The Process of becoming a VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

Posted on February 23, 2009 @ 2:30 am
by Scott Heron

Virtualization fundamentally allows one computing device arrange the task of multiple computing devices, by portioning out the resourcefulness from an individual computing device over many environments.

Desktops and server which have been virtualised will allow the user to host many systems & applications tightly together AND in distant positions. This is useful as it gets rid of problems such as geographic & touchable restrictions.

There are many advantages to installing VMware, benefits such as reducing costs, uses the resources of the hardware to its potential and also it has better security over regular IT infrastructures. With respect to things like disaster recovery, this also greatly improves.

Why authorised VMware training is the right choice

Only VMware authorised training centres (or VATCs are they are commonly known) are able to deliver authorised VMware training to individuals. The only other body allowed to teach authorised VMware training are VMware themselves. Some training companies can deliver non authorised training (known as grey training) on VMware products; this however has its disadvantages which I will cover in another article.

You can benefit from our partnership because:

* Authorised VMware instructors have been through high standard VMware accepted training program.

* Gain access to dynamic live help & support from VMware themselves, this happens as the training class is being run.

* All the courseware will be official and authorised which is kept up to date on a regular timeframe.

* If you wish to obtain the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification, only authorised VMware training on VMware Infrastructure 3 achieves the course requirements

Wish to become a VMware Certified Professional?

You will need to hold all the skill sets that are required and display knowledge of virtualization; you must obtain the official accredited standard on the science of VMware. Any technical individual can take the VMware esx course.

People wishing to show their skills on virtual infrastructures and get access to even more opportunities in their career, they must attend either the deploy, secure & analyse course or the install & configure course. Once they have done this, they must then sit and successfully pass the VMware exam.

The benefits this can bring to your business if you attend VMware training in Scotland will be that you will now have the assurance that your staff have the knowledge they require to conquer business targets, profit from maximised productivity and efficiency, you can benchmark staff skills, with people and organisations working more efficiently you will reduce costs for your business.

You will also greatly improve staff retention, IT professionals value nothing more than a company that is willing to invest in them and develop their skill sets.

The benefits this can bring to the individual are that they can become an expert VCP, maintains you skills (this is vital as the IT market evolves rapidly today), gives career progression as you can climb higher in your organisation if you become a VCP, you will have an industry recognised and highly desired accreditation.

The benefit above all for the individual is of course differentiation, having the VCP certificate you can now differentiate yourself from the competition. And to sum up, that is exactly why you should look at authorised VMware training.

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