Learning To Repair Your Violin

Posted on February 23, 2009 @ 2:47 am
by Ria Yuka

Any violin owner will be aware of the fragile nature of their instruments compared to say, a piano. Violins can be victims of extensive damage if they are not maintained properly. It could easily lead to expensive repairs and learning how to avoid them is vital for a longer shelf life.

But there will always be circumstances that lead to violin damage that are beyond one’s control. When this occurs, the instrument should be put in the hands of a learned repairman. There are certain types of situations that might not need such measures.

You can repair your own violin in such instances. However, proper care must be taken to avoid greater damage. It is advisable to seek some professional or experienced guidance for the first few times you attempt it.

Broken strings are definitely something that any violinist cannot prevent from happening. They can break due to wear and tear or being poorly wound. So it would be rational to learn how to string them properly to avoid frequent occurrence and not just to fix the existing problem.

Getting the violin re-strung is quite an afterthought for most players of the instrument. But doing it right to prevent future problems requires real technique. It is also not that difficult to do – just make sure not to wound the strings too tightly.

Another danger of having strings too tightly wound is causing the violin neck to warp gradually. Anyone who owns a violin will eventually know that warped necks mean a virtual destruction of the instrument. It will require a complete replacement which can cost a lot of money.

If your bridge requires a change, it can also be done by yourself. However, if there are concerns about making unwitting mistakes, it is always a good idea to bring it to a qualified professional.

All repairs on a violin must be carried out diligently due to the wooden material used. You would want to avoid causing unwanted dents or scratches which will leave permanent damage to the violin tone. Saving money might be on your mind, but consider using properly trained professionals to help with difficult repairs.

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