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Where Has the Food Gone?

Posted By Ian Kleine on May 31, 2009 @ 2:21 am
by Ian Kleine

Festival food, for the sense of argument, is very unhealthy. It’s just natural sense. When we talk about festival foods, we talk about the greasy, fatty, yucky type of edible items that when they reach our mouth, it usually leaves a shiny film all over our lips. Talk about the stuff of nightmares for anorexics and weight watchers. But, seriously, this type of unhealthiness is favored by most sellers because of the way the food cooks (it cooks so fast), the serving procedure (just dump it in a paper plate) and because its tradition (my pa has been eating this stuff way before we even were born!)

The other spectrum of festival food is the amount of sugar they usually incorporate into it. Most of the kids end up being severely sugar-rushed, overly hyper active and quite well overweight. It’s kind of a scary situation when you think about it. We, the people ourselves, are injecting so much sugar (and god knows what other sweeteners are out there) into our kid’s foods. Well, point is they’re enjoying right? And it is just a one-time deal.

No. This atrocity to the facade of festival food must stop. It is a shame, that as a country that should be promoting the idea of fitness, wellness and good life, is subjected to this inward slavery to fat, sugars and obesity.

We are not saying that obese people are bad and fit people are good, but we are saying that festivals represent all the good things about life, and if the food is one that could promote long-term disaster and unhealthiness, I don’t see why anyone would stand for this sort of unaccepted irony.

Truth of the matter, is that most people are satisfied with just the things that really don’t matter to them. Or things that they think won’t affect them in the long run. But I think it’ll do. Sooner or later.

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What Is eBay?

Posted By Jesse Holmes on @ 2:18 am
by Jesse W. Holmes

Are you wondering what eBay is all about? While you might have a basic idea of what eBay is, let me explain a bit more about it.

An easy way to look at eBay is to imagine a worldwide newspaper full of classified ads. This worldwide classified ad section has products and services for sale. Or imagine a huge bulletin board that millions of people can see and put their ads on. Of course, eBay charges sellers to put an ad on their website, but the exposure to the millions of worldwide buyers is worth it.

Also, anyone can put almost anything for sale on eBay. News stories abound about the ridiculous and bizarre actions on eBay. One notable example is the grilled cheese sandwich with the (supposed) image of the Virgin Mary that sold for $28,000.

However, not every seller is “out to lunch.” With over 276 million users on eBay, there will be some oddballs, but the majority are average hard-working people just like you or I.

These buyers and sellers are part of the eBay “community.” You’re dealing with the other users directly, and any buying or selling happens one-on-one. In that way, eBay is like an online version of a marketplace in a town square-a location where buyers and sellers can meet, haggle over the price and then complete the transaction.

When you first get started on eBay you might start to get overwhelmed. After all, there are 3.6 million listings added every day and you might wonder how you’ll get noticed. Don’t worry, it gets easier with experience. In time, you can learn the tricks of the trade to get noticed and make money on eBay.

The key is to find someone who has already been there and ask if they can show you the ropes. Find a seller who has been selling on eBay for many months or years. Look at their feedback and see if they are providing a good customer experience.

Also, you could look for an Education Specialist trained by eBay. These people have graduated from a course to be able to teach beginning sellers how to get started on eBay. They know how to teach you, and they want to help.

Whether you’re young or old, it doesn’t matter. The beauty of eBay is that you can get started no matter who you are, and even if you know nothing about computers or e-commerce. It’s not that hard to learn how to sell on eBay, and everyone starts at the same place, with 0 feedback and no experience. In time you’ll become a successful and profitable eBay seller.

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Jump Start Metabolism To FINALLY Lose Weight!

Posted By Dan Eitreim on @ 2:16 am
by Dan Beckwith

Have you realized that some people can eat whatever they want and never gain weight? Or have you thought about why some people can lose weight on a diet and others can not? Maybe you need to jump start metabolism.

The answer of course is your metabolism. Every individual has a metabolic rate that is unique to them.

Our metabolic rate is the rate at which we burn calories or store them as fat, just to sustain life. We burn calories constantly – even while sleeping. Muscles burn calories even when we aren’t doing anything physical, because of this muscles are said to be “metabolic reactive”. One quick and easy way to jump start metabolism is to get more muscle.

The more muscle you have, the more calories they burn. That’s why any healthy diet program will say you need to exercise.

The food we eat (healthy foods jump start metabolism, junk foods slow it down turning calories into fat) and our levels of activity are big determinants to our metabolic rate, but there are others. Here are a few:

Age makes a difference – as we age, our metabolism tends to slow down.

Stress is also influential. More and more studies are linking obesity with stress on the job and in the home. Aside from our tendency to eat more when stressed, it’s been discovered that stress actually interferes with some of the normal processes in the body which in turn slows our metabolism. Seems odd, but yoga or meditation could be a key to jump start metabolism!

Sleep… it has been well researched and proven that not getting enough sleep – or getting too much sleep – will mess up your metabolism. To jump start metabolism, 7 to 9 hours a day is the best amount.

Genetics play a role in metabolism. This is probably very obvious. Overweight parents tend to lead to overweight offspring. Some genetic health conditions, such as thyroid disease, can also play a role in weight. This is why seeing a doctor before beginning any weight loss plan is advised. It will remove any nagging doubts about your health before you undertake a program to jump start metabolism.

Most diets include advice about drinking plenty water. Most diets say it is to make you feel full so you don’t overeat. While that may be a good idea, it is not the entire story as to why water helps with weight loss. Water helps in weight loss because it hydrates the body, flushes out toxins and keeps excess water stored in the body to a minimum. All of this leads to a speedier metabolism and more weight loss.

To learn everything you need to know on how to jump start metabolism and start dropping all those excess pounds… get my FREE mini-course, “Fast Weight Loss Tips!

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LCD Televisions facts

Posted By Billy F Bradford on @ 2:04 am
by Michael Hiltone

The most popular way of generating an image on any modern day television is by the use of LCD television technology (liquid crystal display).

The nature of a television image is that it is constantly changing both in colour and in contrast.

To create different levels of brightness and contrast there must be a mechanism to enable and restrict the amount of light passing through the lcd television. All LCD televisions have at the back of the appliance a backlight.

The inherent properties of a crystal will allow this to occur, as firstly a crystal state is cylindrical in nature and therefore has the ability to allow light to pass through; secondly it has a twisted property which can be accentuated dependant on how much electrical charge is submitted. Increase the current and the crystal will tighten and therefore become more opaque in nature. Reduce the current and it will relax and allow more light to pass through. Do be aware though that the complete restriction of light is impossible as a crystal cannot completely inhibit the transfer of light. Also as each pixel is so tightly arranged to the next, even with polarized glass, you do get a cross contamination from one pixel to another. Resultant issue is an inability to achieve a true real black.

To create colour in an lcd tv, the pixel has three coloured sub crystals which are made up of the primary colours (red, green, blue). The relationship between these crystals generates the colour and hue of the pixel ie the contrast ratio.

The liquid crystals are sandwiched between two pieces of polarized glass ” sometimes described as mother glass. The polarization effect of the glass focuses the light source which is how LCD televisions can achieve such razor sharp images. One of these sheets of glass is coated with a special polymer which secures the thousands of crystals required to create an lcd television display.

The driving force of the lcd television is the matrix of transistors which disseminates the information to each of the individual pixels. By distributing the information effectively, the appropriate pixel produces the necessary colour and hue, and as this can be performed upto 100 times a second, this is more than enough to create a very fluid and accurate image.

This is an over simplified description of how an LCD works but it does highlight the most important area, as to how the different brightnesss and various colours are achieved. Television manufacturers are currently in development to introduce high performance light emitting diodes which will further focus the brightness and allow greater control over pixels. This more focussed approach will allow a more full disablement of a pixel and help achieve that true black everyone is striving for plus with the use of coloured diodes the colour palette of an lcd television will be further enhanced to achieve even greater subjective contrast ratios.

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I’m Still Hunting For The Perfect Digital Camera

Posted By Chris Campbell on May 30, 2009 @ 2:10 am
by Chris Campbell

You can find a digital camera for kids that will take good quality pictures and not cost that much. It seems that kids today, like the flashy cameras in pink, blue or some other color other than black or sliver. Many models come in these flashy colors.

Look for a camera that has some functions that will delight the kids, but you do not need to buy them a camera that you would like. Chances are, any camera a parent would like is going to be too technical for kids to, learn how to use.

If you are looking for Minolta digital camera reviews, you can look under Minolta for cameras manufactured before 2003 and under Konica Minolta after 2003.

You will find that the reviews are for compact cameras as well as some of the bulkier cameras. The SLR digital cameras include the Dynax 5D/Maxxum 5D, Maxxum 7D and the Dynax 7D. They also have about forty other digital cameras that are compact and easy to use point and shoot cameras.

For digital cameras for kids that are in their teen years, a Casio Ex-275PK for a little under one hundred and fifty dollars is a great camera. The camera has 7.2 megapixels and a 2.6-inch viewing screen. This is a thin camera with a high-resolution imaging.

The system used by the camera (called MPS), works on a basic focus and shoot. The shutter and aperture speed are set over a wide range automatically, while viewfinder readout speeds being set simultaneously. The system used was made to be able to keep the fastest speeds as light dims, and would beep so the photos do not turn out blurry (if the camera was not still).

While Casio is one of the best when it comes to high quality digital cameras for kids, they’re certainly not the only game in town. There are equal and better cameras around, you just need to know where to look.

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Small Business Advice: Ways to Protect Your Business

Posted By Bill Marshall on @ 2:10 am
by Gilbert Summs Gilbert Semms Gilbert Samms Gilbert Somms

Yet although small business breakdown rates have always been soaring, minute industries use almost half of the United States private segment. And these distressed fiscal times are not making things any simpler. No matter what period your company is in, whether you’re a start-up or have been around for many decades, it may be helpful to study some articles about small business advice. Many of these steps are proactive behavior to operate your business and help ensure its survival.

First, shelter yourself from legal responsibility. Look into filing articles of association as a limited liability company (LLC) in your area. Even though the formalities might be straightforward, the tax implications may not be; it’s good to find some legal counsel. An additional structure of shield from legal responsibility is on paper agreements.

This piece of instruction in presenting your clientele with a contract is more than just professionalism; it is a declaration of your practices and/or an understanding amid those involved that clarifies the services you put forward. It doesn’t need to be elaborate in order to be effective. Not to mention, insure your business. You could be astounded at how little it will be for this tranquility of mind.

An additional level of safety is how you take care of your cash. You might already have an accountant who does your taxes. However, if you happen to be familiar with tax deductions and the yearly changes in tax codes, you might obtain additional payback. Secondly, do not co-mingle your individual and company accounts. Provide a distinct company credit card and keep the IRS pleased by not using it for individual expenditures. A surprising piece of normal small business advice for start-up ventures is to comprise at least six months’ worth of resources in the bank. Even when you’re reputable, having these extra resources can get you past a sudden recession.

The third level of defense has to do with citizens. Checking the references of the people you want to hire and gaining their acceptance for a background check will be time well spent. And it may be helpful to have autonomous contractors rather than workers. Confront your financial adviser and read the IRS website regarding the differences and ramifications between the two.

The last level of guarding has to do with making a name for yourself. In this Internet period, some fine small business advice is to get a significant site domain, and obtain it before someone makes you pay for it. Also, if you produce merchandise, think about a copyright or a patent, whichever best fits your desires.

In conclusion, if you were proactive and things occur outside of your power, analyze the damage, secure the damage, and have the confidence to know you can continue on. Stay on top of what’s available around you via the media. The style of education you get could come from lessons and training from the down falls around you as well as the achievements.

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Apply for OPT insurance Coverage

Posted By Ray Sondeo on @ 2:07 am
by Ray Sondeo

Are you one of those international students stretched to make ends meet due to limited budget? You know you can find an odd job after finishing your course-work but without health insurance you are scared of injuries and sicknesses that you may encounter.

If you currently on Optional Practical Training (OPT) program then make sure you have adequately addressed the risks of fat bills from unforeseen health expenses. Getting an Optional Practical Training Health Insurance policy is a good way to obtain protection from these unexpected expenses.

Although optional practical training insurance for international students is not required during your OPT, it is always best to be protected by health insurance for those unfavorable medical expenses. You can purchase your OPT insurance through your university’s insurance carrier or through other insurance companies. Visit your university website or your school administration to learn more about the process.

You can start by inquiring at your school administration so that they can guide you through-out the process. To give an overview, applying for an OPT usually starts from having your Designated School Official (DSO) recommend you for an optional practical training for medical students. Use Form I-20 and make sure notations in SEVIS or the system that is used to record the activities of an F-1 student is also there.

Filing your OPT must be accomplished at the span to 90 days before your graduation or 60 days before the program end date. From there, a Sample Employment Authorization Card (EAD) will be provided to you who signal that you are already ready to start your job on pre-completion or post-completion of your OPT.

Remember that looking for an optional practical training insurance requires a lot of thinking. It is essential that you choose your provider with caution. Make sure that your insurance offers coverage for hospitalization, surgery, intensive care, prescription drugs, evacuation as well as repatriation.

Look for websites which assists international students in finding insurances. This is a good move for you to compare costs and features.

As you are ready to start a new phase in your life, don?t let your OPT haunt you with possible injuries and lack of medical and health care. Know the risks that your job might bring and plan ahead. Do not let unexpected events ruin your goals. Find a perfect health insurance during your OPT.

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Improving Your Online Business Presence

Posted By Michael T Cain on @ 2:05 am
by Michael T Cain

Internet is a chief source for businesses in recent times. Internet is a very trustworthy source for market your products and services. Having a website is now as straightforward as drafting a document, but the real competition begins as soon as you spot your subsistence in the online floor. Internet is being used to complete online transactions, marketing your products and services to the customers, building online networks and groups, advertising, and much more. There are many ways to magnify your online presence, however, following are 7 great ways that guarantees to improve your company’s online presence, and thus helps you in growing your business.

1) Search engine marketing

Research shows that more than 50% internet users use search engines to discover some information or to make a buy on the internet. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the learning that makes you an authority in optimising your website for search engines. Google, Yahoo, and Live Search are three most admired search engines in the world. SEO companies make sure that your site is built keeping in view all the techniques of SEO so that it can achieve top position on the search engine organic listings. Research shows that generally users don’t go beyond third page to find the desired information, so attaining a top position is the finest way to market your products and services.

2) Article marketing

Writing superior revealing content for your website is always a great idea to invite visitors to your website. Article marketing is the most recent instrument that not only markets your product and services by using SEO, but also increases media communication with possible viewers. These articles can be placed on your own website, shared through your personal blog, or can be submitted to free article acquiescence websites.

3) Pay-per-click or sponsored link advertising

Pay-per-click or sponsored link advertising is an admired system to produce traffic to your website. You pay to put your link on the search engine result page against the precise keywords searched by the users, or you pay when a user clicks on your link. PPC is a short term traffic generating instrument used by most SEO companies to build immediate online existence.

4) Use social media

Social media networks are most popular among internet users today. Social media sites like, Facebook, MySpace, and many others is a way to build online networks, submit information about your products and services through news, and to invite people to comment on them. Many people now prefer to search through these social media websites to find most authentic information which is recommended by majority of users on the internet.

5) Enter the blogosphere

It is always wise to have your personal site-based blog or a buddy blog from an outside location as it is a steady source to update news, features, and information on your website and to interrelate with the probable customers. You can build networks and groups and offer back links to your website.

6) Exchange links

Exchanging of links with popular websites can be beneficial to increase the traffic flow to your website.

7) Use RSS feeds

RSS feeds are ways to uphold your visitors familiar with the most current news and information on your website. It is a special way to make reappearance traffic.

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Cricut Cartridges – Adding a New Flavor to Your Artworks

Posted By Sammy DeOrtha on @ 2:04 am
by Todd Sparks

The brand of Provo Craft has proven themselves worthy of being one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality crafts products. The Cricut Personal Cutter, the most widely known out of the three machines made by Provo Craft, is highly valued by a lot of consumers along with the other two lines from the same brand ? the Cricut Expression line and the Cricut Create. The company has continuously been praised for its superior class materials, especially that of the Cricut cartridges.

Even the oldest Cricut machines are run by a number of cartridges. These cartridges are responsible for the most delicate designs and patterns that are used in building scrapbooks and other art concepts. The company has launched over sixty cartridges that are supporting the massive popularity of the Cricut machines. A lot of arts and crafts hobbyists often find it challenging to select the best cartridge that they can use for their designs.

There are also people who make use of the Cricut Design Studio, the software program designed by Provo Craft as well. This software comes along with the Cricut cartridges, to aid in the discussion of the use of each cartridge and how to bring out the best designs from each product under the line.

The company highly encourages a lot of people to learn the unique capabilities of each cartridge compared to one another. Each cartridge is carefully manufactured to have a matchless color and theme. This makes each output from every cartridge absolutely different from the other. With the right knowledge, an artist will be able to make the best design out of each cartridge.

If you have your own Cricut machine, this will also help you save some money and time of your own. Although there are a lot of positive results proven from the use of Cricut machine, getting one comes with a price. The Cricut cutter machine, for example, can only be bought for $299, which is quite a heavy price tag for such a small machine.

A normal cartridge is priced between US$35 and US$100. If you are in a tight budget, you may want to stick to the lines with lower prices. Although some designs may be relatively cheaper than others, Cricut cartridges are all made with the most intricate designs to make every piece of artwork stand out. An add-on cartridge, on the other hand, may retail from $49.99 for designs of the most basic fonts, up to $99.99 for the more complicated designs.

In just a few clicks, you will be able to produce the most astonishing cutouts for your scrapbook pages. Others also use the finished cutouts from Cricut cartridges as embellishments for their handmade cards. This personalizes the look of your paper crafts.

For a more unique approach in your craftworks, you can also make use of the font and shape cartridges from Cricut. Veer away from the usual and messy cutouts from your old magazines and papers, now that you can take advantage of the Cricut cartridges to exemplify the look of all your designs.

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Know How To Identify Termites

Posted By Scott Lunn on May 29, 2009 @ 2:24 am
by Scott Lunn

Just knowing about termites isn’t enough to protect your home. As a homeowner, if you want to prevent termites from infesting your home, you have to know the basics regarding termites.

Termite Truths

The most numerous class of termites is the worker termite. Worker termites have a creamy white color. They are responsible for gathering food for and taking care of the colony. These are the termites that cause the actual damage to your home.

Termites stay away from the light as well as open air. Rather they dig out into the soil and work their way up the wooden sections of a house by means of the mud tunnels they build. This explains why the extent of the destruction to properties remain undetermined until enough damage has been made. For some, they will only find out the existence of termites when the damaged areas begin to break, revealing worker termites. To be able to prevent considerable damage, it is best to search for signs that there is termite presence within your property.

Flying Termites

Termite swarmers are responsible for establishing new colonies. They have wings that allow them to fly from their colony to establish a new one. Watch for dark colored and winged insects flying around in the spring and the fall. Look closer if these insects have straight bodies and if they have four wings of equal length. If they do, then they are either coming or leaving your place. Either way, there are probably termites lurking somewhere near by.

Through the Mud Tunnels

The presence of mud tubes is a significant sign of termite activity. When you find tubes of dried mud on the foundation of your home, or running up walls you should become worried. This is a sure sign of termite activity. If poked, the mud from these tubes comes off like grainy particles.

Termite Damage Effects

If termites go undetected for a long time before you detect them, there is a big probability that the wooden portions of your house have already been severely damaged. This damage will eventual result in the collapse of wooden surfaces. When you find termites, take immediate action to eliminate them.

Conditions that Encourage Termites

Conditions in the environment do not have anything to do with being able to determine the presence of termites. However, there are certain conditions that are favorable to them to infest your place. For one, there may be places where the wooden portions of the house is in contact with the ground. The ground termites are partial to moist soil, and if it is near wood, then their foraging just becomes easier. Check also for pipe leaks within wooden portions of the house as well as cracks in the foundation, which might invite the termites in.

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