Vemma Mangosteen Juice as a Thyroid Natural Remedy

Posted on February 24, 2009 @ 2:48 am
by Julieanne van Zyl

Taking Vemma Mangosteen Juice may alleviate the symptoms of an under active thyroid gland. The symptoms may be feeling really tired, dry skin, weight gain, irritability, memory loss and a number of other physical conditions. However, the worst dilemma with an under active thyroid gland is the inability to take off weight even when you’re on a low calorie diet and you frequently exercise. Even if you are taking thyroid hormone replacements, you may still find that your metabolism is much more reduced than what it was before.

There’s good news though – you can increase your metabolism and treat your thyroid problems naturally. You can give your thyroid the energy it needs, with these natural methods and it can start functioning properly.

The most recommended way to speed up your metabolism, is to eat all your meals, especially breakfast. Breakfast is the meal that gets your metabolism started for the day. Your body has been starving all night, which lowers your metabolism, so breakfast will get it going again. Also, it’s a good idea to consume lots of smaller meals during the day to keep your glucose levels consistent.

To boost your metabolism and help your body function properly, water is essential. Water promotes healthy function of all your vital organs and helps keep your hormones balanced and it also helps to burn fat.

To promote a healthy thyroid, it is important to follow a healthy diet. Don’t eat junk foods or empty calories. Ensure that you consume foods that are rich in iodine and B vitamins. It’s important to consume more whole grains, seeds and nuts, and include fish and root vegetables in your daily diet.

Another important thing for a healthy thyroid, is to exercise. Exercise makes all parts of the body work better and also slims you down. The body parts that will work better with exercise, include the glands that produce the hormones we need to live a balanced healthy life.

A high quality multi vitamin will also help your thyroid in functioning properly. It’s important when purchasing a good multi vitamin to avoid purchasing them in the discount drug chains. They produce in bulk multi-vitamins, such as Centrum, and these do not have the bio-availability or potency that you require.

Look for a multi-vitamin that has sufficient levels of minerals and vitamins, and contains trace minerals as well. Ensure the multi-vitamin is as natural as possible without additives such as flavors and colors. It’s also important to take some extra vitamin C, or make sure the supplement has larger amount of Vitamin C than the recommended daily allowance.

Another critical factor for a healthy thyroid, is to look after stress. Try to avoid the stressors from your life and learn relaxation techniques. Practice meditation, yoga, tai chi or other relaxation.

See your doctor for an accurate diagnosis, if you think you have hypothryoidism. The doctor may want to run more extensive blood tests besides just a TSH. Try some of the above ways to get your thyroid into tip-top shape, if you do have a thyroid problem.

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