Forex Trading Disaster Fix

Posted on February 26, 2009 @ 2:28 am
by Chris Demaana

Are you constantly funding your Forex account only to get a margin call a few months down the track or worse still a few weeks down the track which is not unusual with volatile markets? In other words your Forex Trading is somewhat of a disaster. Well you are not alone. Most people will tell you about their wins but not their losses.

So what’s going on here? The market is extremely volatile right? Sure that’s right but that’s forex for you, it’s a volatile market. Don’t resign to the belief that you can’t trade because the market is now volatile. It always was.

What’s up then? Is it your broker? We can always blame our broker. Let us assume today it is not your broker. I think we’ll concentrate on you and your strategy.

Of course Forex Trading Disasters can be such a disheartening experience. It takes alot of discipline to get this recurring nightmare under control but the discipline is not as much will power as it is a well designed and simple plan that must be adhered to. Adhered to includes revisiting occasionally to keep you on track.

As long as you accept there is a problem then you can address it. If you can’t pinpoint the problem then do not trade until you do. You will end up making the same mistakes.

Eliminating that overwhelming feeling is part of the process. Take heart in knowing this is not a hopeless case and that help is probably closer than you realize . Being armed with the right tools will dissolve any fear you might have developed.

You can bet your problem is due to one of the fundamentals of Forex Trading. Always return to base when you need to realign your sights. Go through the basics one step at a time and you are bound to pickup the area that gave you grief.

This article is about Fixing your own Forex Trading Disasters. Once you learn how to fix it, you will know how to keep it fixed. Examine the list of items and you may be surprised at areas that may have been overlooked.

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