The Importance of Digital Mp3 Player

Posted on February 25, 2009 @ 2:26 am
by Anne Ahira

If you have been slow to keep up with emerging technology trends then a Digital Mp3 Player may be new to you. As with any new technology, it can take a bit of trial and error to figure it out. Let’s see if the learning curve can be shortened.

What is a Digital Mp3 Player?

A digital mp3 player is a tiny gadget that you can save music, image, and even video files on. The most familiar model of digital mp3 player until recent times would only store and play music files. The gadget works by allowing you to remove files from your laptop to the player. Inside digital mp3 players have an imbedded program which decreases the large file into a lesser one, the decrease rates incline to be around 10:1. The data is then amassed in what is known as flash memory.

Flash Memory?

Flash memory is a chip in digital mp3 players that keeps data lacking requiring a power supply. It is also better suited to constantly modifying or renewing information. Without getting too technical, the main thing is you are able to erase plus record new information much faster than with a conventional hard drive, furthermore it is also much smaller.

This makes it a wonderful application for the digital mp3 player, mobiles, digital cameras and so on.

Size of Memory

Now that you understand some about how a digital mp3 player runs, it is essential to recognize about the various sizes of flash memory that is available.

Computer storage space has always been calculated by the metric system, below is a list of the units:

Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte

There are a few more levels; however, for a digital mp3 player the largest unit currently used is gigabytes. To choose the correct size for your needs you should examine how you will use your digital mp3 player.

For the casual user who merely wants way in to their preference music two gigabytes is a nice place to start. The most recent mass-market digital mp3 player can have as much as eight gigabytes. In addition, there are speciality devices that reach as high as 160 gigabyte, and they have a price tag to prove it.

Music Only or Video

Someone new to applying a digital mp3 player will want to start small as indicated above. The simple digital mp3 player will connect to your laptop using a USB port and most will allow you to copy and drop files from your supercomputers media player. The most important exception to this is the Apple I Pod, in order to put music on the device you will have to apply the I Tunes software which comes with your digital mp3 player.

If you are a more advanced user or you simply should have the new technology then a digital mp3 player that consists of video playback, picture storage, plus even games may be more to your penchant. It must be said that these should be more technically challenging than a plain digital mp3 player can, but they are nice.


Newbie’s will want to stick with the plain digital mp3 player. At two gigabytes, you may save hundreds of songs, more than enough to go through a day or even two. One final notice on a beginner digital mp3 player, pick the one that has a digital display in order that you are able to browse through your songs. Digital mp3 players such as the shuffle do not have that option and it may be frustrating to get through a hundred songs before you find the one you desire to listen to.

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