for clients as well as employees. These services expand most especially to hospitals or any health care setting to aid in promoting wellness by use of effective detergents and sanitizers to limit and halt bacterial growth.

An air duct cleaning services are now quite evident since the creation of air tight structures. Most ducts contain dust mites, mildew, pollen, animal dander and molds. These can dislodge through the air system, circulating them throughout the process and can aggravate or trigger asthma or any allergic reactions.

If you wish to find more about cleaning services, you can always find lots of articles on the internet.

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What Is The Best Remedy Against Male Pattern Baldness?

Posted By stevenlocke on June 29, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

There is no such thing as the ideal male pattern baldness cure – a one-off easy treatment with full results and zero side effects. However, there are still many excellent treatments out there and which one is right for you will depend on several factors. In this article, I’ll review the main options available to you and leave my most solid recommendation till last.

Hair Transplant

This procedure involves the excision of hair follicles in “units” (groups of 3 or 4) from the back of the head that are then implanted at the front where the hairline is. The result is mostly good but there is the risk of a less than desirable looking outcome and infection. Add to this that it typically costs around $15,000 minimum and most guys are turned off this particular cure

Daily Hair Shedding

Perhaps you’ve started to notice what you think is more hair than usual in your brush or in the plughole?

Are you seeing things, is this any worse than normal and you’re jumping to conclusions, or could this really be the start of a receding hairline?

Every day we each lose 50 to 100 hairs anyway. Most of these will be during washing the hair which dislodges loose hairs. If you’re losing easily over 50 hairs in the bath or shower then you may be starting to lose your hair.

Drugs And Natural Cures

Both hair loss treatments work the same way in that they help to disperse the DHT and they also help the follicles to better access the nutrition they need.

With two big exceptions. First, drugs cost a few thousand dollars per year whereas a natural home made recipe costs a few bucks. Second, drugs are unique because they have many common (not rare) side effects such as impotence, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

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International Development Consulting Firms – OTCBB

Posted By James Scott on @ 2:25 am

Private Placement Memorandum authoring and the process of taking one’s company public are services that require extensive experience and the ability to look at a deal objectively and peripherally to evaluate all the angles to enhance the ability of the client to achieve funding in a timely manner.

Many times, when I’m hired to structure a company before funding, they will be under the impression that my evaluation is a mere formality and they are ready to go. Often I’m the bearer of bad news when I have to break it to the client that their company has more holes than Swiss cheese and 30 to 60 days away from starting the fund raising process.

They will often get a second and then third opinion and usually run into the same thing before they eventually find their way back to our firm. As they call around to consulting firms they perpetually experience the ‘hard sell’ by firms who ‘need’ the business because they lack the rewards and referrals that come with cultivating each client relationship because they take on and spit out deals so fast they hardly remember their client’s name during the transaction.

This mentality dominates the larger firms because of their gargantuan overhead while the boutique firms can take a more personal approach because they have a steady flow of business and referrals because they are not stressed about bringing in the next big deal so they can meet payroll and keep their lights on. The smaller companies that focus on turnaround consulting, private placement memorandum authoring, top tier business plan writing and taking companies public usually take a one on one approach to the consulting process and will rarely pressure clients to sign on because their phone is ringing off the hook with previous clients who want to hire them for the next stage in the evolution of their company’s growth.

This business is all about relationships. Ditch the consultant that applies the high pressure sales tactics and seek out the smaller, more personalized groups that don’t ‘need’ your business but will cultivate and value it.

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Buyer Beware: Green Energy

Posted By Robert Holdsworth on @ 2:20 am

Buyer Beware – Using Power Factor Correction and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression to Reduce Energy Costs.

Today’s energy conscious climate has motivated many to do what they can to become more efficient and conserve energy and money. Unfortunately this same climate has prompted others to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers’ wishes to save energy and reduce expenses.

Companies that tout power factor improvement (kVAR correction) and transient voltage suppression are a good example of this bad trend. Lately we are seeing more and more of these companies cropping up and feel it is time to set the record straight.

First, transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) plays a valuable role in improving power quality to protect sensitive equipment inside a facility. However, TVSS does not save energy. TVSS’s are only active a tiny fraction of a second to protect against voltage surges which only last for less than a millisecond. To actually reduce energy consumption the TVSS would need to actually cut power consumption for an extended period of time which is not what they are designed to do. Again, TVSS is important to protect sensitive electrical equipment but buyers should avoid vendors promising, or even guaranteeing, that they will reduce energy consumption.

Now what about vendors who claim that improving power factor will save 15% or 20% or 30% of energy consumption and corresponding cost? This one is a little trickier.

For residential applications, power factor does nothing to save energy because the typical home already has an average power factor of about 0.97 which is almost the perfect power factor of 1 or unity. In addition, the device (called a capacitor) is placed at the main circuit breaker. According to IEEE capacitors must be situated at or near the respective inductive loads to reduce power system losses by reducing heat and distribution losses known as I2R losses.

So what about commercial and industrial facilities using power factor correction to reduce energy costs? It is perfectly appropriate for a company that is incurring penalties or a kVA billing structure from the utility company to improve the facility’s overall power factor by employing a capacitor bank at the main service entrance or individual capacitors at or near the respective motor loads. Doing so will eliminate the power factor penalties and/or reduce the kVA demand charges on the utility bill which can save significant money and provide a significant ROI on the investment.

But what about power factor correction reducing kWh consumption? IEEE also tells us that I2R losses only account for 2 to 5% of the total load in a facility. Simple math tells us that it would be against the laws of physics to get the 15% to 30% energy reduction claimed by some vendors. Think about it. Even if your facility had 5% distribution losses and you could correct 100% of the problem via power factor correction at every load (which can’t be done) you would still only save 5% at the most. No where near the claims of some capacitor vendors and manufacturers.

All that said, power factor correction when done properly will eliminate utility penalties and kVA demand charges, improve facility power quality, increase electrical system capacity, and save a little energy when applied to the appropriate motor loads.

So make an investment in transient voltage surge suppression and power factor correction when appropriate and necessary. But caveat emptor!

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Excerpts Of Wedding And Proposal Stories Part 3

Posted By Wendy Stoller on @ 2:19 am

In February 2002 Ben decided we were going on a holiday. All I was told was to bring a change of clothes for the week, togs, and a nice dress. On the night of Valentines, we had a stretch limo to Cowrie where we had a stunning sea food course with sparkling white wine. He kept staring at me all night I got paranoid I had something on my face, to which he answered, “Can’t I stare at the one I love?” he looked so nervous. I thought it was the sea food! After dessert, we were taken back to our cottage where we then left for a walk along the beach. He then stopped, told me how special I was to him and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, got down on one knee and proposed. There was a beaming beach light behind me, which reflected on Ben and the beach like the perfect moonlit night. I was so happy and excited I squealed, jumped up and down and said yes. Of course I hugged him. We were so lost in the moment that we totally forgot about the ring until we were about to walk back to our cottage. It was perfect.

We had a Catholic ceremony at the Sacred Heart Church at Rosalie. It is truly a beautiful church with lots of stained glassed windows, high ceilings, it was just so picture perfect! Our reception followed at the Botanical Gardens at Mt Cootha. The day was so romantic, yet fun and exciting at the same time. We had friends from overseas and interstate, which made our wedding even more special. I couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular wedding day. We only wish the day didn’t go by so quickly. We would give the world to do it all again, but we have our memories to look back on and cherish always.

Upon entering the reception room we proceeded to engage in a Polish wedding tradition where the parents of the bride and groom feed the couple salt, bread and sweet dessert wine as a symbol of the sweetness and bitterness of life. We briefly cut the cake and attempted to eat dinner. I couldn’t eat much as I was a little nervous and I was very surprised when Steven refused to eat as he wasn’t feeling well. We put it down to nerves but I was later to find out he was suffering from food poisoning from the previous day!

My favourite part of the day was walking down the aisle, holding my father’s hand – progressing toward the man I was to marry, the most wonderful man in the world. We had the fairytale reception at Curzon Hall. It was just beautiful. The staff were very professional and the food was lovely. We had a traditional reception in a true castle. What I had always dreamt of. In fact, the reception was the easiest thing to arrange, because I had the help of Christine at Curzon Hall who guided me through the process and gave great advice. It was a true joy to plan the reception.

Our home towns are worlds apart, mine being Gracac, Croatia and Neil’s in Dallas, USA, but we met in Perth where we were both living, through an Internet chat program called ICQ. We quickly discovered that we had many things in common, so I then decided to ask him out for a date. We began dating regularly and the rest is like a fairytale. I’ve never been closer to anyone, he truly is my best friend and my best boyfriend. One night (4th of August, 2003) Neil picked me up from work and we went to Kings Park, to the place where we had met for the very first time. He knelt down and proposed to me in the most beautiful way.

Our wedding day had arrived. It was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky. My day started with my best friend waking me up at 7am singing “You are my Sun Shine” and then proceed to sing “We’re going to the Chapel” and pushing me out of bed. I slept like a baby the night before our wedding. All my worries had gone, I knew everything had been done and nothing could be changed, ‘it was out of my control’. I had a great morning with my three bridesmaids. We spent the morning at my best friends salon and my sister and I did the makeup. Upon retuning from the salon, two-dozen long stem red roses arrived. When I saw the roses being walked up my parent’s driveway, I cried for the first time. The tears didn’t stop there…

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International Business Development Consulting

Posted By James Scott on @ 2:15 am

If you own or run a company that is trying to raise capital in the current economic conditions you’ve undoubtedly been challenged by the limited funds available. Investors are more difficult to find and the individuals that are actually willing to part with their cash are even tougher to find. You’ve talked to friends, family members, your cpa and your attorney but trying to get them to invest is like drawing blood from a stone, it’s just not happening.

There is an easier way. Most broker dealers and market makers have an emergency number in their rolodex that reads “Investor Finder”, these specialist consultants are brought in when there is nowhere else to turn for cash. A true Investor Finder has 1,000’s of investor contacts that they can call on to get funding for their clients and are constantly using online viral strategies to attract more investors to their database.

An investor finder usually is not a licensed securities broker/agent or attorney; instead they are traditionally consultants that are active in the investment banking facilitation aspect of the industry. Being that they are not licensed they do not accept equity payments or percentages; instead they work on a flat fee basis.

A good consultant in this genre can bring in 30 to 70 real investors per day and it’s up to the client to sell the opportunity from there. A typical lead from an investor finder will be an investor or investment firm that is responding to the consultant’s opportunity introduction email or snail mail mailing, they have read about the opportunity and they respond one of two ways, either they are calling into a phone room to be screened and qualified or they are contacting the client directly.

Many times the investor doesn’t know that they are part of the “finder’s” database but do recall signing up to receive investment opportunity updates, so either way the investor is solid and active. If you are trying to raise capital and need real results quickly and can’t afford to waste time begging for cash, you need to seek out a qualified Investor Finder consultant and make your fundraising efforts fast and easy.

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Distance Learning Degrees – What Do Employers Think Of Them?

Posted By Mary Jack on June 28, 2010 @ 2:11 am

With the ability to keep working, take care of a family, and receive a quality education without relocating, distance learning degrees have continued to increase in popularity. Unfortunately, the Internet also provides a venue for bogus diploma mills sprouting up to make money on the sale of fake degrees. In a report published in 2003, USA Today says 400 such businesses are currently in operation, and the numbers are increasing as these dubious businesses continue to make approximately $500 million annually.

However, despite all of the negative talk about the value of distance learning degrees, many such colleges and universities offer valid online learning degrees and diplomas. The students and instructors are held to the same standard of educational excellence as those in the traditional classroom. The method is simply an alternative for the individuals who may otherwise not have an opportunity to earn a degree. Online courses, online video lectures, test examinations, and even online library facilities ensure the students truly earn their degree in higher education. Unfortunately, many potential employers have heard about the bogus degrees and tend to assume an online degree is of lesser value.

In an effort to change the negative perception, the U.S. National Education Board has established 6 accreditation agencies to evaluate and provide accreditation to the higher learning institutions meeting the minimum criteria for a quality education, thus differentiating between the bogus degree programs. For example, the Distance education and training council provides accreditation for those institutes solely dedicated to online degree programs. The agency is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

In addition, specific programs in specialized areas can obtain accreditation through the agencies associated with the subject matter. For example, the American Health Information Management Association provides accreditation for qualifying health programs; accounting programs are assessed by the International Association for Management Education. However, it only counts if the agencies are endorsed by the Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Why does accreditation matter to a student? A college accreditation agency evaluates the different aspects of colleges or universities against minimum standard criteria to determine if the particular institution meets set basic requirements that determine the quality of education it should offer. College accreditation is important to ensure that the quality of education, facilities in a college and support given by that college meets certain standards while specialized accreditation checks the excellence of specific programs regardless of the institution offering that program. Likewise it means specialized accreditation check on course content and the curriculum of the program against pre-determined standards of the distance learning college or university.

Distance learning degrees from accredited institutions assure graduates, parents and prospective employers any degree earned is well deserved. The work completed has met the standards of adequately preparing people in their major area of study. Conversely, it also means colleges and universities not granted accreditation do not meet the standards of excellence required. Nevertheless, for the student who is only taking classes necessary to an area of specialization, only the courses need that all important stamp of approval.

In the end, it is totally up to potential employers to decide whether to hire an individual with a distance learning degree. With skepticism influenced by all the bogus diploma mills, no wonder they are being more cautious. Therefore, if the accreditation is supplied by a trusted and recognized source, the application for a job is less likely to be set aside. Instead, it has a better chance to be found in the stack for a second interview or final selection for a job position.

You can find more help on distance learning colleges and distance learning degrees for all your online education degree requirements.

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