How To Enjoy Your Rhodesian Holiday

Posted on February 24, 2009 @ 2:46 am

Rhodes is one of the well-known Greek Islands, and as a result of its astonishing mixture of history, attractiveness, and beaches, it is one of the most trendy tourist destinations in Greece.

Rhodes has heaps to offer. Beginning with its sun-drenched beaches to archaeological sites, from its scenic beauty to its medieval towns, this is basically a tourist heaven. Lots of of the islands beaches are gravel and not sand, but the island has in excess of three hundred sunlit days every year. Due to this, you will come across beach related activities at every corner of the island. As well as this you will also come across lots of rental shops and great restaurants on the island.

You can sunbathe, swim, snorkel, or scuba dive on the island. If you want to learn scuba diving you can register for lessons very effortlessly. Not only this, but you can hire these equipments from any one of the stores as well. Scuba diving is a very enjoyable pastime in case you are looking to run away from the heat and just want to fritter the day around water. Surfing and kite surfing are also trendy activities on the west coast of the island where the beaches are stony. The eastern beaches are extremely sandy with nonstop beaches along the coastline.

Sites on the island consist of the famed Filerimos Hills which used to be a monastery and chapel in medieval times. From here you can have brilliant views of the island. Besides this, a site to visit is Kamiros which is also one of the ancient remnants. You can also visit the Castle with acropolis over Lindos which is well worth the visit if you are looking for something historical to gratify your nerves.

Tsambika Peak is another popular tourist site on the island. You should also go into Rhodes city and visit the old town, and while there take a trip to see the Palace of the Prince Grand Master. Another tourist attraction in the old city is the Street of Knights. You can also walk through town and see the ancient fortifications from different sites. The Valley of the Butterflies is becoming less and less of a tourist attraction as the increased number of people there has adversely affected the butterfly population in recent times. These butterflies are called Petaloudes, and are not colored unlike most common butterflies.

The Valley of the Butterflies is not as great a tourist attraction as it used to be as a result of the jump in number of people there has badly affected the butterfly population in modern times. These butterflies are called Petaloudes, and are not colored unlike nearly all common butterflies.

While in Rhodes, you can also climb Mt. Attavyros which entails nearly two hours of hiking, and is without a doubt rather difficult. Follow the rocks that have red paints on them for the greatest path, but beware of loose rocks as well. It is extremely risky on the descent, so make sure you wear well-built non-slippery shoes and hike with friends.

The Epta Piges is an enjoyable location to go see in the summers owing to the cool shade that the trees give nevertheless there is not much to see here apart from seven springs, after which it is in fact named. However if you are the hiking sort, this place may attract you a lot. Cape Prasonisi is the southernmost point on the island and is a peninsula that is linked to the main island by a sand bar.

Rhodes is a great island to visit if you are looking for sun and sand and lots of Mediterranean food for your vacation. Due to Greeces popularity with tourists you may find it a bit crowded, but if you are not afraid of crowds then this is a great place for a vacation.

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